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Mastering Training and Development Excellence

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Course Overview                                                                 

Many a seasoned trainer is often looking for opportunities to continuously learn and grow. It is this precise quality in a trainer that makes them a potential ‘specialist’. Zoe has curated this course from scratch to cater to the developmental needs of such aspiring individuals.

At Zoe, we desire to add value to those individuals that seek to grow and better themselves in their area of function – especially when this area allows for growth and development in the lives of several other individuals.

At Zoe, we have designed the training and development specialist certification course to build and validate your innate skills as a trainer and facilitator. The syllabus and learning material provided by the course has helped our participants increase their earning potential.

The presentation skills module focuses on shaping your vocal and verbal abilities and building them up in a strong way so that you can differentiate yourself as an intellectual and professional. Given the competitive job market and competitive nature of the corporate world, you will need these skills to stand out, with due credibility.

If you are someone who has started out freshly in the training and development function, you will need this course as a core certification in order to launch you further up the ladder. This Zoe training course will empower you to broaden your career opportunities and embrace challenges confidently. The theoretical and practical aspects of this training course will build your self-esteem and shape your personality so that you can become part of regional and global elite professional networks.

As a pre-requisite of this course, we offer you a personalised assessment of your learning style and behavioural preferences so that you become more aware of the opportunities that can be optimised and pursued more enthusiastically. At the end of the training and development specialist course, you will be offered a full knowledge exam to help you confirm your understanding of the theoretical aspects taught.

Zoe also offers multiple aligned self-application projects that will be evaluated by an expert. Constructive feedback will be shared with you immediately to accelerate your growth and development. Our experienced facilitators will personally help you formulate an action plan with specific key areas of focus to enable you to flex and adapt to the dynamic learning needs of an ever-evolving audience.

Course Objectives

The core objectives of the Training and Development Specialist Certification Course are to:

  • Increase the ability of a budding trainer to conduct pre and post-training evaluations with ease
  • Empower the delegate to provide real-time feedback to participants
  • Build the delegate’s competency to understand adult learning principles
  • Increase the individual’s confidence to make impactful and engaging presentations
  • Help the professional to design workshops with a logical fluency in order to effortlessly provide learning support to trainees
  • Improve the potential specialist’s ability to manage difficult participants and challenging situations
  • Supply the delegate with tools and techniques to create an end-to-end training programme, either independently, or as part of an organisation

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions curates unique training material for our training courses according to our clientele’s requirements and experience. Classroom sessions and presentations by a seasoned training specialist are always a large part of our training delivery.

In our Virtual Learning dimension, we encourage active participation via break-out room and team discussions, role-playing, bite-sized learning modules, evaluations, and more. Participants are encouraged to share their past learnings, issues, experiences, and best practices from their own organisations, which would be then used as further examples by the trainer to enhance learning for your entire group during debriefs.

Zoe Talent Solutions’ training methodology is designed to perfectly align with our syllabi. You will see that this course also consciously displays our ‘Do–Review–Learn–Apply’ Model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations undertaking the benefit of this Training and Development Specialist Certification will see that:

  • Training professionals and executives will be better equipped in their role
  • These individuals will be fortified with an increased functional proficiency
  • Trainers will now recognise and use tools and resources available to them, effectively
  • These tools and resources will help organisations to tangibly improve performance
  • Knowledge on PTAP tools and methodology will offer insights that can be well interpreted across departments
  • Organisation culture would be positively impacted by the wholistic awareness approach undertaken by the trainer and training team
  • Better work strategy and revenue analysis, captured in a consistent, measurable format
  • Improved performance in Training and the Human Resource Development function
  • Lower attrition and increased employee learning and engagement

Personal Benefits

Professionals participating in this Training and Development Specialist Certification will acquire tangible results in the following ways:

  • Understand the job profile of a training specialist
  • Increased awareness of the training and development industry
  • Notable exposure to global T & D practices, systems, and models
  • Explore ways to continuously learn, grow and enhance processes
  • Identify best ways to make presentations and engage participants
  • Be known for your personal brand as a trainer
  • Develop your skills in making training proposals and relevant projecting business growth
  • Access to Zoe’s extensively curated training material that has assisted facilitators and coaches worldwide

Who Should Attend?

  • Training professionals, Training managers, and Senior managers
  • Trainers who endeavour to upskill themselves further
  • Human Resource Development Officers and Professionals
  • Government officials looking after the needs for training and development
  • Any professional who wishes to enhance their knowledge in training and development

Course Outline

The Training and Development Specialist Certification Course has the following customised list of topics that will be covered extensively by the facilitator:

Module 1: The Growth of Learning and Development

  • History of Human Behaviour
  • Understanding Learning Motives
  • Evolution of Training
  • Global Learning
  • 21st Century Practices in T & D

Module 2: The Role of a Learning Specialist

  • Behavioural Attributes
  • Skill-set Requisites
  • Motivation and Personal Drivers
  • Continuous Learning
  • Self-Assessments

Module 3: Understanding the Need for Training

  • Research | Interpretation of Data
  • Training Needs Interventions
  • Writing a Training Proposal
  • Proposal Presentation
  • Classroom Project, Assessment and Feedback

Module 4: Training Programme Design

  • Instructional Design
  • Training Design Models
  • Creating a Content Framework
  • Fluency and Logical Flow
  • Reference Material and Guides

Module 5: Exceptional Delivery of Training Content

  • Recognise your Audience
  • Facilitative Learning
  • Delivering Lectures
  • Managing Difficult Participants
  • Practice Activities & Feedback

Module 6: Presentation Skills

  • Determine the best training methodology
  • Curate Training Aid
  • Fluency of thought and speech
  • The 3 Vs of Presentation
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Assignment and Teach back

Module 7: Post Training Assessment

Module 8: PTAP Tangibles

  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Post Training Assessments
  • Presenting Findings and Results
  • Performance Development Programme
  • Review & Feedback

Module 9: Training Proposals

  • Project Scope
  • ROI Projection
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Managing multiple requirements
  • Training Calendar
  • Review and Accountability
  • Summary & Feedback

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