Health and Safety Training Courses

The need for Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety Training Courses are designed to create an awareness in candidates of essential health and safety issues and the role they should assume in caring for themselves and others to be free from harm in the workplace.

This training is necessary to achieve competent, healthy and safe work performance.  It should instill a commitment to working methods that improve health and safety for all and is vital to promote a positive work culture, enjoy enhanced productivity and satisfaction, enabling people to accomplish tasks without risks to health. It is a noteworthy investment contributing to the success of the organization since safety training ensures fewer workplace-related injuries and illnesses.


The role of Zoe Talent Solutions

At ZTS, we believe that a safe work environment is a productive one. No matter the size or type of the business, safety procedures are an absolute requisite for all staff.  Safety measures facilitate protection of employees as also of tangible equipment and business property.

In view of the above, ZTS offers comprehensive  Health and Safety Training Courses designed to provide greater understanding for:

Importance of health and safety in the workplace.
Identify the hazards and risks related to the workplace.
Understand workplace health and safety procedures.

Our training is well structured and enables you in an effective manner, improved skills in safety standards,  avoid creating hazards, reduce risks and improve long-term business performance.

This will infuse confidence in health and safety, boost morale which is a key component in ensuring the delivery of quality services at all levels and bring business gains that are not limited to safety and health but go way beyond that. The final outcome is a positive work environment which is significantly encouraging and caring.


Why choose Zoe Talent Solutions

At ZTS we offer flexible training, suitable for most workplaces, to meet the needs of our clients and personal attention to help you receive the right training for your organization.  We can also create custom designed training courses for our clients, tailored to meet individual organizational requirements.  We provide training and advice, health and safety solutions, and expertise to businesses of all sizes.

Our professional trainers have approved qualifications and experience to help you to reach your professional goals.  All of our proficient trainers are up to date with the latest techniques and upgraded qualifications to deliver training – thus, our clients and their employees always receive star service.


Training Courses offered by Zoe Talent Solutions

Noteworthy training courses:

  • Leading a Safety Culture
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Advanced Occupational Health & Safety
  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Contractor Safety Management

A company’s greatest asset is its people.  By minimizing accidents and ill health and by assisting to ensure faultless operations, health and safety training can contribute immensely to the continued well-being and success of your business.

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