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Sep 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CS22The Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Customer Service01 Sep - 12 SepAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
FI57Federal Income Taxation15 Sep - 17 SepAbu Dhabi$4100 Register
PS06Master Class on Risk Management22 Sep - 03 OctAbu Dhabi$6250 Register

Oct 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR50Performance Management: Setting Objectives, KPI and Conducting Appraisals20 Oct - 24 OctAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
LSC23Purchasing, Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management27 Oct - 07 NovAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
CM09Managing & Negotiating with Consultants & Contractors: Selecting, Developing & Working with Suppliers06 Oct - 17 OctAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program06 Oct - 10 OctAbu Dhabi$4250 Register

Nov 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI37International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and 2015 Updates10 Nov - 21 NovAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
ML064Women in Leadership17 Nov - 28 NovAbu Dhabi$6250 Register

Dec 2019

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PG03E-Government: Strategy and Implementation15 Dec - 26 DecAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
CM17Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation15 Dec - 19 DecAbu Dhabi$4250 Register

Jan 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CM17Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation05 Jan - 07 JanAbu Dhabi$3500 Register
QM015S Continuous Improvement12 Jan - 16 JanAbu Dhabi$4950 Register

Feb 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PS01Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management02 Feb - 13 FebAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
PR08Public Relations and Media Skills09 Feb - 13 FebAbu Dhabi$4250 Register

Mar 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI12Connecting the DOTS: Understanding the Business01 Mar - 12 MarAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
LSC29Procurement Management Professional01 Mar - 12 MarAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
iHRME02The Certified Global Compensation Professional (CGCP)01 Mar - 12 MarAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
GA01Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and New Ventures08 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
MT15Professional Maintenance Planner15 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program15 Mar - 19 MarAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
PM05Managing IT Projects Successfully22 Mar - 02 AprAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
OG02IALA Maritime Buoyage System Program29 Mar - 09 AprAbu Dhabi$6950 Register

Apr 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR21HR Analytics: Concepts and Tools for Effective Decision-Making19 Apr - 23 AprAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
EE9Effective Transmission & Distribution Operation19 Apr - 23 AprAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
AO15Effective Travels and Protocol Management26 Apr - 28 AprAbu Dhabi$3500 Register

May 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ML015The Leadership Excellence Program03 May - 07 MayAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
SM09Distribution Channels: Optimizing Market Penetration17 May - 21 MayAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
CW05Business Writing Skills24 May - 26 MayAbu Dhabi$3500 Register
MC03Public Safety Networks Over LTE24 May - 04 JunAbu Dhabi$6950 Register

Jun 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CM20Advanced FIDIC Contracts07 Jun - 09 JunAbu Dhabi$3500 Register
iHRME03The Certified Global Staffing and Development Professional (CGSDP)07 Jun - 11 JunAbu Dhabi$4250 Register

Jul 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI67Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management12 Jul - 23 JulAbu Dhabi$6950 Register
PR07Planning Strategic Marketing19 Jul - 30 JulAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
ACS12Fundamental Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems – SCADA19 Jul - 23 JulAbu Dhabi$4950 Register

Aug 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
PRISM02Career Match – Successful Career Planning02 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
CS13Excellence in Customer Service – Getting to the Heart of it16 Aug - 20 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
ML009Key Managerial Skills for New Managers and Supervisors16 Aug - 27 AugAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
PG12Understanding Parliamentary Processes30 Aug - 10 SepAbu Dhabi$6250 Register

Sep 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI52International Taxation Principles06 Sep - 10 SepAbu Dhabi$4950 Register

Oct 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
HR32Job Analysis and Job Description Techniques04 Oct - 15 OctAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program04 Oct - 08 OctAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
PPP02Managing International PPP Projects11 Oct - 22 OctAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
TTT10Train the Trainer: From Design to Delivery25 Oct - 29 OctAbu Dhabi$4250 Register

Nov 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI65Advanced Petroleum Calculation08 Nov - 12 NovAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
SM34Tele-Sales & Marketing22 Nov - 03 DecAbu Dhabi$6250 Register

Dec 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
ML052Service Productization & Business Transformation Training Program06 Dec - 24 DecAbu Dhabi$15995 Register
LSC27Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection20 Dec - 24 DecAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
CT07Forensic Auditing and Accounting20 Dec - 24 DecAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
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