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Jul 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG42Certification in Petrochemical Engineering26 Jul - 06 AugHouston$7850 Register

Aug 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
SM16Certificate in Retail Management Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugHouston$4750 Register
HRM23Certificate in Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugHouston$4750 Register
OA10Travel Management Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugHouston$4750 Register
HSE18Marine Safety Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugHouston$5695 Register
PLS49Masterclass in Demand Management16 Aug - 27 AugHouston$7850 Register
QCRM22Risk Management Certification16 Aug - 20 AugHouston$5695 Register
LM44Team Building and Team Development Training Course23 Aug - 27 AugHouston$4750 Register
EE15Design, Maintenance of High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears (HV, MV & LV)23 Aug - 27 AugHouston$5695 Register
MA21Maintenance Strategy for Plant and Equipment and Cost Effective Implementation30 Aug - 03 SepHouston$5695 Register
OG89Oil and Gas Wellheads and Christmas Trees30 Aug - 10 SepHouston$7850 Register

Sep 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
TR09Masterclass in Tax Administration06 Sep - 10 SepHouston$5695 Register
SP01Business Continuity Management Certification06 Sep - 24 SepHouston$16750 Register
CE02Construction Risk Management Certification Training Course13 Sep - 24 SepHouston$7850 Register
HRM31NLP Practitioner Certification Training Course13 Sep - 24 SepHouston$7125 Register
MT22Smart City Infrastructure Planning and Development20 Sep - 24 SepHouston$5695 Register
PM31Mini MBA in Project Management27 Sep - 08 OctHouston$7850 Register
LM10Team Leader Training Course27 Sep - 01 OctHouston$4750 Register

Oct 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG02Marine Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting04 Oct - 08 OctHouston$5695 Register
CML19Oil and Gas Contract Management Course11 Oct - 13 OctHouston$4100 Register
DM02Big Data Analytics on Hadoop Training Course11 Oct - 15 OctHouston$4750 Register
PLS13Warehouse Logistics and Distribution Management Course11 Oct - 15 OctHouston$5695 Register
AF54Public Sector Accounting Course18 Oct - 22 OctHouston$5695 Register

Nov 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ME02Steam Turbine & Centrifugal Compressor Design, Operation and Maintenance01 Nov - 05 NovHouston$5695 Register
HRM52People Analytics Training Course01 Nov - 05 NovHouston$4750 Register
CS02Customer Experience Management Certification Training Course08 Nov - 19 NovHouston$7125 Register
OG13Petroleum Economics, Project Evaluation, Risk and Decision Analysis Masterclass08 Nov - 12 NovHouston$5695 Register
IPC21Safety Instrumented Systems Certification Training Course15 Nov - 26 NovHouston$7850 Register
LND11Organizational Development Certification Course15 Nov - 19 NovHouston$4750 Register
PSM12Masterclass in Public Relations Management22 Nov - 26 NovHouston$4750 Register
EE17Installation, Maintenance and Safety of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas22 Nov - 26 NovHouston$5695 Register
QCRM28ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification Course29 Nov - 10 DecHouston$7850 Register
PD06Creative Thinking Training Course29 Nov - 03 DecHouston$4750 Register
LM26Leadership and Management Training Course29 Nov - 03 DecHouston$4750 Register
SP18Board of Directors and Members Training Certification Course29 Nov - 03 DecHouston$4750 Register

Dec 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HSE16Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Training Course for Ports & Oil and Gas Industry06 Dec - 24 DecHouston$16750 Register
OG11Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management06 Dec - 17 DecHouston$7850 Register
PLS54International Freight Management Course06 Dec - 10 DecHouston$5695 Register
NSM03Security Risk Assessment and Management Certification Training Course06 Dec - 17 DecHouston$7125 Register
CML26International Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution13 Dec - 17 DecHouston$4750 Register
PM03Project Management Office (PMO) : Setting up, Structure, Roles and Responsibilities13 Dec - 17 DecHouston$5695 Register
ACG06Fraud Detection, Investigation Audit and Corrective Action in Government Accounting13 Dec - 17 DecHouston$4750 Register
SM13Certified Marketing Professional Training Course13 Dec - 17 DecHouston$4750 Register
AF19Masterclass in Corporate Finance Course13 Dec - 17 DecHouston$5695 Register
HRM55The 10-Day MBA in HR20 Dec - 31 DecHouston$7125 Register
OA19Administrative Assistant Training Certification Course20 Dec - 24 DecHouston$4750 Register
ME37Certification in Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Procedure and Methodology20 Dec - 31 DecHouston$7850 Register
BII24Risk Based Supervision of Pension Funds20 Dec - 24 DecHouston$4750 Register

