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SAP HANA Certification

sap hana certification course


SAP HANA is a relational database management system built to utilize both data columns and in-system memory. The technology was developed by SAP SE, a transnational software manufacturer based out of Germany. SAP HANA means Systems, Applications, and Products High-performance Analytic Appliance; and helps businesses attain efficiency.

As an important component in the presently booming data economy, SAP HANA as equally grown in stature. It means, therefore, that companies and other organizations are increasingly on the lookout for the best equipped SAP HANA experts on the market, market the acquisition of the skill a prudent, yet opportunistic expectation. You better embrace it.

One way to get certified is by taking the many available tests.


SAP HANA is software, configured to process either SAP and non-SAP controlled information obtained from relational databases and applications as well as other systems very fast.

It can make use of three styles of replicating information basing on the source of the information. The sources can either be; log-based, Extraction Transaction Load based and trigger-based.

The information that is relocated and controlled is kept in the memory directly. The application that uses Hana can, therefore, retrieve their information very fast. The SAP HANA certification is a test administered by the SAP SE which is the leader in the market in the field of enterprise application software.

SAP HANA offers a variety of certification basing on different areas of specialization. These include; HANA Admin Certifications, HANA Modeling Certifications, Advanced Business Application Programming for HANA certification, Business Warehouse on HANA certification, Fiori Certification, HANA Cloud Platform etc.

SAP HANA Certification Tests

The importance of the SAP HANA technology to business organizations manifests in the numerous SAP HANA certification tests available. However, most of these tests involve the training of SAP Certified Associates, including tests such as the C_ACTIVATE05 certification for certified SAP Project Managers.

On the other hand, other SAP HANA certifications focus on imparting skills in business planning, like the C_APO1_73 SAP Certified Application Associate certification; while others training on the planning of production levels.

Unlike the other software tests, however, the validity of SAP HANA certifications are not permanent. This is essential in ensuring the content and applications so tested remain valid to current business environmental factors, and that the individuals earning said certifications can indeed benefit the organizations which hire them. The same cannot be said of several certifications in information technology.

To this end, such SAP HANA certification tests as the C_AFARIA_02 – SAP Certified Application Associate and C_AR_P2P_13 – SAP Certified Application Associate – Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) has been retired following the expiry of their respective grace periods.

SAP HANA Certification Details

The certification is meant to prove the specialism and experience gained by SAP HANA partners, users of the software, clients and professionals desiring to work in an SAP environment.

The SAP certification is acknowledged worldwide because of the training offered. It is also the optimized measure used to gauge individuals for various roles and responsibilities.

The certification proves that the certified individual has gained adequate abilities through thorough study and hand-on experience in his or her particular field of specialism.

SAP offers its programs depending on the individual’s area of interest and the level of their abilities in relation to the area of interest. The program also bases on whether one is an SAP partner, a client or a user of the software.

In relation to their abilities, SAP offers either Associate or Professional certifications. Associate certification is the lowest level of the validation meant for individuals who have just been newly trained as consultants.

Successful individuals for the associate certification may apply for the final certification which is highly ranked. This is known as the professional certification. It consists of actual work examples, situations and business processes.

SAP has a valid Certifications list that contains updated and relevant validations. It also updates the list often as the new classroom-based and cloud exams are publicized. SAP also withdraws outdated exams for one or more than a year.

SAP HANA Certification Test Costs

The charges for registering for the exam varies with the currency. Below are the listed charges for the given countries;

  • Australia charges $560 AUD with no additional expenses.
  • Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain and Ukraine charge EUR 400 with no other expenses.
  • Canada charges $500 CAD with no other requirements.
  • UAE, Qatar, KSA, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen charges $400 USD (AED 1742, SAR 1500) and more of their details are offered in the post on SAP certification in middle East and North Africa.
  • Hong Kong charges $7,500 HKD with no other requirements.
  • India charges INR 40,000 for the individuals who have attained the work experience requirement. Otherwise, the individual has to pay an additional amount in order to be trained by an official training provider from SAP.
  • Japan charges YEN 50,000 with no more additional.
  • Singapore charges $795 SGD and does not require any other additional payment.
  • South Africa requires individuals to pay only ZAR 3900.
  • Taiwan charges only TWD 25, 200, nothing more.
  • USA charges $500 USD and no more special charges.
  • UK and Ireland charges GBP 350 with no more specifics.

The interested individuals should, however, note that the fee specifications provided above are not officiated. One is therefore advised to visit SAP Education in their specific regions to get more reliable information on the specific charges according to their area of interest.

Validity of SAP HANA Certification

While the SAP HANA validations do not expire, the tests do. In this way, the SAP certification is obtained once in a person’s life, but the examinations required to attain said certification are updated from time to time.

The various SAP HANA exams offered however become outdated after a period of one year or more. The SAP HANA certificate holders are therefore encouraged to attend up-to-date exams.

This may be a better way to help them gauge their up to date knowledge and make them more relevant in the IT field related to SAP HANA training.

Benefits of the SAP HANA Certification

SAP HANA has very many benefits that surprisingly many people have not gotten to understand. The listed benefits will for sure give one a reason to go for this certification.

First of all, the speed at which the HANA database is overtaking the long-established databases in the market is just amazing. Taking it from a point that most businesses are risking to adapt the use of this new technique should actually give one a reason to acquire the certification. The SAP in-memory features are a real attraction.

In addition, the speed at which it works has attracted many customers including SAP Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and many others. The database records an increase in performance by a factor 2 in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and factor 10 to 100 for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

It is, therefore, a reliable factor to be considered for the certification since speed is useful in many processes involved in a business such as; advance close of a phase, enhanced forecasting, improved level of services, timely conduction of sales and analysis of costs etc. SAP had long been trusted in advising its customers. This should as well earn in trust as an innovator. It is a body that is not relaxing but is out to make reliable solutions in technology.

Furthermore, SAP has created a less sophisticated system. The system combines the CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SCM, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and links them to a new set of applications for buying, management of workforce, transportation, travelling and many other activities. It may also link them to common on-demand applications such as office, sales support among others.

Earlier used databases were useful as well since they achieved standard performance. With SAP there are great improvements in that the architecture of the system has been simplified.

It is also accompanied with flexibility to alter and adjust the usefulness of the enterprise applications. A huge part of the code has been removed and there is also a reduction in the maintenance efforts needed to be met by the customer.

Final Observations…

Competition in business is rife, and companies are continually on the lookout for whatever advantage they can find on their closest competitors. For a while, SAP HANA has been that advantage.

However, with the data revolution in full ebb and flow amongst the leading businesses of the world, this advantage is now only achievable through operational efficiency and the effective application of SAP HANA procedures. Having a certified SAP HANA expert is, therefore, a business essential for competitive growth.

To this end, therefore, the SAP HANA database functionality has been received well in the business environment. Individuals taking the certification are likely to be more sought after if not the only ones in the near future.

So while the certifications last a lifetime, this is very advantageous since the individual will not at any chance have to go through the trouble of renewing their certification.  SAP as well offers extensive training that has made it well known. Individuals taking this course are guaranteed to be equipped with relevant skills.

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December 30, 2019
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