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Telecom CDR (Call Detail Record) Decoding and Analysis » MT10

Telecom CDR (Call Detail Record) Decoding and Analysis

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Course Overview

Telecom CDR (Call Detail Record) Decoding and Analysis training course is customized to provide telecom and non-telecom professionals and aspirants the key tools and techniques required to understand the telecom billing and CDR decoding processes. This training allows the delegates to gain the basic knowledge of the telecom industry and its billing and reporting process. The delegates will also be provided with major vendor equipment’s and understanding of billing systems to decode the CDRs.

Course Objectives

This training course is designed to empower professionals with—

  • the basic understanding of telecom technology evolution
  • the new requirements for 5G-NR technology
  • telecom network architecture and functions of its network elements
  • Collecting and validating CDR from network elements like Switches / MSC’s
  • Filtration (non-billing CDR’S)
  • Correlation of different input sources CDR’s
  • Aggregation and Collection of partial CDRs that are related to the same call
  • CDR normalization.

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions makes deliberate effort to understand each participant’s training need and delivers training in various ways, depending on the topic and audience. The training format includes audio/video presentations, group debates and activities, case study discussions, group experiential learning activities, role-plays, etc. The trainer also elaborately discusses practical issues and challenges faced by the trainees at their respective workplaces to help trainees relate and apply the information and knowledge gained through the course in their role and work profile.

This course is delivered as per Zoe Talent Solutions’ consistent and highly successful Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations whose employees participate in this course will definitely benefit in the following ways:

  • Appropriate performance management systems to track performance, identify required training and development and upskill employees to the required standards
  • A more equipped, high-performing, highly accountable, engaged workforce
  • Highly efficient and good quality engineers to the organization as a result of smarter and more accountable telecom professionals
  • Greater customer satisfaction for CDRs decoding.
  • A more performance-driven, customer-oriented, aggressive work culture

Who Should Attend?

Organisations whose employees undertake this course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Anyone who is interested in telecom billing and CDRs decoding

Personal Benefits

By attending this course, Telecom professionals will benefit in the following ways:

  • Complete awareness of telecom networks and how different vendors and operators work in the industry
  • Increased sense of engagement and ownership towards one’s role and responsibilities
  • Appropriate platform to perform optimally in one’s role and also create opportunities to upskill and undertake additional roles and responsibilities
  • More organised, transparent and clear growth path through efficient and appropriate performance management fostering faster progression
  • Increased exposure to build accountability and customer orientation, the two most important professional traits in any sphere of work

Course Outline

  1. Telecom Introduction
    1. PSTN/PLMN basics
    2. Telecom network architecture
    3. SS7
  2. Billing Concepts
    1. Inter PLMN mobility
    2. IS41
    3. Pre-paid and postpaid
    4. IN in telecom
  3. Charging data records
    1. Long call monitoring
    2. Lawful interception
  4. Security Intelligence
    1. Mobile Network Security
    2. SS7, Diameter, GTP Firewall
    3. SMS Firewall
  5. CDR-Related Concepts
    1. CDR Type
    2. CDR Lifecycle
  6. CDRs System Architecture
    1. BQService
    2. BillLoad
    3. Service Flow
    4. System Performance
    5. Operation Procedure of a Common Subscriber
    6. Operation Procedure of an Administrator

Participant Reviews
Benjamin Onwona-Agyeman Atuobi
Excellent training with a very experienced trainer. Complex issues made very simple by trainer. I will recommend Zoe Talent Solutions to anyone anytime. Great hospitality all through the course
Inusah Seidu
Zoe Talent Solutions is your one-stop-shop for intensive Telecom and CDR training. In fact, I was so impressed with their delivery. Excellent Trainers with many years of experience. I recommend everybody to come to Zoe Talent solutions for all their training anytime. Thumbs up and keep it up.
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