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Aug 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
LSC04Drafting International Sales Contracts25 Aug - 05 SepDubai$5950 Register
CM01Advanced Contract Management: Planning, Strategy, Development, Legal, Negotiation & Disputes25 Aug - 05 SepRiyadh$6250 Register
HR43Manpower Organizations, Succession Planning & Trend Analysis26 Aug - 06 SepCape Town$6250 Register
FI38International Public Sector Accounting Standards26 Aug - 06 SepCairo$6950 Register
FI23Finance for Non-Finance Managers26 Aug - 06 SepMaldives$7350 Register
iHRME05The Certified Global Training Professional (CGTP)26 Aug - 06 SepManchester$7125 Register
ML040Change Leadership & Change Management26 Aug - 06 SepNairobi$6250 Register

Sep 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
MC06Tetra Over LTE09 Sep - 13 SepKuala Lumpur$6985 Register
MC0609 Sep - 13 SepKuala Lumpur$6985 Register
MC11Distributed Antenna System (DAS)09 Sep - 13 SepKuala Lumpur$6985 Register
AO08High Efficiency Office Management01 Sep - 03 SepAmman$3500 Register
HSE08Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution01 Sep - 03 SepAmman$4100 Register
HR16Efficient Training Needs Analysis: Corporate HR Development01 Sep - 12 SepDubai$5950 Register
FI41Process Excellence in Financial Services: Bringing Process Improvement to the Finance Function01 Sep - 12 SepAmman$6950 Register
iHRME02The Certified Global Compensation Professional (CGCP)01 Sep - 05 SepAmman$4250 Register
CS22The Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Customer Service01 Sep - 12 SepAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
FI57Federal Income Taxation15 Sep - 17 SepAbu Dhabi$4100 Register
PPP08Regulating and Monitoring PPP15 Sep - 17 SepDubai$2950 Register
PRISM04Introduction to PRISM Brain Mapping15 Sep - 26 SepDubai$5950 Register
MT01Advanced Maintenance Management15 Sep - 19 SepRiyadh$4950 Register
MC07Mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT)16 Sep - 20 SepKuala Lumpur$6985 Register
CT07Forensic Auditing and Accounting16 Sep - 27 SepToronto$7125 Register
OG09Oil Spill (Basic Level) Program16 Sep - 20 SepHouston$5695 Register
HSE02Advanced Occupational Safety and Health16 Sep - 27 SepHouston$7850 Register
HR48Performance Appraisal Skills16 Sep - 27 SepNairobi$6250 Register
FI46Integrated Financial Management System16 Sep - 27 SepLondon$7850 Register
FI09Budget Preparation Skills16 Sep - 20 SepMumbai$5350 Register
TTT10Measuring Results from Training (ROI)16 Sep - 20 SepLagos$4250 Register
PG12Understanding Parliamentary Processes16 Sep - 27 SepCape Town$6250 Register
CS07Customer Relationship Management16 Sep - 27 SepLondon$7125 Register
SM07Creative Retail Selling and Visual Merchandising16 Sep - 27 SepIstanbul$7125 Register
ML072Leadership and Strategy for Senior Managers16 Sep - 27 SepHouston$7125 Register
ML069Enhanced Performance and Strategic Management16 Sep - 20 SepKuala Lumpur$4495 Register
PM08PRINCE2 Practitioner Training16 Sep - 20 SepLondon$5695 Register
CW12Organizational and Departmental Communication16 Sep - 27 SepCairo$6250 Register
PM03Establishing and Managing the Project Management Office (PMO)02 Sep - 13 SepMaldives$7350 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program02 Sep - 13 SepSingapore$6750 Register
CT12Making and Implementing Anti-Fraud and Transparency policies02 Sep - 06 SepGeneva$4750 Register
PPP03Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts02 Sep - 06 SepHouston$4750 Register
OG02IALA Maritime Buoyage System Program02 Sep - 04 SepKuala Lumpur$4250 Register
LSC12Logistics and Distribution Management02 Sep - 06 SepToronto$4750 Register
