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Apr 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
LSC23Purchasing, Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management22 Apr - 03 MayCape Town$6250 Register
CW02Advanced Business Writing29 Apr - 01 MayCape Town$3500 Register

May 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PM10Project Management Skills27 May - 07 JunCape Town$6950 Register
FI22Fast Closing Monthly and Year-End Accounts27 May - 31 MayCape Town$4950 Register

Jun 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
AO14The Executive Assistant I Personal Assistant Master class10 Jun - 21 JunCape Town$6250 Register
SM38The Strategic Marketing Plan17 Jun - 21 JunCape Town$4250 Register
PPP06Public Private Partnerships Fundamentals24 Jun - 05 JulCape Town$6250 Register
HSE06Environmental Monitoring and Modelling: Environmental Management Systems – Best practices in obtaining ISO14001 Certification03 Jun - 05 JunCape Town$4100 Register
TS27Basics of P&ID Drawing03 Jun - 07 JunCape Town$4950 Register

Jul 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PR10Public Relations Campaigns: From Planning to Execution01 Jul - 05 JulCape Town$4250 Register
ML071Gamification22 Jul - 26 JulCape Town$4250 Register
iHRME01The Certified Professional in Human Resources and Compensation (CPHRC)29 Jul - 09 AugCape Town$6250 Register
MT09Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control08 Jul - 12 JulCape Town$4950 Register

Aug 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI47Debt Management Techniques12 Aug - 23 AugCape Town$6950 Register
LSC30Warehousing, stores & stock control management19 Aug - 30 AugCape Town$6250 Register
PS03Developing and Implementing the Business Plan19 Aug - 21 AugCape Town$3500 Register
HR43Manpower Organizations, Succession Planning & Trend Analysis26 Aug - 06 SepCape Town$6250 Register
TTT11Train the Trainer: From Design to Delivery05 Aug - 09 AugCape Town$4250 Register

Sep 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PG12Understanding Parliamentary Processes16 Sep - 27 SepCape Town$6250 Register
PRISM09PRISM Certification02 Sep - 06 SepCape Town$4250 Register
CT05Creating and Managing Compliance30 Sep - 04 OctCape Town$4250 Register
PR05Hospitality Events and Conferences Management09 Sep - 13 SepCape Town$4250 Register
QM13Reengineering Your Organization: A Roadmap to Business Process Improvement09 Sep - 13 SepCape Town$4950 Register
ML050Management Development Program09 Sep - 20 SepCape Town$6250 Register

Oct 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR24HR Analytics: Concepts and Tools for Effective Decision-Making14 Oct - 18 OctCape Town$4250 Register
SM02Accelerating Sales Force Performance14 Oct - 25 OctCape Town$6250 Register
AO15The Highly Productive and Effective Administrator14 Oct - 25 OctCape Town$6250 Register
CS22The Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Customer Service14 Oct - 18 OctCape Town$4250 Register
CM06Contracts Risk Management & Compliance21 Oct - 01 NovCape Town$6250 Register

Nov 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ML057Risk Evaluation and Management18 Nov - 22 NovCape Town$4250 Register
FI59State and Local Taxation25 Nov - 06 DecCape Town$6950 Register
PS09The Balanced Scorecard: Achieving Performance Excellence04 Nov - 15 NovCape Town$6250 Register

Dec 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR45NLP Training02 Dec - 06 DecCape Town$4250 Register
PPP08Regulating and Monitoring PPP02 Dec - 13 DecCape Town$6250 Register
TS26Basics of Instrumentations and Process Control02 Dec - 13 DecCape Town$6950 Register
LSC23Purchasing, Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management09 Dec - 13 DecCape Town$4250 Register
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