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Masterclass in Agribusiness Management Training Course

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Course Overview

How is this course different from other courses on Agribusiness?

This Agribusiness Management course program provides a unique learning experience and worldwide professional exposure. The course will integrate management and business courses with technical studies, with a focus on agribusiness’s specific characteristics. Learners will be taught how to make decisions in the face of managerial issues. It’s also worth noting that agribusiness has been a hot topic in agriculture education in recent years. Individuals with entrepreneurial attitudes, knowledge, and abilities may assist to establish an agro-driven economy through agribusiness management education.

Why should I attend this Agribusiness Management Training Course?

This Agribusiness Management program’s high-quality teaching and networking services combine to make it an ideal match for anybody interested in a career in agriculture, food production, or the start-up agribusiness sector. The curriculum will equip students to address developing socio-economic and business-environmental concerns on a national and regional level. In addition, concerns in internationally and nationally recognized agreements are addressed in the redesigned course material.

This Zoe course will empower managers of agricultural enterprises, particularly those who have hosted former students during the industrial attachment will profit from the updated curriculum. University staff personnel evaluating the students gathered information on how to enhance the curriculum through formal meetings with these executives at the end of the participants’ work placement.

Course Objectives

The course will provide you with strategies to help you develop your branded product. We focus on key phases in creating a brand that will last a long time in the market, with an emphasis on key takeaways, given as under:

  • Estimate the opportunity cost of various business opportunities
  • Evaluate the price changes in commodities as a function of market forces changes
  • Examine the impact of the time value of money on corporate choices and investments
  • Conduct a financial statement evaluation
  • Compute an investment’s devaluation
  • Learners will be exposed to the setting in which agribusiness is done. Understanding micro and macro-environmental influences, as well as their impact on agribusiness, will be emphasized
  • Determine which goal-setting activities are acceptable for a farm company
  • Use good listening skills as well as verbal and nonverbal communication abilities
  • Recognize a variety of communication approaches and apply what you’ve learned to improve your sales presentation strategy
  • Explain how to gather information on a product, company, or industry and apply it in a sales presentation
  • Recognize the stages and tools involved in creating a successful plan

Training Methodology

The Program is conducted via interactive lectures, case study analyses, exercises, debates, collaborative strength training, teleconferences, performance measurement, and workshops of student displays, all of which adhere to the highest standards of teaching technique. Students are encouraged to read and participate in debates and conversations. The teaching technique is built on learning by doing, with lecturers using a student-centred approach to engage students and provide tasks that allow them to apply what they’ve learned. Professors lead and organize live, interactive lectures as part of the Online Methodology. Students take pre-master courses at their pace and use self-assessment exercises in these self-paced programs. The activities in this practical, applicable methodology are both instant and asynchronous.

Like all other courses by Zoe Talent Solutions, this course also follows the “Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model”.

Organisational Benefits

The organization which undergoes this course by Zoe Talent Solutions will profit from the following:

  • Start creating a business plan that will help you establish your company
  • Focus on creating a budget
  • Acquire advice and a list of non-bank financial firms that lend to farmers
  • Receive help and be able to advertise and sell agri-food products and services
  • Obtain assistance with any agribusiness-related issue
  • An in-depth grasp of the factors that influence the agricultural success
  • Assistance in the creation of business plans
  • Advice on how to connect with a global network of clients, business leaders, and investors

Personal Benefits

This course allows you to use the many abilities you’ve acquired during your career in a group context.

  • Apply appropriate agribusiness management standards and procedures in solving agribusiness problems for better community livelihoods at the end of this program
  • Establish, implement, and effectively manage agri-businesses for long-term sustainability using the knowledge, skills, and attributes gained
  • To improve agribusiness leadership by conducting effective agribusiness information distribution and knowledge transfer to communities through agribusiness research
  • To improve societal entrepreneurial abilities in agriculture to improve people’s lives
  • Agricultural Management
  • Business Planning
  • Agribusiness and Agri-Food Understanding in Practice

Who Should Attend?

This course by Zoe Talent Solutions is beneficial for:

  • Managers and executives in a range of professional settings who want to pursue their agricultural management abilities
  • The Master of Science in Agribusiness Management is created for users who are still working in farming, start-ups, food tech, or production but want to develop and refresh their expertise
  • Graduates interested in leading and managing organizations in the agricultural or food industry sectors
  • Other launching an innovative agribusiness start-up
  • As well as those who are interested in learning more about these issues for the first time
  • This Agribusiness Management course is suitable for employees who are looking for a world-class degree program in these disciplines that will lead to a successful global career in the agro network field (production, seed and crop, harvest and stock in agriculture, commodities market, food supply chain, food and wine business)

Course Outline

Module 1: Behaviour of Management and Organizational Principles

  • Agriculture policy
  • Accounting and control for managers
  • Marketing and economics communication
  • Management of marketing
  • Managerial computers

Module 2: Values and Business Law

  • Marketing in the countryside
  • Management of human resources
  • Administration of finances
  • Environmental business

Module 3: Management of Production Process

  • Business administration research technique
  • Creation of an information management system for entrepreneurship
  • Commercializing in the countryside
  • Management of agribusiness

Module 4: Global Commerce

  • Administration for long-term sustainability
  • Collaborative management of agribusinesses
  • food retailing management
  • Management of marketing and services
  • Consumers’ actions

Module 5: Financial Management in Agribusiness

  • Securities, exchanges, and contracts for commodities
  • Agribusiness financing
  • Risk management in agriculture
  • Managing money is a job that requires a lot of effort.
  • Farm business management

Module 6: Data System for Agriculture

  • Designing for the internet
  • Remotely sensed data
  • Remotely sensed data system for delivering information
  • Agricultural concepts
  • Organizational learning and data gathering

Module 7: Network using an Agricultural Data System

  • Data from a distance
  • Information delivery system based on remote sensing.
  • Concepts in Agriculture
  • Learning and data collection in the workplace

Module 8: Fertilizer Management and Technologies

  • Agrochemical industry management
  • Science and maintenance of seed production
  • Agriculture input marketing management
  • Management of the agri-supply chain
  • Basin Development management

Module 9: Cultivation of Fruit and Post-harvest Management

  • Management of the agri-supply chain
  • Floriculture and landscape management
  • Production of vegetables
  • Management of the harvest
  • Technology for organic food production

Module 10: Livestock Manufacturing Management

  • Management of the food supply
  • Management of the agricultural supply chain


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