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Strategic Human Resource Management Training Course

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Course Overview

What is Strategic Human Resource Management? Strategic Human Resource Management is an approach to managing human resources that supports long-term organizational goals and objectives with a strategic outlook. It can be also defined as the intertwining of the strategic objectives of an organization along with its Human Resources for the furtherance of business performance and efficiency.

Why Strategic Human Resource Management? Strategic HRM covers the entire gamut of HR activities which will help the organization achieve its goals and objectives. The approach focuses on the alignment of HR policies, processes & systems with longer-term organizational goals and outcomes. In Strategic HRM, HR’s role is transformational, change leader & initiator. HR’s initiatives are fast, proactive and integrated.

This Strategic Human Resource Management course by ZOE Talent Solutions will provide you with deep knowledge about various key aspects of Strategic HR Management so that you can design, develop & execute well-defined HR strategies which are in alignment with larger organizational strategies to give a competitive advantage to the HR and the organization. These added skills & competencies will enable the HR department in playing proactive & strategic partner role for helping the organization achieve its ultimate business goals and objectives.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Strategic Human Resource Management course, the participants of this course will be able to understand:

  • Strategic HR Management drivers
  • The framework of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Benefits of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Critical Components of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
  • Innovative Onboarding & Orientation Process
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Strategic Talent Retention & Engagement Strategies
  • Strategic Succession Planning
  • Importance of HR Audits in Strategic HRM
  • Importance of Analytics in Strategic HRM
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Strategic Human Resource Management

Training Methodology

ZOE Talent Solutions follows proven adult learning methodologies for enhancing participants overall learning experience. This program will be experiential and interactive. The tools and training methodology used for learning will include presentations, individual and team activities, case studies, audio-video clips & knowledge reinforcement evaluation tests (MCQs/Quiz).

Organizational Benefit

The organization will reap the following benefits by taking this course for its employees:

  • A proactive approach to managing human capital for avoiding costly and disruptive surprises that interfere with achieving goals
  • Ability to anticipate and respond faster to the dynamic business environment & customer needs to maintain a competitive advantage
  • Ability to attract top talent for business-critical roles
  • Ability to implement holistic Onboarding process for new joiners to increase their engagement level
  • Focus on Performance Enhancement and not just implementation of Performance Management System
  • Availability of a larger pool of talented resources across levels & departments who can take leadership positions as and when required
  • Competent & Skilful Workforce which ensures business profits
  • Keeping employees focused on organizational goals & ensure higher productivity for overall organizational success
  • Culture of resilience, innovation & continuous learning and growth
  • Increased level of overall employee satisfaction
  • Increased rate of retention of business-critical talent
  • Increased level of stakeholders delighted

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Strategic Human Resource Management Training Program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Ability to develop a plan of strategic HR initiatives to achieve and promote the behaviours, culture and competencies needed to achieve organizational goals
  • Equipped with required knowledge and skills to design, develop & execute well-defined HR strategies which are in alignment with larger organizational strategies
  • Improved job satisfaction and sense of achievement
  • Expertise to help organizations in becoming ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Learn innovative and effective ways of attracting top talent
  • Learn ways and means for creating the organization’s unique identity and ‘Employer Value Proposition’ in the job market
  • Learn how to design ‘Integrated onboarding’ process for increasing new joiners engagement level & chances of long-term service
  • Learn ways and means to design appropriate Performance Management System which will help in continuously raising performance bar of employees and the entire organization
  • Learn a holistic approach towards Talent Development
  • Learn Talent Retention & Engagement Strategies
  • Learn how to use HR Analytics in the entire employee life cycle
  • Learn how to create a pool of potential candidates who can take key business leadership positions in the company through the holistic Succession Planning process

Who Should Attend?

