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Course Overview

What is a positive mindset? And how does one develop a positive mental attitude and use it to build a better life? Positive Thinking and having a Positive Mindset is not about fantasizing that everything is good in life and is a garden is roses.

Positive Thinking and Mindset is a set of ideas, emotions, and actions, that cause an individual to respond constructively to negative circumstances and make the best of those situations.

The challenge is that many individuals do not understand that their mindsets are caught up in a cycle of preconditioned programming and old patterns of experiences that affects their thinking and decisions. These old patterns prevent them from reaching their desired goals in life.

The subconscious mind automatically processes these patterns and programs from our memories when making decisions. Our foundational thoughts and beliefs keep these programs and patterns in their place in our minds. This creates a loop in our minds and we are never able to stretch beyond those limits.

So, are you ready to position your minds to discover your true potential and see the infinite opportunities coming to you? Positive thinking and mindset is the winning factor. With it, you will be able to appreciate a better work-life balance and develop the right mentality to turn discouraging situations into positing learning experiences.

Stepping into the right mindset is half the battle fought. This positive thinking training workshop from Zoe Talent Solutions will empower participants to shift negative attitudes into positive situations to succeed.

This workshop will inspire you with new perspectives of thinking and approach to people or their problems. Using experiential learning methods and strategic visualization techniques, you will be guided into a reflective program of self-discovery.

You will discover practical tips for applying positive thinking practices in your own life. You will learn approaches to change your attitude to re-gain control over your life, boost health, and achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course, the participants of this syllabus will be able to:

  • Explain the positive psychology
  • Understand brain hemispheres and how the mind works
  • Learn human behaviours and different types of thinking
  • Create a roadmap for success with a result-oriented action plan
  • Detect negative thinkings and the common negative thought patterns
  • Understand the internal and external causes of negative thinking
  • Manage the thoughts of your mind and your conversation
  • Understand the impact of negative thinking over business performance
  • Learn methods and techniques of switching from negative to positive mindsets
  • Learn visualization techniques to transform personal thoughts and beliefs
  • Utilize innovative and creative thinking to convert challenges into opportunities
  • Learn effective tools and techniques for changing attitudes and behaviours
  • Handle workplace negativity and negative people
  • Learn Problem Solving techniques with creative thinking
  • Learn the Tip and Techniques for Personal Development and overall health

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course for individuals from all aspects and areas of life. Whether you are a corporate professional, student, social worker, or a homemaker, this program will help develop the creative and positive aspects of thinking to renew your attitude towards life.

This workshop will present core techniques to embed into daily life. A customized program can be arranged based on your current situation and circumstances.

This program will encourage participation in knowledge sharing, group discussions, and role-plays. Participants will share experiences from their fields in facing and handling negative situations at work and in life.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model of training in this Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course to give you the best understanding and experience on this subject.

Organisation Benefit

Organizational benefits of staffs who participate in this Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course will be as below:

  • This will significantly impact work productivity
  • Increased productivity would result in greater organizational profits
  • Employees actions are aligned to the corporate vision of the organization
  • Employees can identify and achieve definite goals with a clear mind
  • High-performance teams are built on positive collaboration
  • There is an elimination of unhealthy competition among the staff
  • Employees learn to minimize distractions from work and have a focused mind
  • This enables managers to evaluate the workload of their employees
  • Employees develop a pleasant and collaborative environment at work
  • They easily adapt to the best practices of the organizations
  • They easily handle negative situations at the workplace in positive ways

Personal Benefit

Following are the personal benefits of personnel participating in the Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course:

  • Individuals can transform mindsets and attitudes from negative to positive
  • They can positively influence people and impact their thinking
  • There is a reduce wastage of time and energy due to improved focus and they achieve more
  • Individuals can involve in helping others to solve problems
  • There is a greater self-awareness in Individuals who carry a positive mindset
  • A balance and support to the well-being of such individuals are noticed
  • Individuals can create and sustain a positive mental attitude during times of crisis
  • Development of self-control, self-confidence, and self-discipline is noticed
  • Positive thinking and mindset always inspire others around them
  • There is a greater self-awareness of the thinking patterns of oneself

Who Should Attend

This Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course will benefit everyone as corporates and professionals in organizations; team leaders and team members from a diversity of backgrounds, trades, industries, and expertise levels who desire to execute a positive work culture.

