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Jan 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG34Petroleum Exploration and Energy Production Process and Technology25 Jan - 05 FebSingapore$7850 Register

Feb 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
SP15Business Process Analysis and Modelling Training Course08 Feb - 12 FebSingapore$4750 Register
OG55Clean Fuel Project, Standard and Technology15 Feb - 19 FebSingapore$5695 Register
LM39Women Leadership Training Course15 Feb - 19 FebSingapore$4750 Register
PLS28Procurement Planning Process and Bid Management15 Feb - 19 FebSingapore$5695 Register
SM12Internet and Social Media Marketing Certification Training Course15 Feb - 19 FebSingapore$4750 Register
PM22TILOS Software Training15 Feb - 26 FebSingapore$7850 Register
AF29Performance Based Budgeting for State and Local Government22 Feb - 26 FebSingapore$5695 Register
HRM33Performance Appraisal Training Course for Managers22 Feb - 26 FebSingapore$4750 Register

Mar 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PR07Public Relations (PR) and Communication Course01 Mar - 05 MarSingapore$4750 Register
QCRM22Risk Management Certification01 Mar - 12 MarSingapore$7850 Register
PSM16Economic Analysis and Data Analytics08 Mar - 12 MarSingapore$4750 Register
EE19Electrical Safety Procedures and Standards for Electrical Engineers08 Mar - 12 MarSingapore$5695 Register
CML30Business and Commercial Contract Law Course08 Mar - 12 MarSingapore$4750 Register
BII25Certified Pension Trustee of Scheme, Fund and Liability Insurance15 Mar - 19 MarSingapore$4750 Register
ME37Certification in Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Procedure and Methodology22 Mar - 26 MarSingapore$5695 Register
OG97Plant Shutdown Turnaround and Outages (STO) Management and Best Practices22 Mar - 26 MarSingapore$5695 Register
IPC20Industrial Control System and Cyber Security Training Course29 Mar - 02 AprSingapore$5695 Register
CW10Assertive Communication Skills Training29 Mar - 02 AprSingapore$4750 Register
ACG17Compliance Investigation and Enforcement29 Mar - 02 AprSingapore$4750 Register
HRM56MBTI Personality Assessment Certification Training29 Mar - 02 AprSingapore$4750 Register

Apr 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OA01Office Administration and Management Course05 Apr - 09 AprSingapore$4750 Register
PD01Assertiveness Skills and Confidence Training Course05 Apr - 09 AprSingapore$4750 Register
TR01Value Added Tax (VAT) Course05 Apr - 07 AprSingapore$4475 Register
MT06Tetra over LTE05 Apr - 16 AprSingapore$7850 Register
HSE01Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Training05 Apr - 09 AprSingapore$5695 Register
CE03Structural Steel Design Training Course05 Apr - 07 AprSingapore$4475 Register
MA05Certified Maintenance Planner12 Apr - 16 AprSingapore$5695 Register
OG31Offshore Oil Rig Training19 Apr - 23 AprSingapore$5695 Register
LM22Supervisory Skills Development Training Course26 Apr - 30 AprSingapore$4750 Register

May 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PLS40Humanitarian Logistics Course03 May - 05 MaySingapore$4475 Register
AF46Cash Management Certification Course10 May - 14 MaySingapore$5695 Register
CS11Basic Customer Service Training17 May - 21 MaySingapore$4750 Register
HRM34Effective Performance Management Training Course17 May - 19 MaySingapore$4100 Register
PM37Project Administration Course17 May - 21 MaySingapore$5695 Register

Jun 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
EE01Switchgear, Circuit Breakers and Power Transformers – Efficient Operation and Maintenance14 Jun - 02 JulSingapore$16250 Register
HD07Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Achieving Sustainable Development21 Jun - 25 JunSingapore$4750 Register
QCRM20Certified Quality Engineer21 Jun - 25 JunSingapore$5695 Register

Jul 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG37Petroleum Engineering Principles, Calculations and Workflows19 Jul - 21 JulSingapore$4475 Register
CML12Contract Law and Management Certification Program19 Jul - 23 JulSingapore$4750 Register
ME10Gas Compressor System, Working Principle and Maintenance26 Jul - 06 AugSingapore$7850 Register
SM10Marketing Strategy and Planning Training Course26 Jul - 28 JulSingapore$4100 Register

