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Feb 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG45Crude Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization & Cargo Operations01 Feb - 05 FebToronto$5695 Register
LM44Team Building and Team Development Training Course22 Feb - 26 FebToronto$4750 Register
PLS33Port Management and Operations Course22 Feb - 26 FebToronto$5695 Register
BII15Specialist in Credit Risk Evaluation, Modelling and Management22 Feb - 26 FebToronto$4750 Register
PM28Construction Delay Analysis Masterclass22 Feb - 26 FebToronto$5695 Register

Mar 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
AF36Balance Sheet Reconciliation Training01 Mar - 05 MarToronto$5695 Register
SP21Strategic Partnerships, Joint Venture and Consortia Development Course01 Mar - 05 MarToronto$4750 Register
OG87Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment Plant, Process, Stages, Methods and Technology08 Mar - 12 MarToronto$5695 Register
MT15Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certification08 Mar - 19 MarToronto$7850 Register
HRM40Strategic Talent Management Certification Training Course15 Mar - 19 MarToronto$4750 Register
EE26ARC Flash Electrical Safety, Protection and Hazard22 Mar - 26 MarToronto$5695 Register
QCRM27Insurance Risk Management Certification22 Mar - 02 AprToronto$7850 Register

Apr 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ME03Dry Gas Seal System, Installation, Working Principle, Operation & Troubleshooting05 Apr - 09 AprToronto$5695 Register
OA13Electronic Records, Document, Archives and Information Management Training Course19 Apr - 07 MayToronto$16750 Register
HSE13Safety Audit and Safety Inspection Certification Training Course19 Apr - 30 AprToronto$7850 Register
OG36Masterclass in Petroleum Engineering26 Apr - 30 AprToronto$5695 Register

May 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
MA15Diesel Engine Maintenance and Repair Certification Course03 May - 07 MayToronto$5695 Register
SM15Professional Selling Skills Training Course03 May - 07 MayToronto$4750 Register
PLS46Public Sector Procurement Specialist Course10 May - 14 MayToronto$5695 Register
LM29Giving and Receiving Feedback Training17 May - 21 MayToronto$4750 Register
AF52Masterclass in Petroleum Economics17 May - 28 MayToronto$7850 Register
BII31Masterclass in Investment Management: Property, Stock, Financial & Funds24 May - 04 JunToronto$7125 Register
HRM47HRIS Training in Data Management and Report Making Course24 May - 28 MayToronto$4750 Register
TR08Improving Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms24 May - 28 MayToronto$5695 Register
PM01Advanced Project Management Certification31 May - 11 JunToronto$7850 Register
CML19Oil and Gas Contract Management Course31 May - 04 JunToronto$4750 Register

Jun 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG11Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management07 Jun - 25 JunToronto$16750 Register
CE02Construction Risk Management Certification Training Course07 Jun - 25 JunToronto$16750 Register
IPC07Certified Automation Engineer in PLC and SCADA Training Course21 Jun - 09 JulToronto$16750 Register
LM6310 Day MBA for Oil and Gas Professionals28 Jun - 09 JulToronto$7125 Register
PSM04Governance and Leadership in Public Sector Management Course28 Jun - 02 JulToronto$4750 Register

Jul 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PLS04Warehouse Manager Certification Course05 Jul - 09 JulToronto$5695 Register
HRM04HR Audit Certification Training Course05 Jul - 23 JulToronto$16750 Register
EE03Fundamentals of Electrical Substation and Switchyard Design, Safety and Maintenance05 Jul - 09 JulToronto$5695 Register
AF07Cost Management Certification Course12 Jul - 16 JulToronto$5695 Register
MT06Tetra over LTE12 Jul - 23 JulToronto$7850 Register
QCRM3Quality Improvement Certification19 Jul - 23 JulToronto$5695 Register
PD06Creative Thinking Training Course26 Jul - 30 JulToronto$4750 Register
OG27LNG Fleet and Transportation Management – Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier, Vessel, Tanker, Ship & Bunkering Facilities26 Jul - 30 JulToronto$5695 Register

Aug 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
DM10Data and Information Governance Certification Course09 Aug - 13 AugToronto$4750 Register
ME15Piping Engineering and Pipe Stress Analysis Certification Course09 Aug - 13 AugToronto$5695 Register
IPC19Process Control Certification Training Course16 Aug - 20 AugToronto$5695 Register
ACG11Handling Investigations by Registrar of Companies16 Aug - 20 AugToronto$4750 Register
PSM12Masterclass in Public Relations Management16 Aug - 27 AugToronto$7125 Register
OG72Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking Petroleum Refining Process16 Aug - 20 AugToronto$5695 Register
PM33Project Management Course for Engineers23 Aug - 27 AugToronto$5695 Register

