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Jan 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
FI04Accounts Payable: From Accounting to Management19 Jan - 06 FebRiyadh$15995 Register
HR02Advanced Employee Relations26 Jan - 06 FebJeddah$6250 Register
ML002Critical and Creative thinking: Strategies in RAPID Decision Making26 Jan - 06 FebJeddah$6250 Register
PD02Body Language26 Jan - 06 FebRiyadh$6250 Register
LSC22Purchasing, Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management26 Jan - 06 FebDubai$6750 Register
MC085G Technology Overview26 Jan - 06 FebDubai$6750 Register
AO01Administration and Office Management Professional27 Jan - 07 FebSingapore$7125 Register
QM02HACCP Programs27 Jan - 07 FebSingapore$7850 Register
FI19Fast Closing Monthly and Year-End Accounts27 Jan - 07 FebIstanbul$7850 Register
CM20Advanced FIDIC Contracts27 Jan - 07 FebLagos$6250 Register
PPP06Public Private Partnerships Fundamentals27 Jan - 07 FebNew York$7125 Register

Feb 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
AO02Administration and Office Management: Best Practices & Technologies02 Feb - 13 FebRiyadh$6250 Register
AO02Administration and Office Management: Best Practices & Technologies02 Feb - 13 FebRiyadh$6250 Register
HR08Compensation Management02 Feb - 06 FebDubai$3950 Register
SM35The Strategic Marketing Plan02 Feb - 13 FebJeddah$6250 Register
FI06Advanced Budgeting Workshop02 Feb - 04 FebDubai$3950 Register
HSE06Environmental Monitoring and Modelling: Environmental Management Systems – Best practices in obtaining ISO14001 Certification02 Feb - 06 FebDubai$4750 Register
PS01Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management02 Feb - 13 FebAbu Dhabi$6250 Register
CM01Advanced Contract Management: Planning, Strategy, Development, Legal, Negotiation & Disputes02 Feb - 13 FebDubai$5950 Register
CT07Forensic Auditing and Accounting02 Feb - 06 FebDubai$3950 Register
BII01Masterclass in Currency Management (Risk, Strategy & Asset Management)02 Feb - 06 FebDubai$3950 Register
OG01Marine Loading Arm, Terminal Operating and Management System02 Feb - 06 FebDubai$4750 Register
HR03Advanced Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection03 Feb - 07 FebAthens$4750 Register
ML003Goal setting: getting off to the right start03 Feb - 05 FebLondon$4100 Register
PD03Business & Corporate Etiquettes03 Feb - 14 FebManchester$7125 Register
FI07Advanced Cash Flow & Working Capital Management03 Feb - 07 FebNairobi$4950 Register
LSC01Achieving Warehouse success03 Feb - 07 FebAmsterdam$5695 Register
CW10Making Powerful Presentations03 Feb - 07 FebDar es Salaam$4250 Register
PM02Advanced Negotiation skills for Project Managers03 Feb - 07 FebToronto$5695 Register
PR09Public Relations Campaigns: From Planning to Execution03 Feb - 07 FebGeneva$4750 Register
GA05Strategic Management of Agribusiness03 Feb - 07 FebCairo$4250 Register
ACS20Basics of P&ID Drawing03 Feb - 07 FebCairo$4950 Register
MC09Advanced Course on 5G New Radio Access Technology03 Feb - 07 FebBangkok$5350 Register
ILM02Management & Leadership Development Program03 Feb - 07 FebMauritius$4495 Register
PG10Records and Information Management03 Feb - 14 FebDar es Salaam$6250 Register
BII03Specialist in Banking Operations Certification Course03 Feb - 21 FebLondon$16750 Register
OG10Vetting Inspection for Oil Tankers, Ships, Vessels & Offshore Marine Units03 Feb - 14 FebJohannesburg$6950 Register
CS02Becoming Most Recommended Company for your customer09 Feb - 20 FebDubai$5950 Register
ML034Results-Based Leadership09 Feb - 13 FebDubai$3950 Register
FI61Currency Management09 Feb - 11 FebMuscat$4100 Register
LSC02Advanced Warehouse Management09 Feb - 20 FebMuscat$6950 Register
PM03Establishing and Managing the Project Management Office (PMO)09 Feb - 20 FebDubai$6750 Register
PR08Public Relations and Media Skills09 Feb - 13 FebAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
TTT07Managing and Coordinating Training Proactively09 Feb - 20 FebMuscat$6250 Register
BII06LBO Model, Loan Structuring, Pricing and Leveraged Acquisition Finance09 Feb - 20 FebDubai$5950 Register
OG12Energy Economics and Policy Masterclass09 Feb - 13 FebRiyadh$4950 Register
OG15Global Upstream Oil and Gas Operations Certification09 Feb - 20 FebDubai$6750 Register
ML060Developing Senior Leaders Capacity10 Feb - 14 FebSingapore$4750 Register