Participants will learn to overcome negativity by forming positive thinking patterns. All staff within an organization, like managers, team leaders, executives, assistants, officers, secretaries, all kinds of support staff, individuals in social activities, homemakers, etc, should attend this training program.

This training workshop will be customized to address individual case scenarios and will use an interactive approach to meet the learning expectations of the members, irrespective of their degree or position within the company or society.

Course Outline

Below are the important modules that will be facilitated in the Positive Thinking and Mindset Training Course:

Module 1

  • Psychology of Positivity: Introduction
  • Optimism versus Pessimism
  • Science and Power of the Human Brain
  • Events affecting: Positive and Negative Thinking
  • Tactics for transforming negative words and experiences
  • Techniques to cultivate positive thinking patterns
  • Develop Positive Communication: Art of Positive Speaking
  • Going beyond set limits with your thinking

Module 2

  • Thinking in different Approaches and Backgrounds
  • Examining and Evaluating existing mindsets of others
  • Strategies for eliminating obstacles to positive thinking
  • Left and Right brain thinking: Vertical and lateral hemispheres
  • Characterizing your own Style of Thinking and Mindset
  • Developing the Originality and Innovation mindset
  • Lateral and Creativity Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats: Edward de Bono
  • The Mind and Building Positive Relationships
  • The Mind and causing Toxic Relationships

Module 3

  • Understanding People and Negative behaviour
  • Introducing others to a World of Positivity
  • Workplace negativity: How it begins
  • Workplace negativity: How to end
  • Demotivation: The Negativity Booster
  • The Virus of Demotivation
  • Radiating and Sustaining a positivity force field around you
  • Techniques to present change, ideas, and criticism positively
  • Self Personal Development
  • Step-by-Step action plan for developing positivities

Module 4

  • Autogenic Conditioning of the mind
  • Programing the unconscious mind
  • Train your Mind to Train your Body
  • Mindfulness and Visualisation
  • Anxiety Control and Meditation
  • Visualization techniques and Relaxation techniques
  • Visualization and Mental Imagery
  • Visualization: The PETTLEP model
  • Practical positive thinking tools and methods
  • Becoming more proactive and seizing control

Module 5

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Introduction
  • Historical practice and applications of NLP
  • Positive Thinking- Based on NLP techniques
  • Meta and Milton conversation Model
  • Swish and Reframing Models
  • Power and Principles of empowering beliefs
  • Meeting Deadlines & Dealing with Stress
  • Thinking positively to reduce time wastage
  • Defeating stress by a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Reacting and Responding to Reactions

Module 6

  • Process of Change: The Inevitable
  • Getting ready to change your thinking patterns
  • Identifying negativity in words and thoughts
  • Change Management: From negative to positive
  • Making positive thinking create opportunities
  • Deleting the history of old negative beliefs and foundations
  • Reprogramming your thinking and mindset

Module 7

  • Problem-Solving through Positive Thinking
  • Identifying the root of the problem
  • Getting the mindset right and focused on solutions
  • Creating practical, inventive and positive solutions
  • Setting Priorities: Focusing on what’s important
  • Setting work and life Objectives for success
  • SWOT Analysis: Positive side of life

Module 8

  • Energy and vibes transfer between people
  • Mind over mood/emotions
  • Relation between Negative thinking and Ill-health
  • Influence of the mind to interrupt change
  • Breathing and Relaxing influences Positive Thinking
  • Preparing for future negative scenarios
  • Living a Healthy lifestyle
  • Excellent Tips for positive thinking
  • Top Tips for mindset change
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)