LSC16Materials and Supply Chain Management02 Sep - 06 SepMaldives$4495 Register
TTT08Managing and Coordinating Training Proactively02 Sep - 13 SepPrague$7125 Register
CM17Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation02 Sep - 06 SepAlmaty$4495 Register
FI38International Public Sector Accounting Standards02 Sep - 04 SepToronto$4475 Register
FI37International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and 2015 Updates02 Sep - 06 SepIstanbul$5695 Register
PRISM09PRISM Certification02 Sep - 06 SepCape Town$4250 Register
MT16Professional Maintenance Planner02 Sep - 06 SepAccra$4950 Register
ML044Giving Constructive Feedback: Promote trust and help employees become the Best02 Sep - 06 SepLagos$4250 Register
ML075Succession Planning02 Sep - 13 SepLondon$7125 Register
PS07Strategic Thinking and Planning02 Sep - 13 SepLondon$7125 Register
ML018Essentials of Leadership: Leadership and Influence22 Sep - 03 OctRiyadh$6250 Register
PG06Improving Performance and Accountability in Public Service22 Sep - 26 SepRiyadh$4250 Register
PR03Corporate PR Strategies22 Sep - 03 OctDubai$5950 Register
PS06Master Class on Risk Management22 Sep - 03 OctAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
LSC19Principles and Best practice for Supply Chain Management23 Sep - 04 OctHouston$7125 Register
HR26HR in the Public Sector23 Sep - 25 SepToronto$4100 Register
HR22How to Write Human Resources Policies and Procedures23 Sep - 27 SepSeoul$4495 Register
PD31Work-Life Balance: Maximizing Productivity and Quality of Life23 Sep - 04 OctBudapest$7125 Register
FI16Driving Performance through Strategic and Financial Planning23 Sep - 27 SepHouston$5695 Register
FI10Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process23 Sep - 04 OctVienna$7850 Register
FI76Tax Audit on Multinationals & Large Businesses23 Sep - 04 OctBudapest$7850 Register
iHRME03The Certified Global Staffing and Development Professional (CGSDP)23 Sep - 04 OctToronto$7125 Register
CM15Service Level Agreements: Planning, Negotiating & Managing High Quality Performance Contracts23 Sep - 27 SepGeneva$4750 Register
CS10Customer Service Professional23 Sep - 27 SepMumbai$4495 Register
SM11Effective Marketing Strategies – For Better Results23 Sep - 04 OctBangkok$6750 Register
ML016Developing your Emotional Intelligence (EI)23 Sep - 04 OctIstanbul$7125 Register
OG03Marine Loading Arm & Terminal Control Systems Program29 Sep - 03 OctRiyadh$4950 Register
FI43Public Financial Administration29 Sep - 10 OctDubai$6750 Register
PD05Delegation Skills29 Sep - 10 OctDubai$5950 Register
CS14Effective Complaint Handling Skills29 Sep - 10 OctDubai$5950 Register
GA02Agribusiness Stakeholder Relations29 Sep - 10 OctDubai$5950 Register
ML042Effective Coaching and Counseling Skills29 Sep - 10 OctDubai$5950 Register
CT05Creating and Managing Compliance30 Sep - 04 OctCape Town$4250 Register
PPP01Developing PPP Programmes and Initiatives30 Sep - 11 OctAccra$6250 Register
LSC10Inventory Management (I & II): Successfully Planning and Controlling Material and Inventory30 Sep - 02 OctAccra$3500 Register
AO16Electronic Registry and Information Mgt. for Secretaries and Personal Assistants Capacity30 Sep - 11 OctMaldives$6750 Register
CM19Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiations and Dispute Management30 Sep - 02 OctLagos$3500 Register
MT09Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control30 Sep - 04 OctBangkok$5350 Register
NS05Introduction to Hostile Environment Awareness30 Sep - 11 OctHouston$7125 Register
iHRME08Global HR Strategic Management Certificate30 Sep - 04 OctAthens$4750 Register
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