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Course Overview

Stress is universal. Evermore people are confronting stress, overload, and the strain of time limitations in their lives. Some stress is essentially good because it stimulates you to face challenges. However, excessive ongoing stress causes a constant stimulation of the body’s stress reaction system.

The excess release of cortisol, the stress hormones in the body can lead to an increased risk of many mental and physical illnesses like insomnia, heart disease, obesity, depression, memory damage, and so on.

It is vital to realize when we are in a state of Distress. 50% of absenteeism at work is a direct or indirect result of stress. And in this competitive world, the pressure to perform and be the best at work, family, and social areas increases as the years go by and reduces the lifespan of the individual struggling to fight stress.

How can you help yourself to be more productive without having to compromise with your physical or mental health?

In this Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course offered by Zoe Talent Solutions, you will delve into the harmful effects of stress on our health. You will also learn to manage personal stress more realistically. So, how do you become stress-free? What are the practical techniques to manage stress?

This program will take you through strategies that may include lifestyle changes and stress management techniques like exercise, music, humour, and relaxation training. The whole mental development through these techniques operates in developing effective habits that build self-confidence and eliminating worry and fear by properly handling it.

For this Stress Management technique to work positively, you will need to learn to take full accountability of your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and actions. It is very much possible to get rid of any kind of stress no matter how severe it is.

You will dive deeper into the various spheres of nutrition, and bring you the latest developments in science in the field of stress and mental/emotional health.

By successfully carrying out the principles learned in this program, you will be able to bring to equilibrium your brain hemispheres and meridians. This will allow you to attain the maximum level of relaxation and prevent stress in the process.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course, the participants of this curriculum will be able to:

  • Comprehend the basic rules of stress management
  • Understand your stress-triggers and controlling them
  • Develop proactive reactions to stressful conditions
  • Use tips for managing stress in job, family and social life
  • Learn to handle stress through lifestyle changes
  • Develop an effective plan to diminish and curtail stress
  • Understand the intangible issues linked to stress
  • Interpret the psychological mechanisms linked to stress
  • Learn the major foundational therapies used for stress management
  • Learn the mindset designed for relaxation
  • Understand relaxation and its clinical applications
  • Learn the psychophysiological perspectives of anxiety and stress
  • Learn the basics of respiratory therapy to effectively control stress
  • Pharmacological methodologies that can help in overcoming stress

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this training program on Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course specially for individuals planning to handle stress in their own lives and support within the organization and families to help individuals suffering from stress to stabilize.

This workshop will present practical tips and techniques to support achieve better wellbeing through the active management of distress. A customized program can be arranged based on the participant’s needs and area of work. Our trainers are well qualified to train in this field.

This program will involve a lot of knowledge sharing, group discussions, activities, and role-plays. As all participants will be professionals in their own fields and will share their experiences in facing and handling stress.

This program by Zoe Talent Solutions follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model of training to give you’re the best learning experience.

Organisational Benefits

Organizational benefits of employees who participate in the Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course will be as follows:

  • The organization is relieved in handling multiple behavioural issues
  • There is a better mental and physical health among the employees
  • There will be reduced negativity in the organization
  • Increased individual productivity is noticed within the organization
  • There is reduced absenteeism among the employees
  • A sense of satisfaction and happiness is noticed within the departments
  • There is a sense of responsibility among the employees
  • There is better communication, understanding, and morale within the teams
  • Increased retention of valued employees is noticed
  • The organization gains improved customer satisfaction

Personal Benefits

Below are the Individual benefits of persons participating in the Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course:

  • There is a reduced personal stress
  • Individuals have improved decision-making capabilities
  • There is increased productivity in tasks of everyday life
  • A better connection is built among family & friends
  • There is an increased balance & value in daily activities
  • Individuals learn to understand their body, mind, and selves better
  • They become helpful to others undergoing times and situations of stress
  • They are better evaluators of situations and circumstances and how to handle them
  • Individuals live better overall lives with longer lifespans with these life skills

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for individuals and professionals who are working in stressful ecosystems. This is most suitable for managers, supervisors, team leaders, top management officials, target driven workforce and any other professionals who require to understand the harmful effects of stress on their physical, mental and emotional health; and learn the advanced strategies and techniques to overcome stress and achieve an improved lifestyle.

Any individual under pressure and who experiences the negative impact of stress, and those who want to become support systems to their colleagues and organization should attend this program.

Course Outline

Below are the important modules that will be facilitated in the Stress Management and Stress Reduction Training Course:

Module 1

  • Stress and Stress Management: Defined
  • Origins and Causes of Stress
  • Common Signs of a stressed-out Individual
  • Common Signs of a Stressful Situation
  • Recognizing and Managing Stress
  • Transforming stress to Motivational energy

Module 2

  • The Physiology of Stress
  • The HPA Axis
  • Cortisol and Stress Hormones
  • Brain Science and Stress
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Levels of Stress

Module 3

  • Internal Triggers of Stress
  • Thoughts and emotions
  • Negative thinking
  • Positive thinking Mindset
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Anger Management
  • External Triggers of Stress
  • Family and Work Balance
  • Parental strain
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviours
  • Work burnouts

Module 4

  • Controlling mental overload
  • Techniques to stay calm and focused
  • Mastering making choices: Learning to Say NO/ Cost of saying YES
  • Change Challenge and Management
  • Getting Organized and Time Management
  • Prioritizing Tasks and People
  • The ASAP (‘As Soon As Possible’) Trap

Module 5

  • Medical Approach to Stress – Drugs
  • Non-Medical Approach to Stress – Holistic Therapies
  • Physical Effects of Stress
  • The Brain: Cerebral Lateralisation
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Auto-Immune Disorders and
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Hypertension
  • Respiratory System Disorders

Module 6

  • Handling Subjects: Extreme Stress
  • Checklist of Possible Problems
  • Communication Cycles
  • Opening the Bridge of Communication
  • Trauma – T1, T2, and T3
  • Trauma Process
  • Relaxation Process for Trauma
  • Defining and Treating Phobias
  • Eight Horizons of Survival
  • Reacting and Responding to Reactions

Module 7

  • Stress Management Treatment Techniques
  • Relaxation through Breathing
  • The Respiratory System- Breatheology
  • Respiration and The Nervous System
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing and Counting the Breaths
  • Exercise and Muscular Relaxation
  • Nutrition and Diet for Stress Management
  • The Mind/Body Connection

Module 8

  • Physical Symptoms of Stress
  • Psychosomatic Stress Illness
  • Mental Symptoms of Stress
  • Psychology: The Study of the Mind
  • Rules for Stress Reduction
  • Immediate First Aid
  • Need for Medical Professionals
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