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Siemens WinCC SCADA System Training Course

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18 Jul - 22 Jul, 2022Live Online5 Days$2150Register
24 Oct - 28 Oct, 2022Live Online5 Days$2150Register
12 Mar - 16 Mar, 2023Live Online10 Days$4495Register
15 May - 19 May, 2023Live Online5 Days$2250Register
17 Jul - 21 Jul, 2023Live Online5 Days$2250Register
15 Oct - 19 Oct, 2023Live Online5 Days$2250Register
03 Jul - 07 Jul, 2022Dubai5 Days$4750Register
07 Nov - 11 Nov, 2022Singapore5 Days$5350Register
13 Feb - 17 Feb, 2023Barcelona 5 Days$5695Register
05 Jun - 09 Jun, 2023Abu Dhabi 5 Days$4950Register
06 Aug - 17 Aug, 2023Doha10 Days$9150Register
13 Nov - 24 Nov, 2023Dubai10 Days$8775Register

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Course Overview

Siemens WinCC V7.x is the verified, proven and powerful SCADA system in the automation environment. Want to modernize, develop or perform maintenance on your SCADA system or create a completely new SCADA system? Attend this training program, which is designed to assist you to learn the basic functions.

Using a model application, this course provides a system overview of Siemens WinCC with emphasis on its capabilities and special features. Complete and detailed configuration procedures will be studied in an order compatible with the typical development of an industrial application.

Participants will learn the precise and correct development process beginning with creating a project and concluding with reporting and printing. Examples of programs that can be written to take advantage of Siemens WinCC open architecture are considered and discussed.

Throughout this course, training materials are complimented with virtual-based exercises which build a working Siemens WinCC application. Access to totally functional software, virtual tools, and exercises are provided to each participant through a cloud-based application.

This Zoe training course will empower you with the consciousness of knowing Siemens WinCC with emphasis on its capabilities and special features, configuration procedures and creating a new project on Siemens WinCC SCADA System.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Siemens WinCC SCADA System course successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Create and manage Siemens WinCC Projects
  • Integrate components between Siemens WinCC and Step 7
  • Create Siemens WinCC tags STEP 7 symbol table
  • Establish communications with the PLC
  • Design a complex graphic
  • Configure internal and external tags
  • Define & Administer User Security
  • Set and test the Siemens WinCC Alarms and Messages
  • Configure, archive and display Trends & Tables
  • Configure, preview and print Reports

Training Methodology

This collaborative Siemens WinCC SCADA System training program will comprise the following training methods:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies and Functional Exercises

Like all our courses, this course also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Companies who nominate their employees to participate in this Siemens WinCC SCADA System course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Keep your company one step ahead with this all-inclusive overview of Siemens WinCC SCADA System
  • Assist technical committees to create, publish and revise working standards relating to Siemens WinCC SCADA System
  • Carefully study examples and case studies to illustrate the content being discussed and ensure that the material is appropriate to the organisation represented
  • Leave with an awareness and understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the workplace in relation to Siemens WinCC SCADA System

Personal Benefits

Individuals who participate in this Siemens WinCC SCADA System course can gain from it in the following ways:

  • Keep up with late-breaking developments in Siemens WinCC SCADA System by studying new literature and other sources of information
  • Benefit from a tailor-made academic program for technicians or equivalent workforce involved in Siemens WinCC SCADA System
  • Get yourself trained, assessed, and certified by experts in the Siemens WinCC SCADA System
  • Provide examples of issues that they encounter during their normal working activities and possible solutions

Who Should Attend?

Siemens WinCC SCADA system training course would be suitable for:

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Configuring engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel
  • Operators

Course Outline

MODULE 1:  Siemens WinCC System Overview

  • Hardware Overview
  • Siemens WinCC Core Functionality
  • System Network Configurations
  • Open Architecture
  • System Requirements

MODULE 2:  Siemens WinCC Explorer

  • Starting Siemens WinCC
  • Creating a new Project
  • Project and Computer Properties
  • Manual Tag & Channel Configuration

MODULE 3: Graphics Designer

  • Tools & Features for creating a graphic
  • Using Object, Styles & other palettes
  • Use object properties and events
  • Creating a Customized Object
  • Using the Object Library

MODULE 4: Making Objects Dynamic

  • Direct Connect Interface
  • Dynamic Dialog Interface
  • Object C/VBS Scripting
  • Global Actions
  • Script Threading Model

MODULE 5: Advanced Functionality

  • Tag Prefix / Popup windows
  • Creating Faceplates

MODULE 6: Menus and Toolbars

  • Creating a runtime menu navigation system

MODULE 7: User Administration & Security

  • Groups & Users
  • Log on & Log off
  • OS Security

MODULE 8: Alarm-Logging / Messages

  • Message Blocks
  • Message Classes & Subclasses
  • Analog Alarms
  • Siemens WinCC Alarm Control Configuration

MODULE 9: Archiving & Trending

  • Archive configuration
  • Siemens WinCC Online Trend Control
  • Siemens WinCC Online Table Control

MODULE 10: Archive Management

  • Configuring archive & backup management for Alarms and Trending

MODULE 11: Diagnostics

  • Using Cross Reference Editor
  • Using AP Diagnosis

MODULE 12: Reports Designer

  • Layouts & Print Jobs
  • Configuration / Documentation Reports
  • Alarm Reports
  • Creating & Configuring Print Jobs

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