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Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector

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Course Overview

What does public policy development and analysis actually mean? It refers to the research, analysis, creation, implementation and maintenance of laws and regulations on specific public issues by the respective local, state or federal governments.

It is an ongoing process because policies need to be re-evaluated and amended from time to time, depending on costs, resource allocation, impact etc. The primary objective of a government introducing public policy is to improve the quality of life of its people.

At the federal level, policies help regulate businesses and industries in various aspects of their operation, while keeping public interests and safety in mind. Thus, the public policy includes laws, regulations, judgements, case studies, government programs, etc.

This Zoe training course will empower you with the necessary knowledge and understanding of public policy to undertake and successfully carry out the responsibilities of roles within this domain.

The content covers aspects from analysis through development and thereafter, thereby providing you relevant information and exposure to assume higher roles and responsibilities requiring expertise in multiple areas of the process, thus helping you grow within this field.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector training course is to empower professionals to—

  • learn various concepts, theories and methods involved in policy development and analysis
  • acquire relevant experience in multiple domains across policy-making, thus making one an employee of choice for higher roles and responsibilities, aiding faster growth and career progression
  • apply one’s knowledge and experience gained through the course to predict and mitigate risks that could gravely impact policymaking
  • train other working professionals on critical aspects of policy development and analysis
  • promote a healthy, honest working environment through the establishment of robust policies across one’s organisation, thereby demonstrating one’s potential to undertake higher managerial responsibilities
  • practice and guide others to practice ethical methods of operation for faster growth for all
  • help one’s organisation grow by creating and successfully implementing policies that safeguard public interests and adhere to all required standards and benchmarks
  • derive a sense of satisfaction from contributing to society and public interests
  • explore various opportunities across other organisations as a result of the diverse skills and capabilities gained through this program.

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions is known to be unique in its training methods and approach. The mixed concept of training sets it apart from other similar institutions.

The training is delivered by experienced professionals from the domain of interest, using detailed audio-visual presentations for ease of reference.

Further, practical training includes role-plays, case study discussions, projects, etc. assigned to the trainees in groups to help trainee interaction. Trainee experiences and challenges at their work places are also discussed in detail by the trainer.

This approach is used for all training courses by Zoe Talent Solutions and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals undergoing this Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector training course, organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • Robust and effective policies guiding operations and processes, developed by trained, experienced professionals
  • Structured operations with less scope for risks because of clear and effective guidelines set out by the trained professionals
  • Successful risk assessment and management through operations to ensure that they do not hamper the final objectives
  • Regular training of other employees on best practices and important aspects of policy development and analysis
  • Fair chance of business and operation as a result of all public sector organisations governed by a uniform set of rules and regulations
  • Adherence to universally accepted regulations and laws to help stay competitive for global trade and commerce
  • Organisational growth and development from a more structured and fair approach to operations
  • Regular audits and amendments to existing policies from time to time, with changing needs of the market

Personal Benefits

Professionals enrolling for this Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector course will gain the following related to the public policy:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of all important aspects surrounding policy development and analysis
  • Enhanced understanding and experience to train other professionals on policy development and analysis
  • Better attention to detail to review and continuously amend, if required, existing policies of one’s organisation to help stay relevant in the market
  • Greater knowledge and experience to successfully predict and manage risks for one’s organisation that could hamper the policy making process
  • A sense of pride from contributing to society in ensuring that public policies and other guidelines primarily safeguard public interests and aim to improve public quality of life
  • Better understanding to operate and work within all legal requirements and laws outlined in public policy
  • Increased understanding and exposure to all areas of policy making, thereby inviting multiple opportunities to assume higher roles and responsibilities, thus fostering career growth and development
  • Enhanced skills and capabilities to make the best of opportunities across any domain of policy making across any organisation, thereby encouraging growth across organisations and industries

Who Should Attend?

  • Top management and shareholders of public sector organisations involved in offering various public services to society
  • Executives and managers working and supervising various functions across public services
  • Policy makers responsible for creating and implementing policies within the organisation and industry
  • Human resource professionals overseeing policy creation, implementation and maintenance in organisational conduct and operations
  • Internal and external auditors responsible for reviewing and updating policies in accordance with changing needs of the market
  • Legal advisors who need to ensure that the organisation is legally safe and secure with its service offerings and operations
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about policy development and analysis in the public sector

Course Outline

The Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector course covers the following topics to thoroughly understand policy development and analysis in the public sector:

Module 1 – Three Types of Public Policy

  • Restrictive
  • Regulatory
  • Facilitating

Module 2 – Various Levels of Public Policy

  • Political level
  • Executive level
  • Administrative level
  • Technical level

Module 3 – Distinctive Characteristics of Policies

  • Authoritative
  • Enforceable
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Feasible
  • Clear
  • Transparent
  • Consultative

Module 4 – Supporting Instruments/Sources to Policy Development

  • Legislation and government policies and priorities
  • Taxation
  • Public pressure
  • Inspection and audits
  • Minutes of past meetings
  • Legislative records
  • Newsletters, media briefings and community meetings

Module 5 – Steps in Public Policy Development and Implementation

  • Problem identification/agenda setting
  • Public policy formation
  • Public policy adoption
  • Policy implementation
  • Policy evaluation
  • Policy termination

Module 6 – Factors Important During Policy Analysis

  • Matter and aim
  • Commitment to public
  • Ability to sustain
  • Related participants

Module 7 – Approaches to Public Policy Analysis

  • Formal cost–benefit analysis
  • Qualitative cost–benefit analysis
  • Modified cost–benefit analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Multi-goal policy analysis

Module 8 – Policy Analysis Dimensions

  • Effectiveness
  • Unintended effects
  • Equity
  • Cost
  • Feasibility
  • Acceptability

Module 9 – Quantitative Research Methods of Policy Analysis

  • Survey research
  • Statistical analysis
  • Model building

Module 10 – Factors Influencing Policy Implementation

  • Methods and processes
    • Project management methods
    • Strategic alignment and control
  • Stakeholder and leadership issues
    • Sponsor and top management support
    • Expectations
    • Acceptance of failure
  • Complexity and uncertainty
    • Political complexity
    • Organisational complexity
    • Resulting imbalance
    • Other uncertainties

Participant Reviews
Najd Alissa
Was fortunate to train with Zoe Talent Solutions. My course was Policy Development and Analysis in Public Sector, I had the training with Ruth, she is excellent. I will definitely train with her again.
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