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Jul 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
SP17Workflow Management Training Course20 Jul - 07 AugManchester$16750 Register
QCRM6Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course20 Jul - 07 AugManchester$16750 Register
SM17Certificate in Digital Marketing Training Course20 Jul - 07 AugManchester$16750 Register
AF21Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course26 Jul - 06 AugAmman$6950 Register
AF22Certificate Course in Financial Accounting & Taxation26 Jul - 13 AugDubai$15875 Register
HD04Evaluating the Impact of a Project26 Jul - 06 AugDubai$5950 Register
LM67Thought Leadership Training26 Jul - 13 AugDubai$15875 Register
PLS35Mini MBA in Maritime and Logistics Management26 Jul - 13 AugDubai$15875 Register
PLS48Mini MBA in Government Procurement Course26 Jul - 06 AugAmman$6950 Register
LM29Giving and Receiving Feedback Training26 Jul - 06 AugAmman$6250 Register
HRM14Certificate in HR Administration Course26 Jul - 13 AugDubai$15875 Register
HRM31NLP Practitioner Certification Training Course26 Jul - 06 AugAmman$6250 Register
LM22Supervisory Skills Development Training Course27 Jul - 07 AugLondon$7125 Register
SP05Feasibility Study Course: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation27 Jul - 07 AugAmsterdam$7125 Register
AF10Certified Financial Analyst Course27 Jul - 07 AugLondon$7850 Register
QCRM9Certified Quality Management Professional27 Jul - 07 AugAmsterdam$7850 Register
SM05Business Networking Training Course27 Jul - 07 AugAmsterdam$7125 Register
PLS11Logistics Management and Operations Certification Course27 Jul - 07 AugLondon$7850 Register
HRM18HR Leadership Development Training Program27 Jul - 07 AugLondon$7125 Register

Aug 2020

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
CML08Procurement and Contract Management Certification Course02 Aug - 13 AugDubai$5950 Register
CML06Masterclass in Construction Contract Law, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution02 Aug - 06 AugMuscat$4250 Register
LM12New Manager Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugRiyadh$4250 Register
DM05Azure Big Data Analytics Certification Course02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$3950 Register
PR04Event and Conference Management Certification02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$3950 Register
CW02Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$3950 Register
AF15Credit Management and Debt Collection Course02 Aug - 06 AugRiyadh$4950 Register
CE01Lean Construction Certification Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$4750 Register
HD07Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Achieving Sustainable Development02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$3950 Register
ILM01Administration & Office Management Program02 Aug - 13 AugAmman$6250 Register
PLS06Effective Application of Electronic Identification Systems02 Aug - 06 AugRiyadh$4950 Register
PM29Economic and Technical Evaluation of Projects02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$4750 Register
ME20Certified Piping and Mechanical Quality Control (QC) Inspector02 Aug - 06 AugMuscat$4950 Register
ME18Flange Management and Tightening Course02 Aug - 13 AugDubai$6750 Register
EE12Electrical Drawings and Schematics Course02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$4750 Register
BII04Fraud and Risk Management System in Banking Sector02 Aug - 13 AugDubai$5950 Register
OG26LNG Plant Safety02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$4750 Register
OG31Offshore Oil Rig Training02 Aug - 06 AugDubai$4750 Register
HRM22Certificate in HR KPI and Metrics Training Course02 Aug - 06 AugRiyadh$4250 Register
AF43Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugCapetown$4950 Register
CML12Contract Law and Management Certification Program03 Aug - 14 AugLondon$7125 Register
LM59Next Generation Leadership Program03 Aug - 07 AugLondon$4750 Register
LM40Senior Management Development Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugCapetown$4250 Register
PR05International Protocol and Diplomacy Certification03 Aug - 07 AugHouston$4750 Register
PLS19Production and Material Management03 Aug - 07 AugCapetown$4950 Register
PLS12Warehouse Supervisor Course03 Aug - 07 AugLondon$5695 Register
SP25Strategic Awareness and Business Acumen Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugMauritius$4495 Register
QCRM10Root Cause Analysis Training Certification Course03 Aug - 07 AugMauritius$5350 Register
PM32Construction Project Management Masterclass03 Aug - 05 AugJohannesburg$4100 Register
CW03Advanced Communication Skills Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugHouston$4750 Register
AF56Treasury Risk Management Course03 Aug - 07 AugLondon$5695 Register
HD02Masterclass in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Course03 Aug - 07 AugHouston$4750 Register
SM25Market Research and Intelligence Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugMauritius$4495 Register
