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Course Overview

Modern supply chain management is a complex system that is intrinsically impacted by internal and external disruptions. Learning how to manage the risk within the supply chain is of utmost importance to managers, senior executives, and anyone in an associated role.

This has never been more important than in recent times with the increasing global pressures such as increased competition, tighter margins, and shifting political environments.

The ability to manage this risk effectively can have far-reaching effects on the growth and sustainability of a company so it is vitally important that your managers are trained in this area.

Are you aware of the level of risk currently posed by inefficiencies or disruption to your supply chain? Do you want to build a fully integrated risk management system that will reduce inefficiencies and improve profitability?

This Zoe training course will help you confidently analyse the expected impact of all potential risks and develop the necessary methodology to ensure a smooth and sustainable recovery plan for your organization.

Course Objectives

By completing this Supply Chain Risk Management Course you should be able to –

  • Understand the complexities and impact of supply chain risk and be able to plan accordingly
  • Implement a robust disaster recovery plan
  • Utilize relevant technology or software for risk modelling and identification
  • Recognize, assess and mitigate various types of risk throughout the supply chain
  • Prepare in advance for external or political events that may impact supply chain management

Training Methodology

This Supply Chain Risk Management Course will be taught as an interactive training program and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn from and engage with other learners. You will experience –

  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Lectures and guest lectures
  • Group work and group discussions
  • Graded assignments
  • Case studies and real-world best-practice methodologies

Organizational Benefits

There are many distinct benefits for your organization in having relevant personnel attend this training course –

  • Using risk modelling software to better understand and mitigate supply chain risks
  • Greater control and flexibility in how to deal with anticipated risk
  • Employees naturally will take risks of varying degrees, and organizations must be aware of this so that they can plan effectively
  • Increased efficiencies and cost benefits within supply chain management
  • Developing a strong recovery roadmap and disaster planning framework for the benefit of the organization

Personal Benefits

There are also many Personal Benefits for delegates that undertake this Supply Chain Risk Management Training, including the following –

  • A greater understanding of the processes involved in supply chain risk management
  • Awareness of the greater impact of decisions at an organizational level
  • Confidence in dealing with unexpected situations through extended risk modelling
  • Case studies of potentially high-risk situations
  • Understanding the role of software and technology within this process and becoming familiar with the reporting process
  • A preventative disaster recovery plan that you can tailor for your own department

Who Should Attend?

This Supply Chain Risk Management Course is of interest to a variety of personnel as we are all inherently involved in the management of risk, but particularly –

  • Risk Management Team
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Other Department Heads such as IT, Finance, Operations
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Anyone involved in the supply chain including distribution and operations staff
  • External consultants and business advisors
  • Plant Managers and Senior Staff

Course Outline

Module One – Introduction to Risk within Supply Chain Management

  • General introduction to Risk and Risk Management within the Supply Chain
  • Looking at the general operating functions of a supply chain
  • Understanding the implications of good supply chain management
  • Outlining the key benefits of a robust risk management framework and effective implementation

Module Two – Understanding Risk Better

  • What is risk and why do we tolerate it within efficient organizations?
  • Understanding the potential impact of certain types of risks
  • Looking at how to analyse, understand and assess risk
  • Wider implications and effects of poor risk management
  • Identifying the key roles associated with risk management and who is responsible for each stage

Module Three – Identification and Planning

  • Understanding the various risk categories and how to assess
  • Difference between internal and internal risks
  • Studying risk analysis through Six Sigma (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer)
  • Looking at various risk frameworks
  • Identification of risk into various categories such as operational, reputational, financial
  • Planning for a resilient supply chain and how to implement this

Module Four – Evaluation of Key Risks

  • Understanding and evaluating risk based on the risk management framework
  • Using benchmarking and modelling as tools to evaluate risk within the supply chain
  • Evaluating risk through the use of projections, simulations, and analysis
  • Evaluating the effects of various types of risks through assessing disruption levels and disaster recovery impact
  • Understanding various terms such as ripple effect and bullwhip effect, and being able to consider these when evaluating risk

Module Five – Effective and Appropriate Risk Response

  • Understanding the options that are available for risk response – Accept, Avoid, Transfer, Mitigate, Explore
  • Looking at each option in detail and analysing the efficiency and feasibility for each type of situation
  • Applying each type of risk resolution to key areas within the supply chain management framework such as distribution, manufacturing, and sourcing
  • Appropriate risk response strategies and levels of response

Module Six – Developing your own Risk Management Framework

  • Using everything you have learned in the last few modules to develop a tailored risk management framework for your organization
  • Incorporating relevant modelling, assessment, benchmarking and analysis tools
  • Fundamentals of developing, implementing and rolling out such a framework throughout your supply chain teams
  • Considering the impact of a robust risk management framework for the organization

Module Seven – Controlling Risk for the Future

  • Studying the benefits of improved monitoring and increased control over the supply chain
  • Potential issues when implementing your risk management framework
  • Assessing future risk and considering legal and ethical obligations as well as financial
  • Being able to use your risk management framework as a structured roadmap for the coming months and years
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities and delegating ownership of risk

Module Eight – Technological and IT Implications for Managing Risk

  • Study of the recent technological advances in risk management
  • Considering various software integrations that would suit different types of organizations for supply chain risk management
  • How to future proof your risk management framework and plan for unexpected events
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