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Course Overview

A lot of smart business owners worldwide have come to the inevitable understanding of the importance of professional writing skills, an essential ingredient to get their brand on the global map. At Zoe, we take professional business writing very seriously, having empowered several individuals across industries to grow as writers and grow their businesses along with them.

Spoken and written communication are separated by the stark differentiator of permanence. While face to face presentations may or may not be recorded, written transfer of knowledge and information will always go down generations – be it digitally or physically!

Professional Writing is a skill that we have been able to help delegates easily develop and excel in, through our carefully created syllabus in the form of eight well-structured modules that offer each participant a deep insight and progressive learning towards becoming an expert writer in business communication.

We find that the success of professional writing lies in an individual’s ability to fully agree with its infinite dimensions and then choose the best one according to the purpose and audience in question.

The Style of written transfer says a lot of the individual as much as it does about the organisation, brand values and due diligence. Our highly experienced and proficient facilitators will provide personalised and real-time feedback to participants, assisting a meaningful growth in their writing skills.

Our Professional Business Writing Skills Training Course has helped several executives, managers, government employees and business owners acquire a whole range of new ideas towards writing and thus created a brand-new avenue for them to achieve new milestones in life.

Our post-training analysis records a display of credible writing improvements in all our participants, allowing them to embrace new success levels every day!

This Zoe training course will empower you to become an expert in communication. Through this course, you will be able to employ advanced communication techniques and also role-model this ability to mentor others by example.

By ensuring the application of all elements of a good communicator, you will attract a high level of excellence, as desired. You will resultantly be better positioned to contribute to your organisation in your interactions with your stakeholders and your customer.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this Professional Business Writing Skills Training Course is to equip professionals with—

  • the ability to reach a greater level of competence in professional business writing skills
  • real-time feedback on their writing style, techniques and mechanisms aligned with global standards in 21st century communication
  • the ability to recognise language and grammatical aspects that do not align with business writing
  • capability to correct these errors and self-improvise as a part of the continuous learning process
  • understanding of the pre-requisites of a well written communication piece
  • ability to express ideas in a structured and easily understandable manner, on any subject
  • the skill to build credible content from scratch, review processes, create documents, edit and rework written communication before it is permanently received
  • understanding of the potential of business transformation through a transformation in written communication

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions designs and develops training courses to cater to our training audience and their distinctive professional background and experience. Classroom sessions with presentations by a highly experienced facilitator form a major part of our training programmes.

We support trainee participation through group discussions, role-plays, group activities, assessments and more. Trainees are also requested to share their know-how, issues, concerns and best practices from their respective organisations, which are facilitated by the trainer to enhance learning for the entire participant group.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows ‘Do–Review–Learn–Apply’ Model.

Organisation Benefit

Organisations whose professionals undertake this Professional Business Writing Skills Training Course will benefit in many ways as follows:

  • Individuals become effective at written communication and their skills will reflect positively for your business
  • More calibration in written communication, aligned with the brand values of your organization
  • Enhanced credibility for the individual, the organisation and brand value
  • Increased demand for the goods and services your organization offers in diverse markets owing to your representation on digital media
  • The decrease in confusion over instructions, more calibration within the organisation
  • Stakeholder recommendation and higher revenue
  • Improved individual performance owing to a better understanding of their role and a positive sense of esteem for the organization
  • Lower attrition as employees participating will feel invested in, valued and empowered with recently gained knowledge and skills

Personal Benefit

Professionals attending this course will benefit phenomenally in the following ways:

  • A clear understanding of the importance of professional business writing and the ill-effects of mediocre communication on the business
  • Increased awareness of one’s ability to understand how to hone habits that will enable them to become better writers
  • Access to videos and practise sessions that are exclusively owned and run by Zoe Talent Solutions
  • Ability to identify one’s area of opportunity to recognise and correct common mistakes in professional writing
  • Understanding the impact of formatting in written presentations
  • A sense of accomplishment contributing to a steady application of professional writing techniques
  • Overall improvement in individual performance and relationships, owing to increased maturity as writers and professionalism in work ethic
  • The ability to role-model the techniques of good writing in the organisation, for subordinates to observe and imitate
  • Ability to employ a high level of written business communication and consequently show-case a standard of excellence

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals across the industry who are looking to increase their knowledge and skill in Professional Business Writing
  • Managers, Secretaries and Team Leaders who use writing as a tool for business communication
  • Administration executives responsible for communicating to different sectors of the business using various written modes of transfer
  • Executives who need professional business writing skills to progress to their next role
  • Trainers, teaching staff, educators and administrators responsible for interacting with clients and faculty professionally
  • Human Resource Managers, Executives and Leaders responsible for employee development, performance and organisational development
  • Government officials responsible for written communication and administration in government sectors
  • Hospital staff, support staff in volunteer camps and faculty communicating with external stakeholders via memos, emails and other vehicles of a written transfer
  • Any other professional who would like to improve their ability to adopt an unparalleled skill in professional writing

Course Outline

The course will cover the following areas that are imperative in understanding the importance of Professional Business Writing Skills and increasing the participants’ ability to imbibe the qualities of a professional content writer.

Module 1 – Introduction to Writing Skills

  • Importance of Good Writing Skills in the 21st century
  • Role of Writing in Communication
  • Perceptions vs Reality
  • Ethical Writing
  • Impact of Poor Business Writing
  • Assess your Business Writing Skills

Module 2 – Pre-requisites to Writing Excellence

  • Identify your Audience
  • Define your Purpose
  • Brand Alignment
  • Facts or Opinions
  • Drafts, edits and reviews
  • Assignments & Feedback

Module 3 – Choose your Writing Voice

  • Role of a Voice in Business Writing
  • Word choice and effects
  • Conciseness and Clarity
  • Conversational Writing
  • Practice and Feedback

Module 4 – Genres of Business Writing

  • Email Writing
  • Memorandums
  • Business Letters
  • Minutes of the Meeting
  • Documentation, Policies and Instructions
  • Social Media & Press Releases
  • Practice Activities and Feedback

Module 5 – Grammar and Sentence Construction

  • Words, Phrases and Sentences
  • The Active and Passive Voice
  • Simple yet Impactful Language
  • Applying Parallelism in Business Writing
  • Plagiarism and Grammar – check tools
  • Self-Assessment

Module 6 – Categories of Writing Styles

  • Formal and Informal Writing
  • Comparison Chart
  • Merits and De-merits
  • Choosing the Best Writing Approach
  • Case Studies & Feedback

Module 7 – Written Presentation in Business Communication

  • Importance of Presentation
  • Graphical Elements
  • Heading, Bullets and Fonts
  • Data Flow Charts, Maps, Diagrams and Tables
  • Impactful Formatting Techniques
  • Projects and Practice

Module 8 – Professional Writing to Build Your Customer Base

  • How to Use Writing to Reach Customers
  • Principles of Professional Digital Writing
  • Dissect and Re-assemble
  • Build a Story-line
  • Edit to Eliminate
  • Summary & Feedback
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Now participate in a live online course for a highly discounted fee of Only $850, as a limited introductory offer.

(Terms and conditions apply)