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Course Overview

As RFID is gaining momentum, a market survey revealed that there are very few experts available to design, deploy, and problem solve RFID following the Healthcare level of validation and procedures. Which equally applies to various other industries, and there is an urgent need to train human resources to handle the upcoming RFID revolution. RFID has seen many use cases including the second World War, where the Identification of Friend or Foe aircraft was happening with RFID.

There are many varies of use cases and varied versions of components that are used in the industry; therefore, it is essential to know the differences in what to use and when.

This course is intended to educate its learners with the fundamentals in operating and maintaining RFID, Solutioning, and to fill the gaps in learning needs of various technologies associated with RFID.

Why is the maintenance of RFID necessary?

Business losses occur on account of failures of RFID and equipment damage can occur if a critically placed RFID fails to operate simply because of a lack of preventive maintenance.

Overall, this course will enable maintenance managers and technicians to be aware of the importance of active maintenance schedules for RFID, and for business modeling teams to ideate and conceive newer product ideas and implementation in our workflows making our lives more automated.

This Zoe training course will empower you with the consciousness of knowing the importance of technology aspects of RFID, various Types and Applications, as well as how to go about planning and carrying out the maintenance activities efficiently.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of operating RFID based entities track and trace and maintain traceability data as per requirement
  • Scan RFID labels in warehouse instances
  • Understand the functions of RFID components (Antennas, Tags, chips, and readers)
  • Describe the rules of an RFID’s operation
  • Recognise and apply different RFID types
  • Set up RFID systems in supply chain networks
  • Specific Use Cases of use of RFID in Express Toll Access and apriori testing procedures for various vehicles and traffic scenarios
  • Rationalise Best use of RFID or QR CODES OR BARCODES for a context of asset management including the Privacy, Safety, Security and GDPR DATA restriction processes, and compliance
  • Learn FDA serialization of RFID with case studies
  • Learn about HF tags and UHF tags

Training Methodology

This is an interactive training program and will consist of the following training approaches:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises

Just like all our courses, this program also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Companies who send in their employees to participate in this course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Retain workforce: sustain employees who may be considering leaving their jobs for a full-time qualification
  • Less downtime from work: flexible training methods requiring less (or no) time away from work
  • Increase competence: develop your technical employees’ skills and knowledge
  • Lower training costs: the training will be conducted at our own site
  • Broader insight and subject-matter experts: participants will have access to professional instructors and peers to discuss work-related problems

Personal Benefits

Professionals who participate in this course can benefit in the following ways:

  • In-depth course material: deep dive into the technical details of circuit breakers and switchgear and master the areas covered in the course
  • Case studies: gain practical knowledge that will give you an edge in your workplace
  • Professional development: completing this course successfully will give you more confidence in the maintenance of circuit breakers and switchgear, and thereby, you will invariably have a competitive advantage over your peers
  • Cost-effective: you can obtain a professional qualification at a competitive cost if you sign up for this course with Zoe
  • Interactive lessons: interactive sessions let you connect with your instructor and peers to learn from real-world examples that will build your skillset and can be applied in your respective role as well

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is ideal for those who want to study the significant characteristics of RFID.
  • The program will especially be useful to engineers, supervisors and other technical individuals who require a thorough understanding of RFID and Solution Design, setup, inspection, testing, maintenance, and overhaul.
  • Members of various industries including Transportation and Retail, Ministry of Commerce, etc. and even those across geographic locations are encouraged to take advantage of this extremely beneficial and valuable course.
  • Any professional who interacts with RFID, tags or other tracking devices in any manner will benefit from this course.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the world with RFID enabled devices, objects, items in our daily lives

  • We will look at how Major Industries have already put tens and hundreds of billions around RFID are now looking at an RFID as small as a grain of sand and it is in line with current trends of consumer expectations
  • Review how Software, Hardware, and services market of RFID is gaining momentum as we speak
  • We will look at illustrations such as Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals –Some Medicines ingested could be tracked which is proven safe and approved, the devices get energy from heat in stomach
  • Asset Tracking
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Postal and Courier Services
  • Retail
  • Military
  • Air and Passenger Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Inventory Systems (Boeing 787 Dreamliner)
  • Textile Industry (Griva)
  • Film materials
  • Chemical Products Industry (Dow Chemical Company)
  • Credit Cards and Identification Cards (Visa, MasterCard PayPass, US Passports)
  • Lost Pets
  • Burial/Identification of the dead

