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Safety and Security Management Training Course

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Course Overview

What is Safety & Security Management?

Safety and security are high on the docket in our contemporary global community. There are always significant interests at stake in different sectors, ranging from politics, civil service, and private businesses. The safety of the citizens, workers, structures, properties and even public infrastructural installations poses substantial difficulty when there are no effective mechanisms in place. Indeed, working in this field imposes you to keep a cool head and bring groups together for a prosperous alliance. You need to assess and assay pitfalls and defuse critical situations where necessary.

Which is best course on safety management?

The Zoe Talent Solution training program approaches the operation of safety and security from necessarily diverse angles. Safety, in any case, is the product of collaborative action and thus requires citizens to contribute to its general operation laboriously. It is the task of specialized professionals to make vittles for equal participation, establishing a platform for people and parties involved in safety and security to network.

Also, trainees will likewise learn all about the protection of people and specialized equipment. Still, and most importantly, you will need to understand how people perceive security to anticipate factual pitfalls and gestures towards them. This makes it possible for you as a trainee to contribute to make your company, organization, or your immediate society viable. All these constituents you will find covered throughout the program of Safety and Security Management course.

Why you should enrol for this course?

Safety and security are vital in every organization and individual’s work and personal life, even in the most peaceful ambiance or circumstance. The ability to understand threatening situations can prove to be crucial in the workspace. Furthermore, the safety and security of an environment can determine the level of productivity in such a place and enhance staff morale, even to individuals. In addition, the amount of safety felt within a particular area can improve physiological well-being, increasing output. Thus, enrolling in a safety and security management course will further equip an organization and individual with the apparatus to tackle safety and security issues professionally.

Course Objectives

The overall course has the following fundamental objectives, which have been considered the core of this course.

  • This course is built around equipping attendees with the knowledge and understanding of the safety and security management concept
  • Providing students with the principles and regulations of safety and security
  • Understanding what organizational and personnel safety and security is all about
  • Understanding what personal safety and security is
  • Attendees will be taught how to approach and handle security challenges appropriately

Training Methodology

All Zoe Talent Solution courses are customizable as per the course audience. An experienced professional delivers the course from the pertinent profession. Contributions during the course are encouraged through group activities, projects, role-plays, and many more. Practical learning and case scenario analysis form an integral part of the training.

Organisational Benefits

The safety and security of any working environment are crucial as it gives a sense of comfort and convenience while in such an environment. Our safety and security management course will give its participants the essential tools and technologies for managing the security and safety of its staff and property. The following are some of the benefits of our course on the organization.

  • Companies that partake in this course will have the opportunity to learn the basic principles of organizational safety and security
  • Participants can access materials and resources to help them manage the safety and security of their staff and properties

Personal Benefits

Individuals who take this course will benefit professionally, whether as professionals or in other fields, or those looking to attain a completely separate course and build a career. The following are some of the benefits individuals will derive from the course.

  • Attendees will gain knowledge on becoming professional consultants in the field of safety and security management
  • Attendees will gain knowledge on how to maintain personal safety and security
  • The attendees will be equipped with the suitable materials necessary for successfully tackling safety and security issues

Who Should Attend?

Safety and Security management is appropriate for firms in all sectors of the economy and individuals who work in professional areas.

The following are those that should attend our safety and security management course:

  • Professionals are seeking to improve their knowledge in safety and security management
  • Employees that are responsible for the safety and security of the organization
  • Senior management officials are responsible for the decision that pertains to safety and security management
  • Professionals that are looking to become safety and security management consultants
  • Companies seeking to improve their services to clients on safety and security measures

Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing Safety and Security

  • Introduction to Safety and Security Management
  • Introduction to Safety and Citizenship
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems
  • Crime Prevention
  • Legal Issues in Security Management
  • Principles of Management

Module 2: Physical Safety Security Management

  • Physical safety and security
  • Asset Protection
  • Security Technology
  • Risk Analysis & Loss Prevention

Module 3: Institutional Security Management

  • Institutional Safety and Security Management
  • Access Control
  • Crisis & Emergency Management

Module 4: Critical Infrastructure Safety and Security Management

  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  • Information Security management

Module 5: International Safety and Security Management

  • International Security management
  • The UN and International security agencies
  • Aviation security
  • Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Module 6: Safety and Security Management in Banking

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud investigation & management
  • Computer/Cyber Crime

Module 7: Security Management & Investigations

  • Crime Investigation
  • Fraud investigation & management
  • Computer/Cyber Safety and Security

Module 8: Safety and Security Audit

  • Forms of Safety and Security Audit
  • Planning of Safety Audit
  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Workplace Safety and Security Survey

Module 9: Safety and Security Challenges

  • Limitations in Implementation of Safety Practices
  • Legislations on Security and Safety
  • Environmental Impacts on Safety and Security
  • Incident Response

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