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Oil and Gas Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods and Process

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Course Overview

Oil and gas industry has a wide range of upstream activities. One of the most important parts of the upstream industry is drilling. Drilling is complex and a complicated operation that involves complex methodologies, processes, and equipment/tools to extract black gold beneath the surface of the earth. Drilling is a multi-disciplinary method with complicated integrated operations either onshore or offshore.

Drilling has one of the most advanced technology and has diversified and ever-evolving challenges in the oil and gas upstream sector. Drilling uses different types of well profile and cutting-edge technology to explore oil and gas which were impossible to drill in the past. In order to excel in drilling methods and processes, this course is designed specifically to give necessary knowledge around multiple methods involved in drilling, the process to carry out drilling operations, and the tools used to explore the unconventional reservoirs. Drilling has the potential to accommodate multi-disciplinary teams and it can lead them to enter the world of new opportunities.

ZOE has designed this course to empower engineers and learners from different fields to learn diversified drilling methodologies, processes, techniques, technology, tools, and engineered principles. This course is designed to cover all aspects of drilling methodologies, processes, and tools used in the oil and gas upstream industry either onshore or offshore.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods, and Process Course is to empower professionals and engineers with:

  • Complete knowledge and information about all activities involved in drilling operations either onshore or offshore
  • The required experience and confidence to handle drilling challenges and take correct timely decisions to perform drilling operations successfully
  • The necessary understanding and knowledge of all required equipment and tools for conventional and unconventional drilling operations either onshore or offshore
  • To give the confidence and knowledge to conduct training for young professionals working or aiming to work in drilling department or in drilling operations
  • To increase the ability to introduce smart and advanced drilling operational techniques, concepts, methodologies, processes, and technologically advanced tools, to make work easier, faster, simpler and more accurate
  • To develop potential and capability in professionals to make operational enhancements and changes in strategic plans for one’s organization to increase credibility and attract customers from multiple operator companies
  • The ability to contribute to organizational growth and development through various avenues
  • The complete skillset and capabilities to undertake critical and complex roles and responsibilities in drilling engineering team on onshore and offshore rigs

Training Methodology

This collaborative Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods, and Process Training Course, will comprise the following training methods:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals and engineers undertaking this Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods, and Process training course, their organizations will derive the following benefits:

  • Efficient onshore and offshore drilling operations because of trained and experienced professionals overseeing technical drilling challenges
  • Frequent training and upskilling of existing staff on advanced practices of onshore and offshore drilling methods, processes, and tools to perform successful operations
  • Application of modern drilling technology to speed up the exploration process
  • Adherence to all required standards of operation and safety during activities in drilling
  • Reduced costs and maintenance of drilling tools with effective planning of drilling activities
  • Closest prediction of possible drilling risks and problems with effective management and prevention in order to reduce non-productive time
  • Competitive advantage because of trained drilling professionals/engineers, enhancing various aspects of the operation to keep up with the market and changing customer requirements

Personal Benefits

Professionals enrolling for this Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods, and Process Course will derive the following benefits:

  • Complete knowledge and experience of drilling operations, drilling technology, methods, process and tools used in drilling operations
  • Greater experience and confidence to handle drilling challenges, problems, risks, and emergency situations on rigs, taking timely and accurate decisions to prevent any non-productive time and damage to wellbore
  • Increased potential and ability to successfully undertake higher roles and responsibilities related to overseeing end-to-end drilling operations on drilling rigs site
  • Better attention to detail and knowledge to review drilling processes, systems, equipment, and tools, from time to time and take corrective action
  • Greater potential to contribute to organizational growth and development through enhanced drilling efficiency and support processes offering operational excellence
  • Increased confidence and experience to train other professionals on rig site with in-depth knowledge acquired from this drilling technology course
  • Enhanced skill set and knowledge to provide strategic inputs in drilling rig operations, in HT/HP well and also in ERD wells
  • Greater understanding and experience of advanced methods and technology and applying these to enhance overall drilling operations and contribute to organizational growth and development in this challenging drilling environment
  • A sense of fulfilment to contribute to enhancing employer branding as well as employee health and safety through robust guidelines and best practices to be followed during operations

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers who will be joining drilling engineering operations or oil and gas operations at onshore or offshore oil and gas rigs
  • Top management involved in strategic decision-making regarding drilling operations, safety measures and practices for wellbore stability and integrity
  • Compliance, health and safety officers responsible for ensuring adherence to all standards and benchmarks of drilling engineering and upstream oil and gas operations
  • Legal and financial advisors required in times of legal and/or financial liabilities against the organization involved in drilling and upstream operations
  • Vendors and suppliers involved at any stage of drilling operations at onshore and offshore oil and gas rigs
  • Any other engineer or professional interested in receiving knowledge about drilling engineering

Course Outline

Module 1: Drilling Engineering/Technology Basics

  • Oil and gas well cycle
  • Role of team members
  • Drilling risks and their management
  • Drilling rig
  • Rig equipment introduction
  • Pre well preparations
  • Oil and gas well construction

Module 2: Rig Sizing and Drilling Tools

  • Types of rig
  • Rig facilities
  • Drilling string design
  • Bottom hole assembly (BHA) design
  • Drilling tools

Module 3: Drilling Parameters

  • Rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Weight on bit (WOB)
  • Surface RPM
  • Down hole RPM
  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Viscosity

Module 4: Drilling Fluids and Drilling Hydraulics

  • Drilling mud
  • Drilling mud design and applications
  • Mud Tank layout and arrangements
  • Solid waste management
  • Drilling hydraulics
  • Drilling fluids types and applications
  • Drilling fluids design
  • Cutting removal in directional wells
  • Drill bit hydraulics

Module 5: Drilling Well Profiles and Techniques

  • Directional drilling technology
  • Directional drilling process
  • Vertical wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Directional well profiles
  • ERD wells
  • HP/HT wells
  • Drilling tools
  • Directional drilling tools

Module 6: Wireline, MWD, LWD, and Mud Logging

  • Wireline techniques and equipment
  • MWD techniques
  • MWD tools
  • LWD techniques
  • LWD tools
  • Mud logging techniques
  • Mud logging equipment

Module 7: Casing Design & Cementing

  • Casing overview
  • Casing types
  • Casing design and standards
  • Casing in directional wells
  • Cementing overview
  • Cementing types and applications
  • Equipment for cementing
  • Cementing methods and process
  • Cementing in directional wells
  • Cementing in ERD and HP/HT wells

Module 8: Drilling Problems

  • Stuck pipe
  • Drill string failure
  • BHA failure
  • Vibrations
  • Caving-in
  • Stick slip
  • Differential sticking
  • Drill string buckling

Module 9: Well Control

  • Well control equipment
  • Kick causes
  • Kick prevention
  • Kick detections
  • BOP
  • Wellheads

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