Aug 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PM27Agile Scrum Master Certification02 Aug - 13 AugSingapore$7850 Register
PLS42Certified Logistics Engineer Course09 Aug - 13 AugSingapore$5695 Register
LM39Women Leadership Training Course16 Aug - 20 AugSingapore$4750 Register
PD17Goal Setting Training30 Aug - 03 SepSingapore$4750 Register
SP27Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Course30 Aug - 03 SepSingapore$4750 Register

Sep 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OA14ILM® Endorsed Administration and Office Management Program06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$5695 Register
BII30Certified Investment Analyst Course06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$4750 Register
AF48Energy Finance Masterclass06 Sep - 17 SepSingapore$7850 Register
OG102Stratigraphy Sequence: Principles, Geological Correlation and Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$5695 Register
EE24Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) on Circuits06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$5695 Register
HRM13Certificate in HR Policies and Procedures Course06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$4750 Register
HSE02OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification Training Course06 Sep - 10 SepSingapore$5695 Register
QCRM28ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification Course13 Sep - 17 SepSingapore$5695 Register
PPP08Certificate in PPP Regulation13 Sep - 17 SepSingapore$4750 Register
ACG17Compliance Investigation and Enforcement20 Sep - 22 SepSingapore$4100 Register

Oct 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
MA08Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices04 Oct - 08 OctSingapore$5695 Register
SP03The Complete Business Plan Writing and Development Training Course04 Oct - 08 OctSingapore$4750 Register
CS08Dealing with Difficult Customers Training Course18 Oct - 22 OctSingapore$4750 Register
PSM01Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Public Services25 Oct - 29 OctSingapore$4750 Register
AS06Food Security and Sustainability Training Course25 Oct - 29 OctSingapore$4750 Register

Nov 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CML03Construction Contract Management Masterclass: Developing & Managing Successful Construction Contracts01 Nov - 05 NovSingapore$4750 Register
IPC05Siemens WinCC SCADA System Training Course01 Nov - 05 NovSingapore$5695 Register
OG110Waterflooding in Oil and Gas01 Nov - 05 NovSingapore$5695 Register
TR08Improving Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms08 Nov - 12 NovSingapore$5695 Register
PLS20Certified Purchasing Manager Course15 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$7850 Register
LM51Leadership Mastery Course15 Nov - 19 NovSingapore$4750 Register
EE07Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System: Testing, Commissioning, Inspection, Preventive Maintenance and Repair15 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$7850 Register
CE10Industrial Building Design and Renovation Certification Training Course22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$5695 Register
QCRM23Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$5695 Register
PR05International Protocol and Diplomacy Certification22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$4750 Register
DM01Big Data Analytics and Management Certification Course22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$4750 Register
CW04Professional Business Writing Skills Training Course22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$4750 Register
HD08Certificate in Grants Management Training Course22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$4750 Register
BII16Anti Money Laundering Regulations, Compliance, Process and Policy22 Nov - 26 NovSingapore$4750 Register
PM43Agile Coach Certification Course29 Nov - 03 DecSingapore$5695 Register
SM18Certified Digital Marketing Professional Training Course29 Nov - 03 DecSingapore$4750 Register
AF31Masterclass in Public Financial Management and Administration29 Nov - 03 DecSingapore$5695 Register
MT22Smart City Infrastructure Planning and Development29 Nov - 10 DecSingapore$7850 Register
HRM38KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Training Certification Course29 Nov - 03 DecSingapore$4750 Register

Dec 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG105Certificate in Well Control06 Dec - 10 DecSingapore$5695 Register
ME32Certification in Lifting Equipment and Lifting Operations, Regulations & Maintenance06 Dec - 17 DecSingapore$7850 Register
LM34Middle Management Development Program06 Dec - 10 DecSingapore$4750 Register
TR10Tax Crime and Fraud Investigation Course06 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$16250 Register
PLS59Strategic Sourcing Certification13 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$7850 Register
PLS23Successful Fleet and Transport Management13 Dec - 17 DecSingapore$5695 Register
SP07Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Training Certification Course20 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$4750 Register
LM56Management Masterclass20 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$4750 Register
LM64Advanced Leadership Program20 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$4750 Register
AF28IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Certification Course20 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$5695 Register
LND13Certified Learning and Development Manager Program20 Dec - 24 DecSingapore$4750 Register
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