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Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness

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Course Overview

‘Show me the money!’ is the age-old underlying demand made in exchange for a position offered. Today, clients and teams the world over want to see tangible growth in productivity and revenue with a training intervention for their human resource. Even though there are training budgets set exclusively for employee upskill, the actual showcasing of the ROI (Return On Investment) or measure of Training Effectiveness is required to ensure that those budgets are well utilised!

At Zoe, we have realised the need for all learning managers, training consultants and content builders to be empowered with the ability to calulate the actual measure of monetary success their work provides to clients. We believe that if you are going to offer a service, you must be able to project and demonstrate the revenue that service has gained your clients. By attending our ‘Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness Course’, you can actually ‘show them the money’ while gladly earning your worthy fee.

The Learning and Development space in a large organisation is a dynamic universe that is attaining new momentum by the day. While a training manager must guide, sync, and utilise talent internally, they must also be able to strategically fuel a positive yield for the organisation. There is little merit in possessing in-house trainers otherwise.

This ‘Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness Course’ will ready you to leave a mark of success in your organisation because you will be able to demonstrate actual profit to the organisation for the work that you will do. This course is apt for you especially if your interests and aptitude so far, has indicated that training is a role that you want to pursue as an independent training management consultant as well.

This Zoe training course will therefore equip you to lead the learning grounds in your organization with a sure goal, that can be achieved, more so because you can predict and calculate it. Through this certification course, you will discover useful analytical techniques to cascade to other team members in your department as well.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this ‘Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness Course’ is to empower professionals with—

  • the ability to calculate and deliver an ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis to stakeholders and clients
  • real-time feedback on their ability to use tools to calculate Training Effectiveness accurately
  • 21st century tools available to measure ROI easily, at a low/ negligible cost
  • the ability to create systems to measure tangible scores in employee productivity and map it to training received
  • capability to fix errors in present ROI calculation techniques, if any
  • an understanding of the importance of collecting and analysing training data
  • the capability to add a monetary value to seemingly intangible measures of training

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions designs training courses to meet the specific requirements of our training audience. As needed by their professional background and work experience, we ensure a positive, welcoming and growth-oriented training atmosphere. Virtual and classroom sessions with presentations by a certified and experienced facilitator form a viable part of our programs.

We encourage your participation as a trainee in our creatively facilitated discussions, role-plays, group activities, assessments and more. You are also requested to share your professional experiences, issues, concerns, and good practices from your respective organisations, which can be aided by the trainer to enhance learning for you and the entire participant group.

In alignment with the Zoe Talent Solutions’ unique training methodology, this ‘Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness Course’ follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefits

Organisations nominating professionals for the ‘Measuring ROI and Evaluating Training Effectiveness Course’ will benefit as follows:

  • Training managers with new and improved knowledge on measuring training success
  • More growth in revenue because of tangible predictions and valuable assessment of learning interventions for clients and teams
  • Greater credibility for your work as a Learning Manager
  • Cost-effectiveness on account of measuring your training direct and in-direct costs
  • Clarity on the tangible ROI gain possible, using the ROI calculus
  • Happy clients, increased customer-base and consequently more profits

Personal Benefits

Professionals attending this course will be empowered incrementally in the following ways:

  • A clear understanding of why and how ROI (Return on Investment) for training is calculated
  • An awareness of the positive impact an ROI prediction can make in proving the success of a training project undertaken
  • Access to virtual content and assessment that are exclusively owned by Zoe Talent Solutions
  • Ability to identify one’s area of growth as learning progresses through our participant-friendly syllabus
  • Understanding the impact of pre-and post-assessments in training and learning how to conduct them
  • Overall development in the individual’s ability to conduct an effective ROI analysis for their own clients and companies
  • Ability to spot areas of improvement in ROI presentations made to them, based on their improved theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject

Who Should Attend?

  • Learning and Development Officers
  • Training Consultants
  • Organisational and Learning Officers, Managers, Training Consultants
  • Learning and Development Heads of Departments in an administrative body or academic institution
  • Anyone who aspires to be a training specialist or a free-lancer
  • Human Resource Officers who oversee the Learning needs of the organisation
  • Individuals in-charge of employee performance and organisational development
  • General Managers and Deputy-General Managers for Training and Development
  • Corporate Coaches, Training Professionals and Senior Training Officers
  • Lead Trainers and Mentors, E-Learning Coaches, Instructional Design Creators, Learning Content Managers

Course Outline

ZTS has created the following compact syllabus to equip you in the art of not just calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) on training for a client or team, but also help you present your findings eloquently to stakeholders.

Module 1: Introduction to Training & Development in the 21st Century

  • Human Resources in the 21st Century
  • Role and Function of Training and Employee Development in HR
  • The Employee Learning Curve
  • Creating Training Goals
  • The Learning Pathway
  • Knowledge Assessment and Case Study

Module 2: The Need for Calculating ROI

  • What is ROI?
  • ROI and the Training Industry
  • Why estimate ROI?
  • Identifying WIFM factors
  • Who should calculate ROI?
  • Case study and discussions

Module 3: Tools to Calculate ROI

  • The ROI calculus
  • Tangible and Intangible Training Outcomes
  • Deriving Monetary Values of Success
  • The ROI Metric
  • Case Study and discussion

Module 4: Training Evaluation | Kirkpatrick Model

  • Introduction to the 4 Levels of Training Evaluation
  • Reaction: 8 ways to measure it
  • How to confirm Participant Learning?
  • Participant Attitudes and Behaviours
  • How to determine Tangible Results?
  • Project Assignments and Feedback

Module 5: Analysing Data for ROI Measurement  

  • The Training Needs Intervention Process
  • Importance of Training need analysis
  • How to conduct a good pre-assessment?
  • Expectations Setting with Stakeholders and Clients
  • Determining Employee Training Costs
  • Conducting a fair post-training assessment
  • Case Studies and Feedback

Module 6: Tangible Effects of Employee Training

  • How to isolate effects of data?
  • The Value of a Control Group
  • Applying Trend Line Analysis
  • Projection and Forecasting
  • Using Expert Reference Data
  • Case Study and Feedback

Module 7: Calculating Training Costs

  • Why Training Cost Information?
  • Direct Costs to Employee Training
  • Indirect Costs to Employee Training
  • Productivity and Staffing Costs
  • Projects and Practice

Module 8: Applying the ROI Formula

  • Apply the ROI Formula
  • How to use the Step-by-Step method?
  • Case Studies and Practice
  • Use your own data to evaluate ROI
  • Presenting your Calculations to Stakeholders
  • Summary & Feedback

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