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Procurement and Contract Management Training Course

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Course Overview

Contracts for the purchase and selling of products and services are significant in the business sector. Procurement contracts, sometimes known as “buying contracts,” are legally binding agreements that protect both parties to a business transaction. Therefore, procurement contract management is crucial for businesses and institutions. Procurement contracts are important because they ensure that a business has the resources it needs for a project. If they are not properly executed, negotiations might fall through and the company will be without those products. Or, if the firm does the selling, a deal might be lost.

How is quality assured through procurement contract management? Today, the process of managing contracts for purchasing goods and services never ends without quality assurance being a part of it. No company enjoys the hassle and uncertainty that comes with being stuck with a product that customers won’t buy due to quality concerns. Before entering an agreement, the procurement contract management procedure checks to see whether the product or service is up to par. There may be a stringent set of prequalification standards that the company’s suppliers must meet before they are paid in full before any contract is finalised with a partner. Any prospective or current business partners may use these criteria to better understand what is expected of them before signing any major contracts or increasing sales.

In Procurement, what role does contract management play? The need for legal compliance is driving many companies to upgrade their contract management systems. These contracts may be used to establish ground rules. The consequences for any party’s failure to adhere to the terms and conditions are clear. While there is great potential for gain in the procurement industry, there is also a high degree of risk. If the partner decides to raise prices, the firm may have less disposable income with which to operate. There’s also the possibility that the suppliers won’t fulfill their delivery deadlines, preventing the firm from selling to their clients in the last mile. To protect the company from these threats, one may use the instruments provided by the procurement contract management process. For stability in the face of market swings, the function enables the business to lock in agreed-upon rates and stipulated terms of delivery for the suppliers.

The Procurement and Contract Management Certification Course from Zoe Talent Solutions is part of a larger supply chain Management framework. It includes a structured academic approach to help participants gain professional knowledge of procurement and contract management processes in commercial, government, and international settings over the project’s life cycle. Participants will gain a full understanding of all procurement phases, including planning, conducting, and controlling procurements, as well as the PMI processes, the National Procurement Regulatory Framework, and international best practices in procurement management and contract law. The participant will also gain an understanding of the contracts as a mechanism for people and businesses to sell and transfer property, services, and other rights. By the end of the course, they will be able to learn and implement different strategies used by winning corporations to form successful relationships, manage expectations, and develop trust among businesses.

Course Objectives

The Procurement and Contract Management Course from Zoe Talent Solutions has been built with the following objectives:

  • To help understand the steps required to develop effective relationships in the e-business age
  • To examine different levels of the Successful Partnership Pyramid’s crucial importance
  • To assess different kinds of contracts in businesses, and their importance
  • To describe the stages involved in contract management
  • To explain how teamwork is critical in the contract management process
  • To compare and contrast US contract law with various contracting concepts and principles used around the world and other techniques of contracting
  • To explain the importance and concepts underpinning the different stages in the contract management process: pre-award, award, and post-award
  • To compare and contrast the different types of general contract price arrangements for achieving corporate goals
  • To understand typical misunderstandings and myths about global contract management
  • To explain how project management is important in delivering solutions that meet or exceed client expectations for value and results

Training Methodology

The training will be imparted considering the recent and evolving industry demands, and business trends and will utilize the following training methods:

  • Interactive lectures by industry experts
  • Practical and results-oriented learning paradigm
  • Use of case studies, role plays, action planning, and practice sessions
  • Feedback-based interaction
  • Q&A and debates

Our tried-and-true “Do-Review-Learn-Apply” structure is utilised throughout this and all our other courses.

Organisational Benefits

This training course from Zoe Talent Solutions will benefit an organization by:

  • Identifying needs, implementing plans, and analysing objectives to improve business performance
  • Controlling the spending through improved expenditure visibility and assistance with financial transaction monitor
  • Improving the e-procurement management in the organization as the professionals get equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest trends in the industry
  • Mastering the business procedures that manage the formation, implementation, and evaluation of contracts to maximise corporate performance and minimise risk
  • Using contract lifecycle management to improve their performance and understand how they can better achieve their goals

Personal Benefits

This training course from Zoe Talent Solutions will benefit a participant by:

  • Developing a better understanding and information about required regulations to follow for contract management
  • Improving knowledge and confidence in obtaining goods, representative samples for testing
  • Enhance analytical and strategic skills for interpreting data and drawing the most correct findings to help with effective decision-making
  • Developing greater potential and ability to contribute to organisational growth through effective learning and application, thereby increasing one’s scope for career progression across any industry
  • Improving perspective and foresight to identify hindrances and challenges in business contracts and procurement systems and prevent these from affecting the results

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for a wide range of professionals and is recommended for the:

  • Managers in charge of purchasing or sourcing
  • Managers in charge of vendor or product evaluation and selection
  • Anybody interested in procurement contract management
  • Anybody who works with contracts daily, whether in the commercial or governmental sector

Course Outline

The course covers the following areas important for one to become Procurement and Contract Management certified:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Course overview
  • Discussion of grading criteria
  • Meaning and importance of procurement
  • Significance of contract management

Module 2: Contract Management

  • Operational Issues
  • Contract Life Cycle
  • Contract Stakeholders
  • Organizational Influences
  • General Business and contracting Competencies

Module 3: Procurement

  • Procurement management process
  • Types of contracts and purpose
  • Planning of Purchases and Acquisitions
  • Documents
  • Source selection
  • Closing Procurements
  • Best Practice
  • E-procurement

Module 4: Strategic Supply Chain

  • Strategic decision-makers
  • Operational managers
  • Key stakeholders

Module 5: Supplier Selection

  • Criteria for supplier selection
  • Methods for supplier selection
  • Supplier selection process
  • Relationship management

Module 6: Modern Contract Management and Procurement

  • Integration of Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement positioning
  • Measurement
  • Final Consideration

Module 7: Logistics in Global Context

Module 8: Laws and Regulations

  • Contract Principles and laws
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Structures in contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Financing contacts
  • Negotiations

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