Sep 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CW08Corporate Communication Training Course06 Sep - 17 SepToronto$7125 Register
CS16Customer Service Manager Training Course06 Sep - 10 SepToronto$4750 Register
LND01Certified Training and Development Professional Course06 Sep - 17 SepToronto$4750 Register
CML30Business and Commercial Contract Law Course13 Sep - 17 SepToronto$4750 Register
PR06Public Affairs and Media Relations Course13 Sep - 17 SepToronto$4750 Register
ACG20Anti Money Laundering (AML) Certification Training Course for Board of Directors & Senior Management – Level III13 Sep - 17 SepToronto$4750 Register
PLS15Mini MBA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics13 Sep - 24 SepToronto$7850 Register
BII12Bank Teller Certification Program13 Sep - 17 SepToronto$4750 Register
OG56Mini MBA: Oil Refinery Operations20 Sep - 08 OctToronto$16750 Register
NSM03Security Risk Assessment and Management Certification Training Course20 Sep - 01 OctToronto$7125 Register
HD06Grant and Proposal Writing Certification Training Course27 Sep - 01 OctToronto$4750 Register
LM65Advanced Management Program27 Sep - 01 OctToronto$4750 Register
SM27Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management Training Course27 Sep - 15 OctToronto$16750 Register
AF44Forensic Accounting and Auditing Certification Course27 Sep - 01 OctToronto$5695 Register

Oct 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ME03Dry Gas Seal System, Installation, Working Principle, Operation & Troubleshooting04 Oct - 08 OctToronto$5695 Register
HRM11Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Course11 Oct - 15 OctToronto$4750 Register
PM10Project Management Certification Course18 Oct - 29 OctToronto$7850 Register
EE29Energy Isolation: Plan, Procedure and Checklist18 Oct - 22 OctToronto$5695 Register
QCRM8QMS Auditor Certification Course25 Oct - 29 OctToronto$5695 Register
OG91Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals for Nontechnical Personnel25 Oct - 29 OctToronto$5695 Register
SP19Improving Board Effectiveness Training25 Oct - 29 OctToronto$4750 Register

Nov 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HSE13Safety Audit and Safety Inspection Certification Training Course08 Nov - 12 NovToronto$5695 Register
PPP06Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Basis, Index, Formula, Methods and Types15 Nov - 26 NovToronto$7125 Register
OA13Electronic Records, Document, Archives and Information Management Training Course15 Nov - 19 NovToronto$4750 Register
MA23Writing Effective Maintenance Procedures22 Nov - 03 DecToronto$7850 Register
PLS29Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Oil & Gas Industry22 Nov - 26 NovToronto$5695 Register
LM62Stakeholder Management and Engagement Training Course22 Nov - 26 NovToronto$4750 Register
BII26Certificate in Pension Fund Law & Regulation Act29 Nov - 03 DecToronto$4750 Register
AF46Cash Management Certification Course29 Nov - 03 DecToronto$5695 Register
OG77Certificate in Commercial Energy Management29 Nov - 03 DecToronto$5695 Register

Dec 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HRM14Certificate in HR Administration Course13 Dec - 24 DecToronto$7125 Register
PLS18Certified Supply Chain Management Professional Course13 Dec - 17 DecToronto$5695 Register
LM49Leadership and Strategic Thinking in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industry13 Dec - 17 DecToronto$4750 Register
MT11Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Certification13 Dec - 17 DecToronto$5695 Register
AS05Mini MBA: Agriculture and Food Business Management Course13 Dec - 24 DecToronto$7125 Register
PPP05PPP Project Finance Model Certification Program20 Dec - 31 DecToronto$7125 Register
OG86Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operation, Management and Safety in accordance with International Standards20 Dec - 24 DecToronto$5695 Register
PM45Lean Project Management Certification20 Dec - 24 DecToronto$5695 Register
PLS51Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation20 Dec - 24 DecToronto$5695 Register
LM37Strength Based Leadership Training20 Dec - 31 DecToronto$7125 Register
AF44Forensic Accounting and Auditing Certification Course20 Dec - 24 DecToronto$5695 Register
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