Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment (IA) is a process of evaluating the likely impacts of a proposed project or development, taking into account process and people, revenue and cultural impacts, both beneficial and adverse.

We apply IA strategies especially while undertaking Community Development Programmes in partnership with NGOs, governments and welfare institutions across the globe.

By an on-going creation of Impact Assessment – strategy and techniques, ZOE has made delayed reactions a thing of the past. By resorting to proven methodologies of detailed Impact Analysis, organisations can now immediately see short and long term benefits of training programs, flaws in processes and alter or create effective action plans for the future.

Our Impact Assessment entails the following process:

  • Working closely with our clients to determine which projects or training programs need a full or partial impact assessment study.
  • Identifying which potential impacts are relevant to assess (based on process requirements, company law and role and responsibilities of employees undergoing training).
  • Identifying alternative solutions that avoid, mitigate or compensate adverse impacts on business as a result of projects involving Change Management.
  • Decision-making on whether to go with-ahead the project or not, and under what conditions
    Monitoring whether the predicted impacts and proposed mitigation measures occur as pre-defined.
  • Ensure unpredicted impacts (behavioural/attitude indifference, attrition etc.) or failed mitigation is identified and addressed in a timely fashion with professional assistance.

The factors determining the results for Impact Assessment are Implementation of the Program (Input Indicators) and Effect of the Program (Outcome Indicators). The Outcome Indicators are evaluated on the basis of individual and team Productivity Data Analysis and ROI measurements.