Zoe Talent Solutions recommends this course for:

  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Generalists
  • Human Resources Managers
  • HR Leaders
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Organization Development(OD) Professionals
  • Learning and Development(L & D) Professionals
  • HR Consultants
  • CEO’s
  • Line Managers
  • Organizational Leaders across industry
  • Management Students

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the Strategic Human Resource Management Certification Training Course:

Module 1: Strategic Human Resource Management-Basics and Framework

  • HRM and Strategic HRM
  • Importance of Strategic HR Management
  • The framework of Strategic HR Management
  • Key stakeholders in Strategic HR Management

Module 2: Key Steps in Planning Strategic HRM

  • Assess the current situation- HR and the organization
  • Envision and articulate a desired future/outcome
  • Conceptualize and implement an HR strategy and strategic objectives
  • Establish a mechanism to evaluate progress

Module 3: Organizational Culture

  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • Characteristics of Organizational Culture
  • Role of Vision, Mission & Core Values in creating a culture
  • Culture Mapping Tool for designing culture change

Module 4: Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

  • Key aspects of Workforce Planning process
  • Designing robust and time-bound recruitment process
  • Various innovative and effective hiring channels
  • Improving the quality of the hiring process
  • Use of Psychometric assessments/tools in the selection process
  • Various branding initiatives

Module 5: Holistic Onboarding & Orientation Process

  • Importance of new joinee Onboarding & Orientation
  • ‘Integrated Onboarding’ process
  • Various initiatives to offer ‘Integrated Onboarding Experience’ to prospective employees

Module 6: Talent Performance Management & Performance Enhancement System

  • Performance Management cycle
  • Selection of appropriate Performance Management System/Tool
  • A critical aspect of Performance-Goal setting exercise
  • Importance & implementation of ‘Frequent Quality Dialogue’ between employee and manager
  • Importance & implementation of Calibration process- Performance & Potential Calibration

Module 7: Talent Development

  • Designing effective ‘Learning & Development Framework’
  • Sources of Training/Development need analysis
  • Develop innovative strategies for addressing talent L&D needs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Talent Development programs

Module 8: Talent Retention Strategies

  • Importance of retaining business-critical talent
  • Various Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Communication initiatives for improving employee engagement
  • Career Planning/Progression
  • ‘Employee Connects’ as a talent retention tool
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Module 9:  Importance of Reward & Recognition in Strategic HRM

  • Basic Principles of R&R
  • Reward & Recognition framework
  • Recognition Strategy
  • Target Audience
  • Key aspects of R &R ‘Design’ phase
  • Types of rewards
  • R&R program launch
  • R&R Metrics and Evaluations

Module 10: Succession Planning & Succession Management Process

  • Importance of holistic succession planning process
  • Approach to Succession Planning & Management
  • Key aspects of an effective Succession Planning & Management System
  • Continuum of Succession Processes
  • Obstacles to Effective Succession Management

Module 11: HR Analytics

  • What are the HR Analytics?
  • Benefits/Applications of HR Analytics
  • Key HR KPI’s
  • Importance of Lead & Lag Indicators

Module 12: Measuring the Effectiveness of Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Different methods/metrics to measure the effectiveness of Strategic HRM initiatives

Participant Reviews
Florence Kanja Funga
Zoe Solutions is a place to go when you are looking for Professional Training. They have good, quality tutors. Their study materials are outstanding. The teachings are excellent. I learnt a lot and I enjoyed their presentations.
Jessica Lewis
Zoe Talent Solutions brought life into the training, enlightening every aspect taught with real-life scenario and experience which helped us to relate to. Words fall short to express the level of excellence the trainer and institute have brought forth throughout the course. Highly recommended. Please go through the courses you would want to get trained in and you will be blessed with immense wisdom and knowledge helping you to bring greater impact to your respective organization.
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Stella Gifty Addington
Well done Zoe Talent Solutions, I enjoyed training with you. The objectives of your courses are good, training excellently conducted, trainers are experienced, training venue and its ambiance relaxing and beautiful and ejoyable side attractions. Great job
Eyram Adwoa Tsalah
* Very relevant content. * Training material and facilitation were up to expectations. * Very responsive staff and faculty who are ready to assist with anything. Thank you, Zoe Talent Solutions for a beautiful experience!!!
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