HR04Auditing HR Processes10 Feb - 21 FebSeoul$6750 Register
QM03Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement and Cost Reduction10 Feb - 14 FebNew York$5695 Register
FI08Analyzing Financial Statements10 Feb - 21 FebLondon$7850 Register
CM02Commercial & Business Contracts: A Practical Guide10 Feb - 14 FebBerlin$4750 Register
MT09Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control10 Feb - 14 FebAccra$4950 Register
BII04Fraud and Risk Management System in Banking Sector10 Feb - 14 FebJohannesburg$4250 Register
OG11Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management10 Feb - 14 FebSingapore$5695 Register
OG14Masterclass in International Oil and Gas Business Management10 Feb - 14 FebHouston$5695 Register
HR05Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence16 Feb - 27 FebMuscat$6250 Register
ML005Developing your Emotional Intelligence (EI)16 Feb - 20 FebDubai$3950 Register
MT01Advanced Maintenance Management16 Feb - 27 FebDubai$6750 Register
ME01Piping Design, System, Operation, Maintenance and Repair in Oil and Gas Plant16 Feb - 20 FebDubai$4750 Register
EE01Switchgear, Circuit Breakers and Power Transformers – Efficient Operation and Maintenance16 Feb - 20 FebDubai$4750 Register
ME05Gas Turbine Operation, Performance, Maintenance and Repair16 Feb - 20 FebDubai$4750 Register
BII10Certified Chartered Banker Course16 Feb - 20 FebRiyadh$4250 Register
OG36Masterclass in Petroleum Engineering16 Feb - 20 FebDubai$4750 Register
HR06Building Organisation Culture17 Feb - 21 FebLondon$4750 Register
ML004Resolving Conflicts: Building Winning Partnerships17 Feb - 28 FebJohannesburg$6250 Register
SM0121st Century Marketing17 Feb - 28 FebJohannesburg$6250 Register
FI09Budget Preparation Skills17 Feb - 21 FebJohannesburg$4950 Register
FI33International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and 2015 Updates17 Feb - 28 FebNew York$7850 Register
LSC03Analytical Methods for Improved Purchasing Performance17 Feb - 21 FebNairobi$4950 Register
EE04Electrical Power System Protection and Switchgear Training Course17 Feb - 28 FebLondon$7850 Register
EE05Certificate in Electrical Power Distribution Management17 Feb - 21 FebSingapore$5695 Register
ME03Dry Gas Seal System, Installation, Working Principle, Operation & Troubleshooting17 Feb - 21 FebLondon$5695 Register
BII08Sukuk Funds and Bonds: Types, Issuance, Investment, Structure and Financing17 Feb - 21 FebSingapore$4750 Register
OG16Global Downstream Oil and Gas Operations Certification17 Feb - 21 FebLondon$5695 Register
OG20Oil and Gas Value Chain – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream18 Feb - 20 FebDubai$3950 Register
HR07Compensation and Benefits Professional23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$5950 Register
FI10Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$6750 Register
CW01Active Listening Skills23 Feb - 27 FebDubai$3950 Register
CM03Construction Contracts Masterclass: Developing & Managing Successful Construction Contracts23 Feb - 05 MarJeddah$6250 Register
PPP07Public Sector Reform: Impact of Private Investment23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$5950 Register
ME11Pressure Safety Valve, Actuators and Regulators – Inspection and Maintenance23 Feb - 27 FebDubai$4750 Register
ME08Masterclass in Rotating Equipment Engineering23 Feb - 05 MarRiyadh$6950 Register
BII12Bank Teller Certification Program23 Feb - 27 FebDubai$3950 Register
OG41Digital Transformation in Downstream Oil and Gas23 Feb - 05 MarDubai$6750 Register
HR46Performance Management: Setting Objectives, KPI and Conducting Appraisals24 Feb - 06 MarJohannesburg$6250 Register
ML046Enhanced Performance and Strategic Management24 Feb - 28 FebDar es Salaam$4250 Register
PD04Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques24 Feb - 28 FebNew York$4750 Register
SM02Accelerating Sales Force Performance24 Feb - 28 FebVienna$4750 Register
FI11Cash Flow Statement Workshop: Preparation and Analysis24 Feb - 28 FebCairo$4950 Register
HSE01Accident Prevention Program24 Feb - 28 FebNairobi$4950 Register
PS06Risk Management24 Feb - 28 FebSeoul$4495 Register
LSC04Drafting International Sales Contracts24 Feb - 28 FebLisbon$5695 Register
PM15Project Planning & Control Skills Workshop24 Feb - 26 FebBudapest$4475 Register
PR01Business Etiquette and Protocol24 Feb - 06 MarCairo$6250 Register
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