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Master Trainer Certification Program

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Course Overview                                                                 

What is a Master Trainer Certification? The term Master Trainer was initially coined to suit an industrial environment. The designation would be awarded to that person with utmost technical, product and process knowledge, unrestricted to a single field or task.

Over the years this term has come to be adopted widely by organisations at large, yet the definition of a Master Trainer remains quite the same at its core. A Master Trainer is expected to be a subject matter expert at the art of human competency building in a way that strategizes the upskill of other trainers, supervisors, and managers.

This means that the role of a Master Trainer commands a characteristic attitude, skillset and knowledge base par excellence. At Zoe, we devote a unique design to build a Master Trainer through our carefully curated certification program.

This Zoe training course will thus empower you to become an expert in delivering and managing training programs and training personnel. How do you become a Master Trainer? Through this course, you will be able to apply advanced facilitation techniques and adopt and imbibe an ongoing development approach.

By ensuring the application of all elements of a Master Trainer, you will attract the desired level of excellence in your execution of training programs. You will resultantly be better positioned to contribute to your clients in your analysis and strategies and build credibility with your stakeholders, internal and external customers. This course is designed to cover all areas of learning and development deemed necessary for a leadership role in training management.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to empower all professionals attending with—

  • the ability to reach a credible level of competence in training and development
  • real-time feedback on their understanding of the 21st century learning needs
  • the competency to become experts in conducting needs analysis, developing, and transferring engaging training programmes
  • the platform to reach a Master Trainer level of managing the learning needs of a client or company
  • understanding of running your own business as a training officer
  • ability to use agile and engaging learning tools
  • the skill to manage stakeholder expectations well and position your analytical findings effectively
  • the expertise to create a robust training plan for your participant group, one that will tangibly increase results and profits

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions designs unique and first-hand training courses to cater to our esteemed training audience and their characteristic professional background and experience. Classroom sessions and virtual presentations by a highly experienced facilitator form a major part of our training programmes.

We encourage delegate participation through the break-out room and group discussions, role-plays, capsule activities, evaluations and more. Participants may also share their experiences, issues, concerns, and best practices from their respective organisations, which would be further facilitated by the trainer to maximise learning for the entire group.

Applying the Zoe Talent Solutions’ exclusive training methodology, this course follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefits

Organisations whose professionals undertake this Master Trainer course will benefit in many ways as follows:

  • Training managers and Trainers will now have a platform to undertake more responsibilities as a Master Trainer
  • Participants will be able to facilitate a more calibrated approach to training for your organisation
  • Greater prospects for in-house learning and lesser/no expense on end-to-end external training tools
  • Increased proficiency in the manner of employee functioning
  • Better Training Strategy and ROI analysis
  • Market credibility increase owing to professional learning and development in-house
  • Improved performance of the training team under the guidance of freshly certified Master Trainers
  • Better vendor management, logistical arrangement of training and evaluation matrix
  • Lower attrition as individuals participating will feel motivated and better equipped to support your firm in a new professional capacity

Personal Benefits

Professionals attending this Master Trainer course will benefit at an in-depth level in the following ways:

  • Become a subject matter expert in Training and Development
  • Increased awareness of requirements to start one’s own training consultancy
  • An understanding of how to interpret data collected from a training need analysis intervention and apply the best training approach
  • Match learning needs to organisational results and therefore achieve tangible ROI for clients
  • Ability to recognise talent and grow budding trainers and facilitators
  • Exposure to 21st century tools and engaging techniques while transferring learning
  • Awareness of challenges in the Global Training and Development industry and ways to overcome them
  • Access to Zoe’s private and personalised training content that can be used as a perennial reference tool

Who Should Attend?

  • Training Executives, Managers and Senior managers
  • Master Trainers who wish to further upskill themselves
  • Human Resource Managers whose roles extend to training staff and building employee competency
  • Government officials responsible for training and development
  • Any training professional who has a keen determination to become a subject matter expert in training and development/consultancy

Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics that are essential in comprehending the diverse avenues of training and development. The road to becoming a Master Trainer will appear clear and straight once you have fully understood these subjects and undertake a perennial learning approach in the direction of success.

Module 1: The 21st Century Training and Development Professional

  • The Evolution of Training and Development
  • Training Competency Models
  • Take T&D to the Next Level
  • Adopting a Mentor’s Mindset
  • Assess the 21st Century Learning Practices

Module 2: Assessing and Studying Development Needs

  • TNA, Training Strategy and Success Measurables
  • Data Collection and Interpretation
  • Selecting the Best Training Approach to Meet Needs Identified
  • Creating a Training Plan
  • Managing Stake-Holder Expectations
  • Case-Study and Knowledge Assessment

Module 3:  How to Design an Effective Learning Module?

  • Adult Learning | Design Models
  • The ADDIE Model by ATD
  • Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy of Learning
  • Creative Media Content for Classroom Learning
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts

Module 4: Developing Impactful & Protected Training Content

  • Training Content | Digital Curation
  • Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model
  • Word Choice
  • Positive Language
  • Applying Assertiveness in Tone
  • Practice Activities & Feedback

Module 5: Delivering Impactful Training Courses

  • How Graphics Stimulate Learning?
  • Engaging Facilitation Skills
  • Supported Discovery Learning
  • The Principles of E-Learning
  • Virtual Classrooms

Module 6: Branching out as a Training Professional

  • Social Media for Learning
  • Workplace Learning
  • Developing Training Evaluation Expertise
  • The Basics of ROI Analysis
  • Achievement Based Analysis
  • Knowledge Assessment & Feedback

Module 7: Managing the Learning & Development Office

  • Becoming a Learning Management Consultant
  • Building Motivational Teams
  • Build a Winning Strategy
  • Interpret Data to Support Managers
  • Case-Study and Practice

Module 8: Leading Organizations through Training and Development

  • Mapping Training to Performance and Results
  • Create your Personal Business Goals
  • Build Competency at Neglected Levels in Organizations
  • Creating a Project Scope
  • Effective Project Management
  • Summary & Feedback

Module 9: Modern-day Challenges and How to Overcome them

  • Rapidly Shifting Training Needs
  • Calibrating Leadership Globally
  • Training Varied Demographics
  • The Contemporary Classroom
  • The Attitude towards Learning and Development
  • Summary & Feedback

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