Zoe Talent Solutions creates on-going, interactive, virtual classroom training programs catering to the specific needs of organizations and individuals who choose this method of learning.

Our unified goal while carrying out an E-learning program is to ensure that the design and development process is carried out effectively.
It is our aim to offer simulated benefits of a physical training session to organizations through E-learning modules.

ZOE focuses on behavioural competency development and provides alternative solutions to Assess, Evaluate and Validate candidates with use of this technology.

The need for E-learning in Global Markets

Industry leaders must see that the development of human resources is key to sustainable long-term growth of companies. Organizations must diversify their strategy for employee retention through innovative and creative means and meet the challenge of an organically evolving market.

Prioritisation of capital expenditure for human capital development strategies such as E-learning, is instrumental in maximising employee performance in alignment with capital investment.

Although the history of E-learning dates back to the 19th century, today –  freshers and veterans alike, are free to utilise opportunities to maximise their industry knowledge and expand skill sets. The necessity for E-learning also arises from the need for standardization of training delivery, flexi-training availability, real- time access and personalised study.

Benefits include business effectiveness in terms of decreased material costs, increased employee engagement, personalized learning and capacity building. A big win is the achievement of ‘standardization’. You may have a great facilitator, but that’s no guarantee that the courses will be presented with uniformity across sessions. E-learning will allow you to build a standardized process for consistency in the delivery of content.  It will also standardize delivery time, which allows for workable scheduling of learning sessions in advance.

Further Benefits of E-learning

Knowledge Management: E-learning is generally viewed in specific relation to particular courses.  However, E-learning includes a diverse range of online technologies.  Should some of the tools that allow collaboration and conversation be effectively incorporated, companies can capture organizational knowledge that is available for future learners.

Knowledge Sharing: The foundation of a learning community is built on sharing information, knowledge and creating awareness around.  Here is where incorporating a forum or wiki adds value to E-learning.  Depending on how each course is structured, institutions can encourage sharing of resources and insight gained from the course.

E-learning at ZOE

In addition to the common needs and benefits of E-learning, our clients are offered differentiating advantages in the following elaborately explained ways:

Improved training costs: Producing learning content to serve any kind of training methodology is time consuming. With our E-learning facility, each time a course is accessed, your return on investment improves because you are dividing the fixed production costs by number of uses.  You also accumulate savings through decreased travel, reduced material, and with our E-follow-up program, assured improved (and more efficient) performance.

Proof of learning: We uphold the value of applying an assessment practice to the learning process so we can analyse the progress you have made based on your learning goals. At the end of every E-Module, participants are able to confirm learning by answering a set of quick questions. The generated score will showcase feedback on the level of learning achieved.

Advanced and Up-to-date courses: The web-design and content experts at ZOE ensure that all E-learning modules put up for client service are up-to-date and relevant to global market requirements. Courses in demand include modules on EI (Emotional Intelligence), Administrative Courses, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Communication and Writing Skills, Technology, Knowledge Management and more.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Tailor-made Content: Our experienced and resourceful team of training needs analysts offer professional services of Needs Intervention and Analysis by way of partnering with your management to identify the specific learning needs of employees, departments and teams. We then develop full-fledged E-learning modules using skeletal training designs approved by you to bridge knowledge gaps and supply necessary training to the specific employees surveyed.

Optimum Utilisation of Resources: Since E-learning is not bound by geography or time, you can partner with us at ZOE to control your training impact on production by arranging to train people during outages, down times and non-working hours. We supply modules ahead of time to assist you in situations such as these. This way, there is no loss of productivity and your employees will continue to remain engaged and focused.

Interactive and Fun: Our creative team at ZOE has combined E-learning courses with facilitated sessions to fill the void of human interaction. Live sessions consist of pre-recorded interactive case studies that help learners apply the information in the module more effectively.

Complete Un-restricted and Real-time Access: The E-learning facility at ZOE will allow ongoing and un-restricted access to our authorized content once purchased. A class in the real world will need a refresher, and one will have fall back on notes, guides etc. This is not the case with E-learning.  Here, learners will continue to have access to our online content and resources to brush up on what they will have learned.

Our modules also encourage exploration and testing of ideas. Learners are granted the freedom to fail without fear, learn and start over. Some of our E-learning modules can be accessed without an active connection to the Internet.  For e.g. Learners can access content on a device out in the field and upload their results when back online.

Improved retention: The combination of multimedia and instructional design can produce a very rich learning experience that is repeatable.  At ZOE, we plug in relevant practice activities with feedback to establish a productive learning environment. We take great care to cater to the Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic learner, a unique approach that assists course content retention in participants producing plausible results in their over-all productivity.