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Course Overview

What is corporate governance? Corporate governance refers to a structure of rules, processes and/or laws by which businesses are operated and governed. This also includes various internal and external factors that could affect business operations and that hold stakeholder interests.

It is the basic framework required for an organisation to meet its objectives. Corporate affair is a mix of loosely connected functions encompassing public relations, community outreach, marketing communications, internal communications, government influence, trade and investor relations, etc. Together, they form a critical aspect to the success of any organisation.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a detailed understanding of corporate affairs and governance, covering all critical areas necessary for any professional intending to establish a long-term career in the domain.

Through this course, you would acquire the required confidence, experience and exposure to assume any responsibility entrusted to you in the domain of corporate affairs and governance. This in turn will demonstrate your potential and help you make the most of all available opportunities for career growth.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this training Masterclass in Corporate Affairs and Governance course is to empower professionals to—

  • learn and comprehensively understand all important functions and fields related to corporate affairs and governance
  • explore multiple roles within the domain of corporate affairs and governance and do complete justice to any role undertaken, thereby demonstrating one’s skill and potential to carry out more complicated and critical roles, in turn fostering growth and development
  • train other professionals on various aspects of corporate affairs and governance
  • stay updated with changes and requirements in terms of rules and laws
  • examine and amend existing systems, processes and regulations within one’s organisation to stay competitive and adhere to required standards and benchmarks
  • contribute to organisational growth and developmental through a more structured approach to functioning
  • document and implement relevant policies and procedures within the organisation, while clearly defining responsibilities of each role across the organisation
  • face and overcome external and internal challenges during corporate governance through robust systems and processes to safeguard the interests of all parties
  • apply the knowledge and information gained through this course in various areas and roles across the organisation, thereby helping one grow and take up multiple roles
  • achieve a dynamic and enriched skillset to handle any responsibility within corporate governance within or outside the organisation, helping one progress and establish a successful career

Training Methodology

Training at Zoe Talent Solutions is highly customised in that all courses are thoroughly reviewed and changes made, if any, before the commencement of the training program. The training is delivered through classroom sessions by experienced professionals from the relevant domain.

Two-way participation in the training program is encouraged through group assignments and projects. Role-plays and case study discussions form an active part of the training program.

Trainees are also encouraged to share related experiences and issues faced at their work places and these are discussed in detail by the trainer to foster learning and application of the skills and knowledge acquired during training.

This unique and effective method of training is used by Zoe Talent Solutions for all its courses and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals undergoing this Masterclass in Corporate Affairs and Governance training course, organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • Trained and experienced professionals performing and/or overseeing various functions related to successful corporate affairs and governance
  • Frequent audits and reviews to ensure that all documentation, processes and policies are in line with expected benchmarks and standards
  • Structured organisational and functional management because of skilled professionals overseeing operations
  • Regular training of other employees on best practices of corporate governance
  • Competitive advantage fostering growth as a result of up-to-date systems and processes to sustain complex operations
  • Clear, defined roles across levels within the organisation, thereby adding clarity and eliminating chances of delay as a result of multiple levels of approval
  • Faster decision making and better risk assessment and management
  • Organisational growth and development from increased credibility, structured operations and the like

Personal Benefits

Professionals opting for this Masterclass in Corporate Affairs and Governance training course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Complete understanding and detailed information about corporate affairs and governance
  • Increased knowledge and experience to train other professionals on corporate affairs and governance
  • Enhanced foresight and perspective to predict future challenges and devise mechanisms to overcome these before they impact the organisation
  • Better understanding and confidence to audit existing processes and systems for one’s organisation and make changes to adhere to external laws and regulations
  • Greater ability to stay updated with latest changes in policies and technology to help one’s organisation stay competitive in the market
  • Increased ability and potential to contribute to organisational growth and credibility
  • Dynamic and enhanced skillset and capabilities to assume any role or responsibility related to corporate affairs and governance across any organisation, thereby demonstrating one’s potential and helping one achieve great success in terms of career growth and development
  • Greater skill and abilities to stay updated with changing market trends and help one’s organisation grow
  • Enhanced skillset and capabilities to work with advanced technologies to establish robust systems and processes effectively

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives handling various functions of corporate affairs and governance
  • Managers and other leaders overseeing functions of corporate affairs and governance
  • Top management of organisations who need to be involved in critical, strategic functions related to corporate governance
  • Legal and financial advisors playing their respective roles in terms of changes or business enhancements
  • Human resource professionals in organisations responsible for overseeing implementation of policies
  • Quality managers responsible for ensuring quality operations and delivery by the organisation
  • Internal/External stakeholders responsible for various stages of corporate affairs and governance
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about corporate affairs and governance

Course Outline

The Masterclass in Corporate Affairs and Governance course covers the following content to comprehend corporate affairs and governance:

Module 1 – Principles of Corporate Affairs and Governance

  • Sustainable development of all stakeholders
  • Effective management and distribution of wealth
  • Discharge of social responsibility
  • Application of best management practices
  • Compliance with law
  • Adherence to ethical standards

Module 2 – Levels of Corporate Governance and the Difference in Approach

  • Individual firms
  • Sector levels
  • Country levels

Module 3 – Pillars of Successful Corporate Governance

  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Assurance
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder management

Module 4 – The Four P’s of Corporate Governance

  • People
  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Performance

Module 5 – Key Parties to Corporate Governance and Their Respective Responsibilities

  • Board of directors
  • Management
  • Shareholders

Module 6 – Board Structure

  • Board composition
    • Size
    • Composition
      • Diversity
      • Tenure
    • Characteristics
    • Experience
    • Independence
    • Election
    • Time commitments
  • Board leadership
    • Approaches
    • Lead/presiding director
  • Board committee structure
    • Audit committee
    • Nominating/corporate governance committee
    • Compensation committee

Module 7 – Board Operations

  • General
  • Meetings
  • Over-boarding
  • Executive sessions
  • Agenda
  • Access to management
  • Information
  • Technology
  • Confidentiality
  • Director compensation
  • Director education
  • Reliance
  • Board and committee evaluations

Module 8 – Major Concerns in Corporate Governance

  • Risk oversight
  • Corporate strategy
  • Executive compensation
  • Transparency

Module 9 – Common Risks in Corporate Governance

  • Hazard and event risks
  • Operational and physical risks
  • Technology and information risks
  • Market and economic risks
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