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Feb 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR07Compensation and Benefits Professional23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$5950 Register
FI10Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$6750 Register
CM03Construction Contracts Masterclass: Developing & Managing Successful Construction Contracts23 Feb - 05 MarJeddah$6250 Register
PPP07Public Sector Reform: Impact of Private Investment23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$5950 Register
ME08Masterclass in Rotating Equipment Engineering23 Feb - 05 MarRiyadh$6950 Register
OG41Digital Transformation in Downstream Oil and Gas23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$6750 Register
HR46Performance Management: Setting Objectives, KPI and Conducting Appraisals24 Feb - 06 MarJohannesburg$6250 Register
PR01Business Etiquette and Protocol24 Feb - 06 MarCairo$6250 Register

Mar 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ML006Essentials of Leadership: Leadership and Influence01 Mar - 12 MarMuscat$6250 Register
PD12Managing Conflict: Power through Influence01 Mar - 12 MarDubai$5950 Register
QM14Root cause analysis training01 Mar - 05 MarDubai$4750 Register
SM10Effective Brand Management01 Mar - 12 MarDubai$5950 Register
FI12Connecting the DOTS: Understanding the Business01 Mar - 12 MarAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
LSC29Procurement Management Professional01 Mar - 12 MarAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
ACG03Corruption in the workplace01 Mar - 05 MarDubai$ 3,950 Register
ME16Specialist in Piping Design01 Mar - 05 MarDubai$4750 Register
EE10Masterclass in Renewable Energy Engineering01 Mar - 19 MarDubai$15875 Register
EE13Smart Metering Course01 Mar - 05 MarDubai$4750 Register
BII21Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)01 Mar - 05 MarDubai$3950 Register
OG80Mini MBA: Energy Management01 Mar - 05 MarAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
AO03Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries: Better Memory, Reading, Communication & Thinking Skills02 Mar - 06 MarToronto$4750 Register
AO03Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries: Better Memory, Reading, Communication & Thinking Skills02 Mar - 06 MarToronto$4750 Register
CS03Coaching a Service Team02 Mar - 04 MarParis$4100 Register
HR23HR in the Public Sector02 Mar - 06 MarHouston$4750 Register
FI13Consolidation of Financial Statements Workshop02 Mar - 06 MarMauritius$5350 Register
MT02Economic & Technical Evalautions in Engineering and Maintenance Projects02 Mar - 06 MarHouston$5695 Register
HD05Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarians02 Mar - 13 MarToronto$7125 Register
ILM01Administration & Office Management Program02 Mar - 13 MarVienna$7125 Register
PG02Data Protection and Freedom of Information02 Mar - 06 MarWindhoek$4250 Register
NS08Threat Assessment in the Public Service02 Mar - 06 MarSeoul$4495 Register
ME13Mechanical Equipment Design, Testing, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance02 Mar - 13 MarAmsterdam$7850 Register
ME19Flange Integrity Course02 Mar - 06 MarSingapore$5695 Register
EE21Demand Side Management (DSM) of Electricity: Concepts, Methods, Techniques and Strategies02 Mar - 06 MarKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
EE15Design, Maintenance of High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears (HV, MV & LV)02 Mar - 13 MarToronto$7850 Register
BII11Bank Modelling and Valuation Certification Program02 Mar - 06 MarHouston$4750 Register
BII16Anti Money Laundering Regulations, Compliance, Process and Policy02 Mar - 13 MarLondon$7125 Register
OG40Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers02 Mar - 06 MarKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
OG56Mini MBA: Oil Refinery Operations02 Mar - 06 MarAmsterdam$5695 Register
HR09Competencies: Design, Development and Implementation08 Mar - 12 MarRiyadh$4250 Register
FI73FinTech Fundamentals Program08 Mar - 19 MarDubai$6750 Register
PR06Media Relations and Public Affairs08 Mar - 10 MarJeddah$3500 Register
TTT01Becoming an Effective Trainer08 Mar - 12 MarDubai$3950 Register
GA01Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and New Ventures08 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
PG12Understanding Parliamentary Processes08 Mar - 19 MarMuscat$6250 Register
ACG08Fraud Investigator Certification08 Mar - 12 MarRiyadh$ 4,250 Register
ME33Pump and Valve Engineering08 Mar - 19 MarDubai$6750 Register
ME20Certified Piping and Mechanical Quality Control (QC) Inspector08 Mar - 19 MarDubai$6750 Register