Jan 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG07Permit to Work System Procedure in Oil and Gas Industry03 Jan - 05 JanHouston$4475 Register
ME06Couplings and Shaft Alignment03 Jan - 07 JanHouston$5695 Register
BII01Masterclass in Currency Management (Risk, Strategy & Asset Management)03 Jan - 14 JanHouston$7125 Register
PLS05Purchasing and Supply Management Course03 Jan - 07 JanHouston$5695 Register
LM03Masterclass in Conflict Management and Resolution Training03 Jan - 14 JanHouston$7125 Register
SM01Certificate in Sales Management Training Course10 Jan - 21 JanHouston$7125 Register
HRM03Recruitment, Interview and Selection Training Course10 Jan - 14 JanHouston$4750 Register
SP05Feasibility Study Course: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation10 Jan - 28 JanHouston$16750 Register
MT01LTE Planning and Optimization Training Certification Course10 Jan - 28 JanHouston$16750 Register
HD03Certificate in Fundraising and Grants Management Training Course17 Jan - 28 JanHouston$7125 Register
AF03Accounts Receivable and Credit Policy in Receivable Management24 Jan - 04 FebHouston$7850 Register
PM15Project Planning and Control31 Jan - 02 FebHouston$4475 Register

Feb 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
IPC07Certified Automation Engineer in PLC and SCADA Training Course07 Feb - 18 FebHouston$7850 Register
QCRM15Total Quality Management (TQM) Certification Course07 Feb - 25 FebHouston$16750 Register
PSM05Performance Management System in Government and Accountability of Public Officers07 Feb - 11 FebHouston$4750 Register
EE12Electrical Drawings and Schematics Course07 Feb - 11 FebHouston$5695 Register
OG62Decommissioning an Oil Tank, Wells and Offshore Platforms21 Feb - 25 FebHouston$5695 Register
DM09Data Capture, Collection and Analysis Course21 Feb - 25 FebHouston$4750 Register
ACG09Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Management21 Feb - 25 FebHouston$4750 Register
PD11Advanced Presentation Skills Training21 Feb - 11 MarHouston$16750 Register
CML23Tendering and Contracts Course21 Feb - 04 MarHouston$7125 Register
HSE18Marine Safety Training Course28 Feb - 04 MarHouston$5695 Register
OA15Office Manager Training Certification Program28 Feb - 04 MarHouston$4750 Register
NSM06Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Certification Training Course28 Feb - 11 MarHouston$7125 Register

Mar 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
LND09Competency Based Training Program07 Mar - 09 MarHouston$4100 Register
MA18Building Maintenance Management and Repair07 Mar - 09 MarHouston$4475 Register
HD09Certificate in Fundraising Training Course21 Mar - 01 AprHouston$7125 Register
OG105Certificate in Well Control21 Mar - 25 MarHouston$5695 Register
CS18Sales and Customer Service Training Course28 Mar - 30 MarHouston$4100 Register

Apr 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PR04Event and Conference Management Certification18 Apr - 22 AprHouston$4750 Register
PLS09Incoterms 2020 Course18 Apr - 22 AprHouston$5695 Register
LM11Leadership Excellence Training Program18 Apr - 29 AprHouston$7125 Register
HRM22Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course25 Apr - 06 MayHouston$7125 Register
PM29Economic and Technical Evaluation of Projects25 Apr - 27 AprHouston$4475 Register
SP13Benchmarking Training Courses25 Apr - 29 AprHouston$4750 Register
AF31Masterclass in Public Financial Management and Administration25 Apr - 06 MayHouston$7850 Register

May 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG57Coring and Conventional Core Analysis Best Practices09 May - 13 MayHouston$5695 Register
CW05Effective Communication Skills Training Course30 May - 03 JunHouston$4750 Register

Jun 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
AS05Mini MBA: Agriculture and Food Business Management Course27 Jun - 15 JulHouston$16750 Register
PPP03Masterclass in Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contract and Agreement27 Jun - 15 JulHouston$16750 Register
OG86Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operation, Management and Safety in accordance with International Standards27 Jun - 01 JulHouston$5695 Register

Jul 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CML04Contract Administration Certification: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations11 Jul - 15 JulHouston$4750 Register
ME02Steam Turbine & Centrifugal Compressor Design, Operation and Maintenance11 Jul - 15 JulHouston$5695 Register
PLS19Production and Material Management18 Jul - 20 JulHouston$4475 Register
BII05Agency Banking Model, Strategy and Solutions18 Jul - 20 JulHouston$4100 Register
LM11Leadership Excellence Training Program25 Jul - 29 JulHouston$4750 Register
AF21Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course25 Jul - 29 JulHouston$4475 Register
PM15Project Planning and Control25 Jul - 29 JulHouston$5695 Register
OG42Certification in Petrochemical Engineering25 Jul - 05 AugHouston$7850 Register

Aug 2022

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HRM23Certificate in Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Course08 Aug - 12 AugHouston$4750 Register
OA10Travel Management Training Course08 Aug - 12 AugHouston$4750 Register
SM16Certificate in Retail Management Training Course15 Aug - 19 AugHouston$4750 Register
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