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Course Overview

Sukuk is an Islamic financial certificate complying with Sharia law. The main differentiator of Sukuk bonds from conventional bonds is ‘riba’, which means ‘interest’. Sharia law prohibits interest, and hence, Sukuk bonds are non-interest bonds.

Those investing in Sukuk bonds periodically receive profit through the underlying asset. There are various types of Sukuk bonds, with all following a specific issuance process, keeping in mind investor interest.

This Zoe training course will empower you with detailed information about Sukuk funds and bonds. The content covers all that you need to know about Sukuk funds and bonds.

After undertaking this course, you will gain the experience and skill to work in any Sukuk bond-related sphere. This course will also help you undertake and fulfil multiple responsibilities within or outside your organisation, promoting career progression.

Course Objectives

The key objective of this Sukuk Funds and Bonds course is to empower professionals to—

  • gain a thorough understanding of Sukuk funds and bonds
  • understand tools and techniques used in Islamic banking and finance
  • use financial tools and techniques to create value through Sukuk bonds
  • review one’s organisational systems to check for compliance with Sharia law
  • devise strategies for continuous improvement and long-term sustenance of funds and bonds
  • foresee and identify challenges to the model of Sukuk funds and bonds because of various external and internal factors, such as competition, national and global economy, etc., and devise corrective action plans to prevent grave business impact
  • mentor other professionals to become experts in Sukuk funds and bonds
  • efficiently multitask between multiple areas of working with Sukuk bonds, thereby demonstrating one’s capability to undertake higher responsibilities requiring end-to-end operation of Sukuk bonds, in turn supporting one’s progression
  • innovate to offer better, more relative solutions related to Sukuk bonds for one’s organisation to promote organisational development
  • globally compete with other professionals in Sukuk funds and bonds, thus gaining exposure and broadening one’s scope of growth

Training Methodology

Training at Zoe Talent Solutions is effective because of the unique training approach. The training offered here is in a mixed format, i.e. partly theoretical and partly practical. Theory is delivered by experienced professionals from the relevant domain. The practical aspect includes group activities among trainees.

The trainees are also encouraged to share related experiences from their workplaces, and these are discussed with the rest of the group to enhance learning.

This useful, unique training approach was developed by Zoe Talent Solutions and is used throughout. It is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisation Benefit

With professionals undergoing this Sukuk Funds and Bonds course, organisations will benefit as mentioned below:

  • Appropriate management and issuance of Sukuk funds and bonds handled by trained, experienced professionals
  • Strict compliance with Sharia law and requirements outlined under the issuance process
  • Innovative schemes devised by trained professionals to help sustain the models for long term
  • Efficient risk identification and management, supporting organisational development
  • Enhancement and development of Sukuk bonds over time, with changing customer needs and market dynamics
  • Optimal use of technology to manage the issuance process and devise new schemes around Sukuk bonds, thus being a differentiator in the market
  • Competing globally because of skilled professionals within to perform important functions related to bond management
  • Training of other employees on best practices with Sukuk funds and bonds
  • Careful review of current systems to check for compliance with required standards for operational excellence, in turn fostering organisational development

Personal Benefit

Professionals opting for this Sukuk Funds and Bonds training course will benefit in ways mentioned below:

  • Thorough understanding about Islamic banking and finance, specifically Sukuk funds and bonds
  • Improved foresight and perspective to analyse data and check for risks, devising corrective action plans to prevent business impact
  • Increased knowledge and skill to work with advanced technology to manage Sukuk funds and bonds for one’s organisation, thereby demonstrating one’s talent and capabilities to take on more responsibilities
  • Better understanding and knowledge to train other professionals on all critical aspects of Sukuk fund and bond management
  • Improved strategic and analytical skills to improve the product and service offering of one’s organisation, in turn setting the organisation apart from competition, resulting in organisational growth and development as well as one’s own career progression
  • Thorough understanding of Sharia law to check, on behalf of one’s organisation, adherence to and compliance with guidelines under this law
  • Enhanced skill and capabilities to work in multiple facets of Sukuk fund and bond management, hence undertaking all critical opportunities coming one’s way
  • Increased confidence and experience to compete with other professionals in the market and make a mark for oneself to perform at a global level, inviting further and broader scope of opportunities for career progression

Who Should Attend

  • Bankers and others working in any function in the banking sector and wishing to pursue a career in Sukuk funds and bonds
  • Managers currently overseeing Sukuk bond management or with a keen interest in this area
  • Compliance experts as well as internal auditors responsible for ensuring adherence to Sharia law
  • Senior management of an organisation involved in strategic decision making regarding product and/or service offerings
  • Legal and financial advisors of an organisation responsible for providing expert advice and guidance for any investment or other strategic decisions by the top management
  • Potential investors in Sukuk funds and bonds who need to understand all critical aspects of their operation and management
  • Any other professional with a keen interest in Sukuk funds and bonds

Course Outline

The Sukuk Funds and Bonds training course covers the following areas of Sukuk fund and bond management:

Module 1 – Key Islamic Finance Principles

  • Riba (interest)
  • Gharar (excessive or deceptive uncertainty or risk)
  • Maysar (gambling)

Module 2 – Types of Sukuk in Islamic Finance

  • Ijarah sukuk
  • Contractor’s sukuk
  • Potential services sukuk
  • Istisna’a sukuk
  • Salam sukuk
  • Murabaha sukuk
  • Zero-coupon, non-tradeable sukuk
  • Musharaka sukuk
  • Mudarabah sukuk
  • Hybrid/Pooled sukuk
  • Muzaraa sukuk
  • Musaqat sukuk
  • Musharaka sukuk
  • Mugharasah sukuk
  • Sukuk of reducing ownership

Module 3 – Issuance Process of Sukuks

  • Special purpose vehicle (SPV) establishment
  • Sale of sukuk certificates to investors
  • Asset purchase by originator
  • Asset purchase by SPV
  • Asset sale proceed payment to originator
  • Asset lease to originator
  • Asset re-purchase by originator on termination date

Module 4 – Sukuk Use and Purpose and Related Operation

  • Fundraising
  • Syndication
  • Sub-participation
  • Securitisation
  • Market making
  • Treasury

Module 5 – Legal Documentation for Sukuk Structuring

  • Asset purchase agreement
  • Asset sale agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Purchase undertaking
  • Sale undertaking

Module 6 – Challenges Faced with Sukuk Financing and Issuance

  • Low awareness
  • Scarcity of monetary policy instruments compliant with Sharia law
  • Complex financial products and corporate structures
  • Underdeveloped safety nets/resolution frameworks
  • Inadequate regulator capacity

Module 7 – Criticisms and Issues Raised with Sukuk

  • Asset-backed versus asset-based structures
  • Fixed returns versus fixed retail prices
  • Tradability
  • Enforcement

Module 8 – Similarities Between Sukuk and Conventional Bonds

  • Provision of payment streams to investors
  • Initially issued to investors
  • Safer investments than equities

Module 9 – Differences Between Sukuk and Conventional Bonds

  • Asset ownership versus debt obligations
  • Profitability and appreciation
  • Sharia compliance
  • Valuation methodology/theory
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Live Online Training

Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)