Training Needs Assessment

ZOE upholds the globally recognised regard for adequate and thorough market research preceding any design and development of training interventions and programs. Each offering enlisted in our Open Courses are carefully structured and developed on the basis of on-going subject-related analysis.

ZOE’s team of professionals use various tools and techniques to assess and analyse knowledge gaps and skill development opportunities in organisations. Our Capacity Building programs use all information gathered to create effective training programs. The approach adequately focuses on minimising or removing all identified inhibitions that prevent growth and development.

Our TNA is can be conducted from a standard(general) and/or specific view-point, depending on our clients’ preferences.

For e.g. the need for training on a new IT (Information Technology) feature can be a result of a general (TNA) tool – say a ‘survey’ conducted by our team of experts. Now, you might find the need for implementation of this new IT process and related knowledge applicable to your employee functioning as much as other organisations do.

Thus, a market-wide (standard/general) TNA conducted by us here, has served your purpose of identifying the objective and scope / type of course that you will have us conduct for your employees.

Alternatively, we offer assistance in identifying Training Needs whereby our team of TNA experts will partner with the Development Teams in your organisation to closely analyse gaps and areas requiring immediate or post-dated training interventions.

This is done by employing successful, pre-tested and internationally accredited survey mechanisms. Employee and Organisation specific needs are then established and a Customised In-house Training or Outbound Course is constructed, delivered and managed by our professional team of experienced facilitators.