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Stakeholder Management and Engagement Training Course

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Course Overview

Why is stakeholder engagement important? Stakeholders influence the outcome and decisions on projects making them crucial for the success of the initiatives, projects, processes, and businesses in any organisation.

It, thus, becomes mandatory for business managers to fully understand the challenges and the potential concerns which the stakeholders and the sponsors might encounter during the life cycle of the project. Yet many are unfamiliar with effective techniques to manage this fraternity.

The existence of this knowledge gap compels the organisations to be reactive rather than proactive. Many opportunities also go unnoticed which have an impact on the morale of the corporate citizens and the company brand as well.

How can you ensure that your team is fully equipped with a knowledgeable team to manage these challenges?

This course on Stakeholder Management and Engagement by Zoe Talent Solutions will furnish the participants with the necessary tools, frameworks, and best practices helping them define their stakeholder engagement strategy.

They would be able to consider all the characteristics of the stakeholders before deciding on the deliverables and coming up with a robust strategy.

Course Objectives

This course will meet the following objectives:

  • Understand
    • How to manage the stakeholders effectively?
    • The steps involved in Stakeholder’s Analysis
    • The stakeholders involved in a project or process
  • Examine your stakeholders for influence, impact, and attitude
  • Understand the right negotiation technique in different situations
  • Communication
    • Formulating a communication and management plan for stakeholders
    • How to remove the barriers of communication?
  • Design and develop a strategy for the engagement of stakeholder
  • Leading change and build an ongoing relationship with people to ensure success
  • Practical techniques of people engagement

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent Solutions, offer an engaging and interactive course. An experienced facilitator will ensure that the participants understand and learn new concepts via exercises, group discussion and real-application practices. This would also include several management games, paper-pencil exercises, activities, role plays, videos, and robust practice sessions.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of Do-Review-Learn-Apply.

Organizational Benefits

The benefits which the organisation will get from this course are:

  • Gain a competitive advantage by understanding the different perspectives of the stakeholders
  • Effective decision-making by understanding the views and interests of the collaborators
  • Identify new trends in the marketplace
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Build lasting credibility and trust in the organisation
  • Better Risk Management
  • Increase in profits and saving of time
  • Improved accountability in the projects

Personal Benefits

Participants will benefit as follows by joining this course:

  • Develop the competency to manage self
  • Opportunity to improve their leadership skills by understanding how to
    • Build a consensus amongst various stakeholders
    • Influence the outcome
    • Building commitment and a feeling of ownership amongst stakeholders
  • Effectively lead change management at the workplace
  • Understand how to adjust their leadership style to meet the needs of the situation
  • Improved productivity at work
  • Enhanced interpersonal relations and skills to influence your teams and stakeholders

Who Should Attend?

This course will aid the following professionals at the workplace:

  • Program directors
  • Project directors
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Anyone who is interested to improve their skills of business analysis
  • Anyone who is responsible for managing the contribution of those interested in a project

Course Outline

To master this course, you will learn the following:


  • Who are Stakeholders? Their importance
  • Stakeholder Groups
  • Why Stakeholder Analysis?
  • Assessment of the project sponsor
  • Listing all the stakeholders not just the obvious ones
    • Identifying primary and secondary stakeholders
  • Understanding their areas of concern
  • Documentation of their needs
  • Considering the characteristics of each of the stakeholders and their groups


  • Lifecycle of Stakeholder Management
  • Techniques of Stakeholder Management
    • Power vs. Interest grid
    • Influence – Impact Grid
    • Power-Influence Grid
    • Importance – Influence Grid
    • Salience Model
  • Stakeholder Analysis Techniques and Prioritisation
  • Stakeholder Management Plan


  • Understand how to develop a Communication Plan for stakeholders
  • Listing the barriers to communication
  • Determine the practices for effective communication for each of the groups of stakeholders
  • Understanding their characteristics first
    • Is this group providing requirements, or a user or in the support function of the project work?
      • Determine which technique of communication will be the most effective for each of the groups
      • What requirement presentation format will be most suited for this group?
    • The Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
      • Identifying points where communications with each stakeholder be most effective
  • Identifying what kind of reports need to be shared with each of the stakeholders
  • Best communication techniques for each stakeholder


  • Groups vs Teams
  • Types of Team
  • Team Roles at Work
  • Based on Adair’s Three Circle Model
  • The Learning Cycle and Style


  • Determining the approach to manage the stakeholders
  • Understand how to build internal capacity
  • Building Trust and credibility


  • Identifying and choosing the best method for engaging the stakeholders
  • Design logistics
  • Metrics to measure the success of engagement


  • Review the engagement
  • Sharing feedback with the stakeholders
  • Creating an action plan for feedback and further discussion


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