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Course Overview

The oil and gas industry is a global industry that is extremely critical to an organisation’s development. Because of wide expanse of the industry, managers handling various functions should be adequately equipped with international business know-how.

This is because any change globally has a profound impact on internal operational decision making. Management issues, decisions and overall strategy needs to be well thought and then implemented to prevent any risks to the business.

Another important aspect critical for surviving in the business is forming strong, strategic alliances with other corporations to sustain the massive competition and industrial advancements. Negotiation, cross-cultural communication, international human resource management and business ethics are other important factors for managing a business in the oil and gas industry.

This Zoe training course will empower you with a sound understanding of all management aspects to effectively and successfully handle operations in the oil and gas industry.

The Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management course content will provide you with an understanding of processes, drivers, threats and opportunities related to management. The course curriculum ranges from strategic decision making and business management to leadership and negotiation skills.

Thus, it will prepare you to manage various functions of a business in the oil and gas industry, with minimal risk and maximum efficiency, thereby encouraging further opportunities for growth and progression.

Course Objective

The primary objective of this Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management training course is to empower professionals with—

  • a multi-functional overview of each function of an organisation in this industry
  • the key business and leadership competencies essential for successfully managing functions end to end
  • the required knowledge and capabilities to influence, enable and deliver organisational objectives
  • better decision-making skills based on adequate data and information
  • the necessary skill and potential to translate changes/enhancements into key business strategies for development
  • the skill and ability to communicate and manage change even among the people doing the job, thereby supporting people and managing business functions seamlessly
  • enhanced negotiation and communication skills to interact with other departments or organisations to upkeep the business in terms of changes, technology and other areas of competition
  • adequate knowledge and experience to train other professionals on effective management
  • the required understanding and business acumen to manage international oil and gas business
  • the required skill and understanding to manage risks effectively, thereby reducing the negative impact on the organisation
  • the experience and knowledge to oversee the health and safety of workers through all organisational functions

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions follows a unique method of training, with an equal mix of practical and theoretical training. Lectures are delivered by experienced specialists.

For the practical part, the trainer assigns group activities and discussions to the trainees encouraging two-way participation. Role-plays and relevant case study discussions also help address any monotony that could set in from prolonged classroom sessions.

The above-mixed approach to training is for all Zoe Talent Solutions courses and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefits

Through this Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management course, organisations of professionals will benefit as follows:

  • Trained and experienced professionals to successfully manage the functions of the organisation
  • Regular training of other employees on best practices to manage operations
  • Introduction of advanced processes and systems to increase operational efficiency and quality
  • Better risk assessment and management
  • Organisational growth through better international collaboration, negotiation and communication
  • Increased credibility and hence greater investments
  • More well-thought and fool-proof business strategies to survive the competition
  • Leaner operations and advanced technology, thereby contributing to better productivity and reduced costs
  • Better and seamless change management, with minimal-to-no impact on the functions or profitability of the business
  • Effective care and surveillance of worker health and safety as per required standards

Personal Benefit

Through this Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management course, professionals working in the oil and gas industry will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased understand and knowledge of all functions of an organisation in the oil and gas industry
  • Greater skills and understanding to effectively manage international collaborations and communications for your organisation
  • Increased experience and confidence to train other professionals on industrial best practices
  • Enhanced perspective and foresight to effectively assess future risks so that they don’t negatively impact the organisation
  • Better skillset and capabilities to introduce advanced processes and concepts to successfully handle all functions in the organisation, with least effort
  • Increased potential to manage change effectively with minimal-to-no impact to operations
  • Enhanced skill and ability to introduce leaner operations
  • Effective decision making and strategic skills to analyse data and information available and then take the best-suitable decisions
  • Improved negotiation and communication skills to sustain one’s business among the extensive competition
  • Enhanced skill set and capabilities to effectively manage the international business for one’s organisation

Who to Attend:

  • Senior management of organisations who need to understand the importance of all functions and operations within the organisation
  • Managers and team leads overseeing the execution of tasks across various functions of the organisation
  • Executives and other professionals responsible for operations of the organisation
  • Trainers and other mentors who induct new professionals into the organisation
  • Potential investors who need to understand the functions well to be able to check the credibility of the organisation before making critical investment decisions
  • Health and safety officers responsible for ensuring practices and safety measures as per international standards
  • Internal and external auditors and quality managers who need to ensure that the organisation is complying with international standard guidelines
  • Any other professional who would like to know more about the management of oil and gas companies

Course Outline:

This Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management course includes the following topics important to understanding the management of oil and gas companies:

Module 1 – Mastering International Oil and Gas Business

  • Types of oil companies
  • Oil refining operations
  • Gas processing operations
  • Cash flow models

Module 2 – Strategic Oil and Gas Management

  • Strategic objectives
  • Macro-environment challenges in the oil and gas industry
  • Competitive spaces in the oil and gas industry
  • Implementation of strategic processes

Module 3 – Oil and Gas Marketing Management

  • Market positioning
  • Market segmentation
  • Market targeting

Module 4 – Human Resource Management in Oil and Gas

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Managing dynamic requirements
  • Maintaining gender balance
  • Encouraging a multicultural workforce
  • Capacity building/resource estimation
  • Keeping up with technology

Module 5 – Phases of Project Management in Oil and Gas

  • Appraisal
  • Selection and definition
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control

Module 6 – Quality Models in Oil and Gas

  • Total quality management
  • API Q1 and Q2
  • Six sigma

Module 7 – Operational Challenges in Oil and Gas

  • Increasing visibility into complex operations
  • Improving collaboration to improve logistics
  • Developing a high-performing culture
  • Connecting improved asset management and execution excellence
  • Defining metrics for ascertaining operational excellence and efficiency
  • Engaging senior officers with process opportunities
  • Enabling knowledge transfer to maximise operational efficiency

Module 8 – Leadership Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Worker safety
  • Employee engagement and motivation
  • Self-confidence with respect to performance
  • Understanding existing competencies and skills
  • Identifying next-generation leaders
  • Improving capital allocation
  • Mitigating risks
  • Embracing and managing technological change
  • Creating a board ready for the future

Module 9 – Risk Management in Oil and Gas Industry

  • Types of risks
  • Risk analysis approaches
  • Types of popular corporate strategies for assessment and analysis
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)