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Certified Sales Manager Training Course

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19 Sep - 21 Sep, 2022Live Online3 Days$1300Register
05 Dec - 07 Dec, 2022Live Online3 Days$1300Register
30 Jan - 01 Feb, 2023Live Online5 Days$2050Register
03 Apr - 07 Apr, 2023Live Online5 Days$2050Register
31 Jul - 04 Aug, 2023Live Online3 Days$1400Register
05 Nov - 09 Nov, 2023Live Online5 Days$2050Register
19 Sep - 23 Sep, 2022Manchester5 Days$4750Register
11 Dec - 29 Dec, 2022Dubai15 Days$15875Register
11 Jan - 13 Jan, 2023Vienna 3 Days$4100Register
03 Apr - 14 Apr, 2023Dubai10 Days$8150Register
24 Jul - 28 Jul, 2023Bratislava 5 Days$5125Register
13 Nov - 17 Nov, 2023Prague 5 Days$5125Register

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Course Overview

What is the role of a Sales Manager? Sales management is both an art and a science. When a sales manager focuses on putting the product or service in the hands of the end-user, s/he has to drive their entire team to meet the strategic goals that grow the business further.

Whether the business is operating in the B2B or B2C market, the role of a sales manager is very important. Working in a team, meeting the sales targets, planning and budgeting is a part of his/her role. It thus is necessary for a sales manager not only to have the right knowledge but also the right management skills required for the job.

Do you want your sales managers to drive your sales team efficiently to generate more sales?

This training offered by Zoe Talent Solutions will support the sales managers in bettering their business perspective, reinforce their leadership and coach the team. The sales leaders will thus be able to face their everyday challenges, forecast issues to avoid any costly hiring mistakes and likewise.

Course Objectives

The participants will be able to achieve the following objectives after taking this ‘Certified Sales Manager Training Course’:

  • Get equipped with the qualities of a modern-day sales manager
  • Plan and execute sales strategies, and organise sales territories
  • Use different forecasting models to optimize sales growth
  • Train and Coach the team to generate more sales and profits
  • Increase retention rate through their leadership and team-building skills
  • Conduct sales reviews for the business and use different models for evaluating sales

Training Methodology

To meet these objectives, this program offered by ZOE Talent Solutions will rely on interactive presentation and other classroom activities. Case studies, Role plays, and Group discussions will be used to create a shared language and bring forth the competencies of sales management.

ZOE Talent Solutions applies the methodology of ‘Do-review-learn-apply’ in their training programs.

Organisational Benefits

The benefits that the organisation will get from this ‘Certified Sales Manager Training Course’ are:

  • Equipped with a team of competent sales managers
  • Increased rate of retention in the sales team
  • An engaged sales workforce
  • Sales Managers ready to appreciate newer ways of generating sales vs. the traditional method
  • Appreciate the use of several forecasting models for more sales
  • A team of sales managers ready to coach and counsel the business and team

Personal Benefits

The personal benefits sales managers would get from this program are:

  • Steer Sales and achieve targets in a planned way
  • Increase in the competencies of self
  • Get the current perspective of modern-day business
  • Generate more sales and thus achieve targets
  • Develop the ability to coach and retain the members of the team
  • Plan for contingencies in advance

Who Should Attend?

This training should be attended by:

  • Sales Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • All those who wish to increase the overall performance of their team/s
  • All those who would like to enhance the value they deliver to their team
  • Anyone who wants to move from the role of sales professional to sales manager

Course Outline


  • The Selling Process
  • What is Sales Force Management?
  • Strategic Sales Force Management
  • The bigger perspective
  • Qualities of a Sales Manager
  • Communication
  • Mental Agility
  • Analytical
  • Goal-Oriented


  • Organising, Staffing and Training a Sales Force
    • Sales Force Organisation
    • Profiling and Recruiting Salespeople
    • Selecting and Hiring Salespeople
    • Qualities to look for in the team members before hiring


  • Motivating a sales force
  • Sales Force compensation
  • Sales Force Quotas and expenses
  • Leadership of a sales force
  • Automating Business processes
  • Sales Cycle customization


  • Understand
    • Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
    • Segmenting markets
    • Target segment
    • Positioning maps & strategy
    • Target Customer persona
  • Forecasting Sales and Developing budgets
  • Assigning Sales Territories
  • Increasing awareness about the company’s products/ services
  • Obtaining referrals from existing customers
  • Identify your sales plan metrics


  • Forecasting Sales and Developing budgets
  • Setting Metrics and Goals
  • Sales Activity vs. Sales results metrics
  • What to measure?
  • Regular reviews of performance
  • Rewarding the right attitude and behaviour
  • Addressing Challenges of the team
  • Building the competency of the team


  • Understanding the target market
  • How to get Marketing Information?
  • Marketing research: process and systems for DM
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Business Government and Institutional Buying
  • Market Segmentation


  • Envisage how the right balance of the 4 P’s of Marketing Mix generates business
    • Product
    • Price
    • Place
    • Promotion
  • Components of Product Mix-Branding, Packaging Labelling
  • Marketing Mix Products- Tangible, Intangible and Services
  • Product and Brand Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Advertising, Sales Promotions, PR and Direct Marketing


  • Customer’s needs, wants and demands
  • Offerings of – Products, services and experiences to the customer
  • Value & satisfaction of the customer
  • Understanding the Target customer
  • Value proposition offered
  • How to retain customers?
  • Ensuring customer loyalty
  • How to retain Market share and customer equity?

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