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Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course

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Course Overview

What is Strategic workforce planning? Strategic workforce planning is self-explanatory. A process of strategic planning for the employees working in an organisation. Designing a process for an organisation to proactively anticipate current and future business needs and changing environment. The key reason for this type of planning is to ensure the organisation is resourceful and is prepared to achieve the goals.

How does Strategic workforce planning benefit an organisation? Strategic planning helps an organisation predict its hiring needs for the near future and the long run, ensuring the organisation has the best talent as and when required. Strategic planning takes care of unforeseen circumstances by developing contingency plans.

This Zoe Strategic Workforce Planning training course enables the organisation to have a better chance of connecting, communicating, and helping its employees reach its goals and achieve their personal & professional goals as well. It is an opportunity for an organisation at building a relationship with its employees that leads to rapid and consistent growth and more business opportunities.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Define what is strategic workforce planning
  • Explain the importance of strategic workforce planning and its benefits to the organisation
  • Learn and design a clear and concise plan to achieve the organisational goals and maintaining its everlasting success
  • Acquire top talent in the market by utilizing the best innovative technologies
  • Develop long-term strategies to meet the desired standards
  • Build a proactive approach for hiring and training the employees as per the business need
  • Adopt strategic planning to recognise and analyse skill gaps to bridge them by providing an appropriate solution
  • The organisation will have staffing stability around all its departments
  • Construct the right approach to gain effective results and a higher return on investments
  • Build a process of consistently evaluating employee performance and providing improvement plans
  • Define and deploy best and improved Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Successfully set a benchmark and leave the competitors behind, staying ahead always
  • Plan cost-saving strategy, minimize risk and legal obligations

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on the Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course for individuals in recruitment, leadership hiring role, management roles in any organisation.

This workshop is an interactive and engaging session as participants from all cultures participate in this training program and share their own office experiences and challenges. Tailored modules can be arranged for organisation specific learning requirements. This program schedule involves group discussions, case studies, and role-plays.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefit

Organisational Benefits of employees who participate in Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course will be as below:

  • Participants would be able to strategically plan and gain access to attract the top talent with specialised skills in the market
  • Align workforce requirements directly to the business needs
  • Accelerate production, set a benchmark, and acquire the desired success
  • Learn to lead the organisation to successful operations by having the best policies for its employees
  • The organisation would be able to anticipate the changes the market holds for the future
  • Have a plan to monitor employee performance and implement improvement program if need be
  • The organisation would have a proper system to identify and bridge the gap in the operational field
  • Operate on action plans to achieve the target goal and improve employee morale
  • The strategic plan would help take appropriate action in case of any difficult or unforeseen circumstance
  • Having a plan enables the employees to make the most difficult decisions in an emergency
  • Would be able to identify any kind of technical glitch and fix it with the best of its ability
  • The organisation would be able to retain the best talent in the market

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Have the right resources to generate the best results
  • Strategic planning enables employees to make effective decisions
  • Participants would learn to assess, identify the problems/ gaps and design solutions for it
  • Learn to boost employee morale and help them improve the quality of work
  • Would be able to design employee development plans
  • Participants would learn to provide training and monitor progress
  • Learn to build a healthy workplace relationship
  • Provide a conducive environment for employee engagement thereby enhancing productivity
  • Would be able to communicate the goals and target with employees
  • Learn to create an advancement program and supply career growth to the employees
  • Participants would be able to design and implement employee referral program thereby hiring best in the industry by engaging the right channel
  • Learn to support the employees go up the ladder and create a successful career
  • Implement succession planning and prepare internal talent pool for next-level roles
  • Create a pipeline of leadership and other key roles so that organisation is future-ready
  • Poach and retain the best talent by offering the best benefits and growth opportunities

Who Should Attend?

HR personnel, Functional Managers, Recruiters & Hiring Managers, OD consultants, Independent consultants, Strategy Coaches and Consultants

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the Strategic Workforce Planning Training Course:

Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What is Strategic Workforce Planning?
  • Importance and benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning
  • The cycle of Strategic workforce planning
  • Different ways strategic workforce planning improves the business

Module 2: Cycle of Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Analysing and identifying skill gaps
  • Developing an action plan
  • Implementing and monitoring the action plan
  • Evaluating and revising basis feedback and experiences

Module 3: Steps to Successful Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Considering organisations long term goals
  • Analysing the quality and the quantity of the workforce
  • Identifying current and future skills gap
  • Global digitalisation and technological enhancements
  • Engaging with an external consultant for expert advice
  • Maintaining the balance between organisational values with an evolving business environment

Module 4: Benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Improved KPI’s
  • Being prepared for the unexpected
  • Building a smooth and effective communication system
  • Cost optimisation
  • Having a long-term hiring plan
  • Less risk and legal obligations

Module 5: Developing Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Conducting staff assessment
  • Developing and comparing demand and supply data
  • Creating and communicating the workforce plan
  • Implementing and monitoring the workforce plan
  • Evaluating the workforce plan
  • Making amendments from the feedback received

Module 6: Challenges with Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Identifying critical roles
  • Providing relevant workforce data to the managers
  • Expanding succession planning efforts
  • Aligning skills with business needs
  • Little or no collaboration while planning
  • Decisions with incomplete or incorrect workforce data
  • Not being able to identify talent and skill gap at the right time

Module 7: Developing and Maintaining Talent Pool

  • Maintain records for the qualified candidates
  • Reengaging with unsuccessful candidates
  • Connect with students willing to work
  • Offer internships to identify value and goal alignment
  • Conduct IJP(Internal Job Posting) for the employees
  • Connect with former employees
  • Keep checking and updating the talent pool

Module 8: Succession Planning and Building Pipeline

  • Be proactive
  • Identify the future needs well in advance
  • Groom and train employees for key roles/ vacancies in future
  • Delegate, train and empower employees at each level
  • Sponsor learning and growth for increased loyalty

Module 9: Leader’s role in strategic workforce planning

  • Leaders must proactively communicate business and manpower needs
  • To clearly identify and define key behavioural and functional competencies.
  • Partner with talent acquisition for hiring and grooming right talent
  • Be hyperactive in suggesting best suitable profiles from their network
  • Be agile in grooming existing talent pool for changing needs of the business
  • Be resilient in case of a setback
  • Motivate and empower employees to deal with unanticipated business changes

Module 10: HR’s role in strategic workforce planning

  • HR to be a real business partner and learn the business inside out
  • Constantly engage with leaders to learn about competencies required to achieve business goals faster and efficiently.
  • Build strategies to sustain the success and retain employees when going gets tough due to business exigencies
  • Stay abreast and drive initiatives that lead to success before turning obsolete

Module 11: FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies and Discussions

  • Interact with and learn from best in class leaders
  • Review the past trends and map how the industry has changed
  • Revisit and identify mistakes from the past that hindered growth & success
  • Devise a strategic plan for what can be done differently in your industry in the next 3-5 years (Group activity)
  • Identify the skills and actions you will take to improve your vision and collaboration within the organisation (Individual activity)

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