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PD0311 Jan - 15 Jan, 2021Live Online$1800Register
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Course Overview

Does your company require you to converse more efficiently and develop more confident connections with clients? A prototype of a perfect professional is one who can incorporate several different pleasant, constructive, and a wide range of corporate qualities in different business situations and levels.

Without decent communication abilities and robust business etiquette, you will risk your image, and limit the business relationship that you could potentially have for the success of your organization.

How can you develop your skills to become a better professional? Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette Training Course will enlist all those unwritten rules that executives are required to pursue to become those effective professionals at workplaces.

Etiquette rules might indicate ways to start and end conversations, dress-up for different occasions, introduce guests to others, dining manners, and so on. The person who can engage in conversation and get along with others in ways that construct trust and respect will certainly win people and business deals.

Business etiquette is all about how we make our co-workers and business partners feel with our presence around them. These etiquette deal with behaviour, expectations, and culture, and may vary from one workplace to the other. Corporate etiquette and corporate culture go hand in hand.

Statistics show us that an individual determines whether they like or trust you within the first seven seconds of your meeting with them. 60% is established based on appearance, 30% is centred on the tone of your voice, and 10% on your actual business.

This tells us that 90% of your Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette can massively affect your business dealings with your co-workers or your business partners and clients. Your first impression cannot be created at a second chance. You have to get it right for the first time.

Through this Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette Training Course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions, you will be enabled to recognize and sharpen those corporate skills. You will know how to carry yourself confidently and in a correct professional manner in the business world and in your day to day personal life at all times.

This training course gives you the skills to have leverage on career opportunities and personal growth. You will be noticed and recognized for professionalism by the skills learned through this program.

Course Objectives

The core objectives of this Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette Training Course is to enable you to—

  • Set the best impression by your professional corporate skills
  • Understand Body language and the influence of it
  • Sharpen your office skills including telephonic, letter and email communications
  • Learn details of business dining skills and mannerisms
  • Understand dress codes for different occasions
  • Learn about multi-cultures and managing people
  • Develop skills to effectively interact with International and government diplomats

Training Methodology

All our courses are customised to suit the needs of the training audience and their professional backgrounds and experience. Classroom sessions with presentations by a highly experienced trainer form a major part of the training.

However, trainee participation is encouraged through group discussions, troubleshooting for questions, group activities, projects, etc. Trainees are also encouraged to share their experiences, issues, concerns and best practices from their respective organisations, which are discussed in detail by the trainer.

Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model is followed whilst facilitating courses at Zoe Talent Solutions.

Organisation Benefit

Organisations whose professionals take up this Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette training program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Better inter-personal skills of its employees and thus create a better business image
  • Help employees gain mannerisms that could align with the corporate culture and values
  • Employees preset and carry themselves with leverage to win the trust of clients and partners
  • It enhances healthy relationships and understanding within the company
  • Directly and indirectly, it promotes the growth of the business and individuals at different levels
  • The employees will have an enhanced non-verbal communication within the corporate set-up
  • Professionals become more confident with communicating and networking with stakeholders
  • The overall customer experience of the clients and business partners is improved
  • Develop standard business procedures and practices at all levels and become less susceptible to lawsuits and conflicts

Personal Benefit

Individuals attending this Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette Training Course will have the below personal advantage:

  • Inter-personal skills are sharpened and developed to build class and excellence
  • Individuals become more efficient in handling and communicating with other
  • Self-Confidence and positive energy becomes evident by the mannerisms
  • These skills are effective in day to day social life to become a better person
  • You get recognized for growth and developments for the next levels in the organization
  • Better understand people from different cultures and foreign associates

Who Should Attend

Individuals looking to become professionals at their workplaces and build their overall inter-personal skills within society. The course is important for those looking for organizational growth and move into different professional roles.

Marketing and Sales executives who meet and network with multinational clients and vendors. Managers, Supervisors, team leads, executives, officers, and all looking to sharpen their skills to succeed in everyday professional life.

Course Outline

This Professional Business and Corporate Etiquette training program will cover the following areas that are essential to understanding the key skills of Business and Corporate Etiquettes:

Module 1- The First Impression

  • Effective Professional Introduction
  • Making a First Impression, the first time
  • Minimizing Uneasiness
  • Use of Business Cards
  • Remember the names

Module 2- Body Language

  • Levels of conversations
  • Start and End of Conversations
  • Types of Handshake
  • Eye Contact
  • Body Language
  • Maintaining Posture

Module 3- Internal Office Etiquettes

  • Office Conduct and respect
  • Communications and professionalism
  • Time Management
  • Working out of the office
  • Eating at the Workplace
  • Do’s and Don’ts in an office meeting

Module 4- Email Etiquettes

  • Business Email Etiquette
  • Proper use for forwarding to Cc and BCc
  • Grammar, Acronyms and auto-correct
  • Navigating unexplored social-network territory at work
  • Top technology tips and netiquette

Module 5- Dressing Etiquette

  • Constructing a Personal brand
  • Essentials of Grooming
  • Business Casual and techniques
  • Understanding Dress Codes
  • Accessorizing professionally
  • Personal Style – Male and Female
  • Travel/ outdoor Etiquettes

Module 6- Dining Etiquette

  • Eating Out Ordering in a Restaurant
  • Handling the Napkin, Plates and Glassware
  • Dining- Dos and Don’ts
  • Body Language at a business lunch/dinner
  • Host and Guest Etiquettes
  • Toasting
  • Handling table mishaps
  • Paying the Bill
  • Tipping

Module 7- Telephonic Etiquette

  • Appropriate Greetings and Introduction
  • Sensitivity to the tone of voice
  • Professional business communication
  • Active listening
  • Telephonic Interruptions
  • Use of speakerphone
  • Dealing with Voice Mail
  • Do’s and Don’ts Mobile Phones

Module 8- Writing Etiquette

  • Business Letter Writing Skills
  • Formal Letters
  • Informal Letters
  • Headings and Introductions
  • Focus points
  • Reader-Friendly writing
  • Business tone
  • Privacy and compliance

Module 9- Managing multi-cultures

  • Understanding Culture in people management
  • Multi-cultural organization
  • Cultural practices and perspectives
  • Cultural Differences and behaviors

Module 10– International Standards and Government Diplomats

  • International standard Etiquettes
  • Interacting with Government Diplomats
  • Diplomatic Etiquette and Protocol
  • General Rules
  • Important Points
  • Preparation Tips
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)