ME14Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Certification03 Aug - 14 AugLondon$7850 Register
ME16Specialist in Piping Design03 Aug - 07 AugNairobi$4950 Register
BII11Bank Modelling and Valuation Certification Program03 Aug - 07 AugAmsterdam$4750 Register
OG29Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Certification Program03 Aug - 07 AugSingapore$5695 Register
OG32Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Geoscience Masterclass03 Aug - 21 AugToronto$16750 Register
HRM55The 10-Day MBA in HR03 Aug - 07 AugCapetown$4250 Register
HRM52People Analytics Training Course03 Aug - 07 AugLondon$4750 Register
PD21Priority Management Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
HSE12Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
CML05Mini MBA in Contract Management Certification Program09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
OA22Executive Secretary Skills Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
PLS16Material Management in Oil & Gas09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
PLS10Inventory and Stock Control Specialist09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$6750 Register
AF32Understanding Finance for Strategic Decision Making09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
AF28IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Certification Course09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$6750 Register
LM28IT Management Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
LM19Management Development Training Program09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$5950 Register
SP28Strategy Masterclass09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
NSM11Certified Security Management Professional Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
QCRM11Work Simplification09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
MT06Tetra over LTE09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
PM37Project Administration Course09 Aug - 13 AugJeddah$4950 Register
PSM23Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Certification Program09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
TR04Certificate in International Taxation Principles and Practices to Combat Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance09 Aug - 27 AugDubai$15875 Register
CT08Fraud Detection in Government Accounting09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$5950 Register
ACG06Fraud Detection, Investigation Audit and Corrective Action in Government Accounting09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
PM44Decision Making in Project Management09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
ME24Certified Fired Process Heater Operator09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
EE15Design, Maintenance of High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears (HV, MV & LV)09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
BII08Sukuk Funds and Bonds: Types, Issuance, Investment, Structure and Financing09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
OG35Certified Crude Oil Trading Analyst (Sampling, Testing and Evaluation)09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$4750 Register
OG39LPG Terminal Design and Plant Operations Safety09 Aug - 13 AugAmman$4950 Register
OG40Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$6750 Register
IPC14Alarm Management System Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
CS15Internal Customer Service Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
LND05Training Coordinator and Administration Certification Course09 Aug - 13 AugAbu Dhabi$4250 Register
HRM37Professional Training Coordinator Certification Course09 Aug - 20 AugDubai$5950 Register
HRM53Certificate in Retirement Planning for Public and Civil Service Training Course09 Aug - 13 AugDubai$3950 Register
HSE02OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification Training Course10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$5695 Register
AF14Financial Risk Management Certification Course10 Aug - 14 AugIstanbul$5695 Register
LM35Results Based Management Training Course10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$4750 Register
CML13Contract Negotiation Certification10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$4750 Register
OA17Certificate Course in Front Office Management10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$4750 Register
AF36Balance Sheet Reconciliation Training10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$5695 Register
PD17Goal Setting Training10 Aug - 14 AugLondon$4750 Register
PLS29Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Oil & Gas Industry10 Aug - 14 AugIstanbul$5695 Register
DM01Big Data Analytics and Management Certification Course10 Aug - 21 AugKigali$6250 Register
PLS37Import Export Procedures and Documentation Training10 Aug - 14 AugHouston$5695 Register
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