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Course Overview

Risk-based supervision of pension funds includes practices in a succession of each other, wherein the first step focuses on the identification of pension fund and scheme risks and definition of plans to mitigate these, while the second step involves supervisory authorities directing their efforts and attention to areas posing the maximum threat to the organisation.

This process helps maximise resources, ensures equal coverage in case of resource scarcity and increases instances of early risk identification. Quality assurance as an outcome of each step is important to meet the objectives of risk-based supervision of pension funds.

This Zoe training course will provide the required knowledge to successfully implement and manage risk-based supervision of pension funds. Through this course, you will gain the necessary skills and capabilities to assume higher roles and responsibilities in introducing and overseeing efficient supervision of pension funds after risk assessment. It will also provide you with a global perspective to this risk-based supervision as a practice.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this training course is to empower professionals with—

  • detailed knowledge of all practices involved in risk-based supervision of pension funds
  • sound decision-making skills to rightfully identify and allocate resources to areas requiring supervisory guidance
  • the required understanding and experience to train other professionals on risk-based supervision of pension funds
  • the maturity and knowledge to create and review process and system documentation around practices and processes involved in the entire process
  • the overall skill and capabilities to handle and effectively manage senior roles and responsibilities related to risk-based supervision of pension funds for one’s organisation, thus building a sound career path and future for oneself
  • the required analytical skills and foresight to study data and identify risks for effective risk assessment and management
  • the necessary exposure and confidence to undertake roles in other organisations at a global level, thereby fostering further career development beyond one’s organisation
  • the overall potential and skillset to stay relevant and competitive in the industry in this particular area of interest, with a strong sense of logical reasoning and prioritisation

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has adopted a mixed approach to training for its courses. The course content is thoroughly reviewed and customised, if needed, as per the professional backgrounds and experience of the training audience.

Besides delivering lectures, the highly experienced trainers also encourage trainee participation through role-plays, case study discussions and group assignments. Experiential learning forms an integral part of the training.

This unique, effective approach to training was conceptualised by Zoe Talent Solutions and is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals undergoing this Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds training, organisations will derive the following benefits:

  • Efficient processes and systems for risk-based supervision of pension funds managed by trained, experienced professionals
  • Regular training of other employees regarding best practices of risk-based supervision of pension funds, at no additional costs
  • Effective resource allocation, thereby saving costs and increasing profits
  • Appropriate attention and focus in all areas at risks, in case of scarce resources
  • Increased organisational credibility to effectively and efficiently manage risks, thereby contributing to organisational development
  • Early identification and treatment of risks and risk areas before they escalate to cause business loss
  • Competitive advantage because of efficient and smart use of senior, skilled resources for supervision
  • Advanced systems and processes to identify risks and manage them effectively, thereby gaining the potential to conduct business globally

Personal Benefits

Professionals opting for this Risk Based Supervision of Pension Funds training course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Detailed knowledge and information on risk-based supervision of pension funds
  • Enhanced analytical skills to assess various factors before drawing conclusions regarding the intensity and criticality of risk areas
  • Sound decision-making skills to assign roles and responsibilities overseeing functions in all key areas requiring supervision
  • Supreme logical reasoning and prioritisation to help allocate scarce supervisory resources strategically
  • Increased confidence and knowledge to train other professionals on all important aspects of risk-based supervision of pension funds
  • Enhanced skill set and capabilities to implement and oversee end-to-end risk-based supervision of pension funds, thereby securing one’s growth and progression within the organisation
  • Extensive global exposure and experience to undertake senior roles across any organisation, in turn strengthening one’s career in the industry
  • Greater knowledge, confidence and understanding to review and/or create process and system documentation for processes and practices related to risk-based supervision of pension funds, to ensure sustenance of the model

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives involved in various functions and processes related to risk-based supervision of pension funds
  • Organisational top management responsible for taking strategic decisions regarding resource planning for smooth operation
  • Recruitment teams who need to understand the skill of supervisory resources and ways to analyse hiring requisitions
  • Managers and policymakers involved in identifying risks, setting up processes and systems and preparing corresponding documentation for future reference
  • Legal and financial advisors who play critical roles in case of disputes or other liabilities posing risks to the organisation
  • Any other professional interested in knowing more about risk-based supervision of pension funds

Course Outline

The Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds course offers the following topics for training on risk-based supervision of pension funds:

Module 1 – Broad Risk Categories of the Pension Industry

  • Portfolio risks
  • Agency risks
  • Systemic risks

Module 2 – Main Components of Regulation in the Pension Industry

  • Licensing criteria
  • Governance rules
  • Investment rules
  • Independent custodian
  • External audit
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Guarantees
  • Minimum capital and reserves
  • Regulation on costs and fees
  • Sanctions

Module 3 – Objectives of Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds

  • Better understand the organisational financial position
  • Vary supervision scope and intensity as per risk level
  • Use time and resources efficiently
  • Allocate scarce resources effectively
  • Possess a pro-active approach
  • Promote confidence in the system

Module 4 – Key Focus Areas when Establishing Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds

  • Adaptation of models
  • Application of models
  • Data collection
  • Independence of supervisory body
  • Reorganisation of the supervisory body
  • Staff
  • Industry
  • Powers
  • Risk-based solvency
  • Systemic risks
  • Achievability approach

Module 5 – Important Pillars for Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds

  • Quantitative requirements
  • Supervisory response process
  • Market discipline

Module 6 – Steps in Building a Risk-Based Supervision Framework

  • Establishment of objectives of pension supervisory authorities and risks focus
  • Identification of risks
  • Establishment of a methodology for mapping and weighting risks
  • Establishment of a quality assurance process
  • Establishment of a methodology for allocating supervisory resources based on risk assessments

Module 7 – Advantages of Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds

  • Maximum use of scarce regulatory resources
  • Increased probability of timely problem identification
  • Encouragement for pension funds to run businesses well

Module 8 – Challenges in Establishing Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds

  • Combining simplicity with complexity
  • Knowledge and data
  • Ensuring assessments are forward-looking
  • Going beyond individual firms in assessing risks
  • Operation and structure of internal risk governance processes
  • Changing organisational structure to include the risk-based approach
  • Managing blame
  • Making resources follow risks

Module 9 – Risk Mitigants

  • Quality of governing body
  • Management controls
  • Compliance culture and procedures
  • Effectiveness of operational management
  • Adequacy of risk management systems
  • Adequacy of independent review
  • Role of administrator
  • Sponsor
  • Financial support
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