Training Delivery & Management

The process of training (as formulated by ATD) can be classified into the five phases of Needs Analysis, Design, Development (Delivery and Management), Implementation and Evaluation.

ZOE organises end-to-end Training for organisations to meet the needs of its clients. Delivery & Management is vital to this process. The certified experts at ZOE regard the application of learning from class-room and outdoor training as an essential result of the Delivery & Management phase.

  • Customised In-house Training : Our uniquely designed courses present a culmination of up-to-date knowledge that our facilitators supply; skilfully combined with the unmatched ability to help participants learn and apply all the information related to the course conducted. We offer customised training solutions on the request of organisations who are keen to enhance a learning gap they may have already identified. Our team of professionals work in close proximity with clients to design and develop training modules that focus on bettering the organisations’ operational processes and revenue generation. These programs can be conducted in-house, or at an external location to suit our clients’ preference.
  • Out-bound Training Programs : Many organisations prefer a change of scene/location for their employees to undergo experiential learning by means of innovative and thought-provoking activities that cannot be conducted within the limited area of the classroom. Our Out-bound Training Programs have assisted clients create break-throughs in their thought processes like never before. Especially useful for leadership teams and groups in need of motivation, our Out-bound Training Modules designed and delivered by extremely motivated and experienced training professionals, bring out the best in every participant.

Along with providing training services of our own, our mentors offer to assist client in-house trainers in facilitation techniques, overcoming obstacles and overall training management. This allows our clients to maintain the standard of follow-up to ensure that all training objectives are met and consistently refreshed to produce desired results in performance.