Module 2: Skills to Master RFID Business Acumen 

  • Drawing lessons from WALMART, Health care service industry in Taiwan, Kaufhof department stores, Gerry Weber International, Florida State University Filing System
  • Suppliers to be RFID enabled for freshness assurance and quality assurance for all groceries
  • How to cut product stocks and increase efficiency with RFID use
  • Hospital beds and ambulances with identification tags
  • Use of Microsoft servers and RFID tags and scanners for improved replenishment of food in Restaurant [Blue C Sushi]
  • Transfer earth circuit breakers
  • Fixed and withdraw-able designs
  • Switchgear guidelines
  • Factors affecting switchgear selection
  • Manging complexity of multi chain suppliers –manufacturers, distributors, and retailers
  • 3M way of two-part tracking system based on RFID as per success story of FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY

 Module 3: Choosing the right RFID component for the right purpose 

  • Three varies of readers
  • Tags and their various forms
  • Access control and identity management
  • Tracking people and objects
  • Ticketing with RFID –light weight-paper thin RFID to prevent counterfeiting problem
  • Sports and heath (racecar tracking, champion chip for time tracking, ski lifts hand-free access, golf balls)
  • Libraries
  • Product control and monitoring
  • Distribution and transportation
  • Vehicle identification
  • Ports –container security, identification, location, activity tracking, yard management
  • Baggage handling by replacing bar codes with added features for record information along the way as a bag makes its way through the handling system
  • Health care and pharmaceutical industry –surgical, drug pedigree, blood bank, patient tracking
  • Livestock tracking for the safety of food supply, also for pets, ear tags, injectable tags, RFID tattoos
  • Contactless payment, contactless checkout, museums, and art galleries

Module 4: Emerging RFID Deployment Trends 

  • Minimalistic Cryptography for Low-Cost RFID Tags
  • Using the AES Algorithm for Strong Authentication for RFID
  • Security analysis of a cryptographically-enabled RFID device
  • RFID in supply chain management – pros and cons
  • Security Standards for the RFID Market
  • RFID privacy management – A battery-powered mobile device for RFID Guardian
  • Passive RFID Tag Motion – Unobtrusive Long-Range Detection
  • All-printed RFID[VLSI Design]; Tags Materials, Devices, and Circuit Implications
  • RFID FOR BEYOND JUST THE Conventional Electronic Product Code
  • Individual study tasks and presentation

Module 5: Operations of Contemporary RFID

  • Principles of time and condition-based asset management based on RFID
  • Asset registers With Aid of RFID
  • RFID driven Asset management systems
  • Case studies (VeriChip: Human-implantable RFID chips, [ICAO]International Civil Aviation Organization: Guidelines for RFID enabled passports, RFID enhanced golf balls)

 Module 6: RFID Diagnostics, Testing, and Maintenance, Security 

  • RFID inspection methodologies
  • Power measurement and survey
  • RFID field and performance tests
  • CAUTION in Preventing Vulnerabilities of RFID’s by following RFID Cyber Security Norms
  • Social Aspects or Citizen’s responsiveness to need for RFID, possible resistance in certain cases
  • Ways of producing RFID tags.
  • RFID location and tracking
  • Attack vectors, reader-tag attacks and other methods of RFID hacks
  • Authentication
  • Maintaining item-level tagging and Security Aspects of RFID
  • RFID Active-TAG specific Batteries – condition and monitoring
  • Air Interface Protocols standards over the frequency range for different tag types

Module 7: Functions and Classification of RFID in IoT

  • RFID System Components (chip, antenna, reader, tag and smart sensor, battery where applicable, transceiver to sense what is sent by transporter-tag)
  • RFID as applicable to vehicles, Supply Chains friendly RFID, TRANSPONDERS and Tags, MONITORING health of Machines, factors affecting reader selection
  • Coupling, field & applications based on the frequency
  • Frequency Allocation as per region
  • Air Interface Protocols standards over the frequency range

Module 8: RFID Theory 

  • Principles of waves propagation, and embedded identification processes
  • Characteristics, functioning, programing aspects to extract and process data with an illustration of student id, books use case and reports the system generates for further action

Module 9: RFID Science and Technologies for Business/Industry Internationally 

  • Best Practices of operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting RFID
  • Protective Measures for Sustainability of the devices in shelf-life & in-situ deployed mode
  • The scope of RFID in garment industry world-wide: analytics
  • Design and specifications of RFID gadgets for various applications
  • Typical applications based on the frequency range

Module 10: RFID Range and Categories of Devices and Frequencies 

  • Analytics and Practice with three distinct varieties of devices and their RF coverage, Tx, Rx Power Levels.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Details pertaining to RFID
  • ETSI and other regulatory standards pertaining to RFID –RF Power, impact on Human and Safety

Module 11: Patient Monitoring and RFID Applications in Health Care Industry

  • Case Studies of Hipaa approved implementations WorldWide.
  • Global Healthcare – RFID in Pharma & Market Share Discussion


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