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Office Administration Training Course

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Course Overview

Are you concerned with managing the office work systematically for better office management?

The office needs to be managed seamlessly on an everyday basis for efficacy in decision making. Office administration is a part of office management. Hence, creating and understanding the policies and processes related to office-building, record-keeping, billing, expenses, physical distribution, logistics, and their backups will help eliminate any chaos which might arise in the absence of the required understanding of all the above.

Do you believe that proper management of office administration will help you achieve the desired business goal?

This training course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions will help establish clear policies and processes. It will also help the executives to manage their work efficiently. They would also be able to understand how to handle their customers well.

Course Objectives

The participants will achieve the following objectives from the Office Administration Training Certification Course:

  • Learn how to schedule and prioritise administrative tasks within deadlines
  • Maintain a variety of records- electronic and paper records
  • Prepare business documents
  • Administration of office equipment and technologies
  • Draft reports
  • Organise meetings, seminars, special events, and travel arrangements
  • Know the Basic principles of Project management
  • Ensure quick response and seamless flow of information
  • Behave professionally in different office situations
  • Understand the relevant standards and ethics code

e latest trends, skills & strategies to be an office administrator and gather relevant computer and interpersonal skill

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent solutions will focus on your professional and social skills, business etiquette, and company representation. The experienced instructor will include simulation games, paper-pencil exercises, activities, role-plays, videos, and case studies via an interactive presentation.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ to give a better insight through their courses.

Organisational Benefits

The companies will benefit in the following ways by having their staff participate in the Office Administration Training Certification Course:

  • Seamless workflow of the operations in the organisation
  • Clarity in roles and responsibilities of the administrative staff
  • Smooth flow of communication amongst the employees
  • Better conflict management

Personal Benefits

The personal benefits which the participants will get from this Office Administration Training Certification Course are:

  • Gain clarity of Office and Administrative Management
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities
  • Become better at business administration and office management
  • Envisage how you can represent your boss and company at all times
  • Getting accustomed to mailing, shipping, and organizing travel
  • Discover the ways to plan and organize executive meetings
  • Understand time-management and record-keeping
  • Gain the trust by your skills to handle the company’s finances and allocate petty cash

Who Should Attend?

This Office Administration training program should be attended by

  • Administrative Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Administrative Staff
  • Administrative Executives
  • Those who wish to make their career in administration
  • Anyone who finds office management a challenge
  • People who would like to make their career in office management

Course Outline


  • Understand your Roles
    • Office manager and administrator
  • Envisage Perception vs reality
  • The qualities of successful administrators
  • List competencies required for success
  • Being a ‘star’ at the workplace


  • Effective communication skills
    • Verbal and written
  • Gaining credibility, trust, and gaining recognition
  • Importance of possessing a positive attitude
  • Being assertive while conversing
  • Constituents of Professional Business writing
  • Style and Layout
  • Understanding your audience to achieve the readers objective



  • How to
    • Prepare a professional presentation
    • Sell your ideas to your boss, colleagues, subordinates, and clients
    • Draft reports, write memos, etc.


  • What constitutes professional behaviour on the phone?
  • Improving your listening skills on the phone
  • How to deal with difficult callers?
  • Common phone problems


  • Understanding the needs of and how to handle and serve the internal and external customers
  • Providing excellent service by removing barriers
  • Working as a team and doing away with the silo mentality
  • Handling queries and complaints


  • Better Time Management
  • Planning and managing time for self
  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters
  • How to set goals and priorities on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis?
    • Measuring your efficacy and effectiveness
  • Preparing and learnings from time logs and sheets


  • Planning and Organizing meetings
  • How to conduct an effective meeting?
  • Drawing the agenda
  • Taking down minutes of meetings
  • Coordinating and Updating the previous minutes of the meeting


  • What is Stress and Stress management?
  • Causes and symptoms of Stress Management
  • Identifying your stressors
  • How does stress affect performance?
  • Making a stress management plan


  • How to create a filing system?
  • Listing the files
  • Naming the files
  • How to place papers in file folders?
  • Setting up a system for filing success
  • Making filing a part of the audit


  • Facilities Management
  • Construction Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Tenant Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management


  • Identifying and formulating policies as required
  • Setting the process and procedures to ensure compliance
  • How to conduct a Regular Audit?
  • Understanding the legal perspective

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