ME25Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment, Tools and Repair08 Mar - 12 MarDubai$4750 Register
EE17Installation, Maintenance and Safety of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas08 Mar - 12 MarDubai$4750 Register
BII22Certified Pension Plan and Fund Administrator08 Mar - 10 MarDubai$2950 Register
OG82Mini MBA: Fundamentals and Dynamics of the LNG Industry08 Mar - 12 MarDubai$4750 Register
AO12The Executive Assistant I Personal Assistant Master class09 Mar - 20 MarCairo$6250 Register
HR34Knowledge Management and Managing Organizational Learning09 Mar - 20 MarAmsterdam$7125 Register
ML007Event Management09 Mar - 11 MarMauritius$3750 Register
PD05Delegation Skills09 Mar - 13 MarAmsterdam$4750 Register
FI42Debt Management Techniques09 Mar - 13 MarAmsterdam$5695 Register
LSC05Effective application of Electronic Identifications Systems09 Mar - 20 MarLondon$7850 Register
PM04Introduction to Project Management09 Mar - 13 MarAccra$4950 Register
CM18Tenders and Contract Management09 Mar - 13 MarHouston$4750 Register
ACG10Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Management09 Mar - 20 MarSingapore$ 7,125 Register
ACG05Audit Interview Techniques and Best Practices09 Mar - 13 MarJohannesburg$ 4,250 Register
ME21Certified Diesel Engine Mechanic Course09 Mar - 20 MarLondon$7850 Register
ME35Compressors, Pumps and Turbines09 Mar - 13 MarHouston$5695 Register
EE19Electrical Safety Procedures and Standards for Electrical Engineers09 Mar - 20 MarAmsterdam$7850 Register
EE24Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) on Circuits09 Mar - 13 MarJohannesburg$4950 Register
BII23Pension Fund Risk Management and Risk Associated with Pension Schemes09 Mar - 13 MarAmsterdam$4750 Register
OG61Crude Oil Treatment Plant and Process Certification09 Mar - 13 MarCairo$4950 Register
CS04Customer Driven Organisation15 Mar - 19 MarRiyadh$4250 Register
ML008First line manager training15 Mar - 19 MarDubai$3950 Register
FI14Cost Management15 Mar - 26 MarDubai$6750 Register
LSC06End to end supply chain management15 Mar - 19 MarDubai$4750 Register
MT15Professional Maintenance Planner15 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program15 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
ME37Certification in Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Procedure and Methodology15 Mar - 26 MarAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
ME39Industrial Steam Boiler System, Operation and Maintenance15 Mar - 19 MarDubai$4750 Register
EE20Electric Power System Planning and Reliability Calculation15 Mar - 19 MarDubai$4750 Register
BII24Risk Based Supervision of Pension Funds15 Mar - 02 AprDubai$15875 Register
OG86Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operation, Management and Safety in accordance with International Standards15 Mar - 19 MarDubai$4750 Register
MT04Facility Planning and Management16 Mar - 27 MarLondon$7850 Register
HR10Competency Based Interviewing16 Mar - 20 MarBangkok$4495 Register
HR11Diversity Dynamics16 Mar - 27 MarToronto$7125 Register
ML009Key Managerial Skills for New Managers and Supervisors16 Mar - 27 MarManchester$7125 Register
QM04Lean Principles Practitioner16 Mar - 27 MarAccra$6950 Register
SM03Advanced Key Account Management and Business Development16 Mar - 18 MarManchester$4100 Register
FI15Driving Performance through Strategic and Financial Planning16 Mar - 20 MarToronto$5695 Register
HSE02Advanced Occupational Safety and Health16 Mar - 27 MarPrague$7850 Register
PS09The Balanced Scorecard: Achieving Performance Excellence16 Mar - 20 MarBudapest$4750 Register
CW02Advanced Business Writing16 Mar - 27 MarLondon$7125 Register
CT01Applied Law and Compliance16 Mar - 27 MarSingapore$7125 Register
ACG12Handling Investigations by Registrar of Companies16 Mar - 20 MarLondon$ 4,750 Register
ME30Process Equipment Design and Controls for Operators & Engineers16 Mar - 27 MarKigali$6950 Register
ME36Process Plant Optimization, Revamping and Debottlenecking16 Mar - 20 MarLondon$5695 Register
BII25Certified Pension Trustee of Scheme, Fund and Liability Insurance16 Mar - 20 MarKuala Lumpur$4495 Register
BII27International Social Security Association (ISSA) Guidelines16 Mar - 20 MarCairo$4250 Register
OG81Mini MBA: Fundamentals and Dynamics of Petrochemicals Industry16 Mar - 27 MarIstanbul$7850 Register
OG83Masterclass in Offshore Petroleum Engineering16 Mar - 20 MarToronto$5695 Register
OG95Refinery Process Yield Optimization16 Mar - 03 AprLondon$16750 Register
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