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This training programme covers all the practical and key considerations to improvise the major areas in buying, storing, planning, and disposing of the varied materials and the spare parts required in the Oil and gas industries. Major oil and gas industries are considered through the use of best practices under three interrelated components or modules such as warehousing, investment recovery, and inventory management.

Who Should Attend?

Management and professional employees who are responsible for spare parts, materials, and supplies needed to maintain any gas plant, refinery, onshore/offshore production or other operations relevant to the same industry.

Course Objectives:

  • Provision of better customer service in terms of long lead or spare parts and critical materials important for the prosperity of any well field operation, refinery, gas plant, offshore platform, or chemical processing facilities.
  • Organize the best possible methods of analyzing inventory and to create the performance measurements essentials for min/max and order point systems.
  • Implementing the usage of consigned inventory, supplier stocking programs and integrated supply agreements.
  • How forecasting techniques are implemented through the use of inventory systems and what steps can be followed to improve them.
  • Improvisation of maintaining inventory record accuracy and the physical control of materials to lower levels of inventory and expand space utilization.
  • Use of best practices to control surplus or inactive assets and expand investment recovery dollars.

Course Outline:

  • Setting objectives and comprehensive inventory goals
  • Recognizing the economic order quantity theory and carrying costs
  • Improvisation of coding and material identification
  • Dividing inventory for analysis purpose
  • Use of formal methods for decision making primarily for stock
  • Determining safety stock levels and order points
  • Decide the order points and the levels of safety stock
  • Improvisation of settings and min/max systems
  • Recognizing the usage of material forecasts
  • Developing the warehouse scorecard
  • Developing the best possible practices in the physical control of the materials
  • Improvisation of the cycle counting systems and the measurement of record accuracy
  • Expanding the use of warehouse technologies
  • Improvisation of security and warehouse safety
  • Preventing and reducing surplus materials
  • Minimizing and reducing the surplus materials
  • Recognizing the techniques for investment recovery
  • Utilizing the disposition value chain for the purpose of investment recovery

General Notes

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  • The course fee includes facilitation, training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training.
  • FREE Consultation and Coaching provided during and after the course.

Course Curriculum

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