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360 Degree Feedback Assessment Training Course

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Course Overview

Companies take 360 Degree feedback from different customers for the products they launch enabling a thorough and varied response across customer base removing the scope of any unwanted biases. While taking a limited perspective might fail the product development strategy, the right, multifaceted inputs can shoot the sales high.

Let us now talk about people in the business, if we need honest and focused feedback we must strategically engage with multiple stakeholders and entities that interact with our people.

This principle of gathering genuine feedback from multiple people enables professional growth and leadership development that is just and fair.

360 Degree Feedback can help leaders and HR managers enable employees up to their game and boost productivity.

People capability can be developed by strategically incorporating 360 Degree feedback by engaging with industry experts or by learning the entire process and implementing the same in your organisation.

While this tool is great for personal development, it might confuse and hinder the salary negotiation aspect of one’s growth and promotion.

This Zoe training course will empower you to implement a more meaningful process to gather 360 Degree Feedback that gives quantifiable data for people to improve their performance and results.

It will help in building an organisation-wide culture of 360 Degree Feedback where people own their results and take corrective or developmental actions leading to tangible growth and productivity thereby giving a competitive edge to the organisation.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Certification Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Explore the value and purpose of 360 Degree Feedback in developing high potential individuals in the organisation
  • Select or build an appropriate tool to measure the competencies specific to your organisation
  • Develop expertise or engage with right experts for successful implementation for the desired outcome
  • Determine who all participates in the 360 Degree feedback
  • Determine how to set the right expectations to get the process correct for optimum impact
  • Encourage candid feedback with anonymity thereby getting authentic feedback
  • Learn about how to gather detailed information about the employee being assessed
  • Learn to read and explain every aspect of the report generated after 360 Degree Feedback Assessment is administered
  • Gain insights on when, how and who delivers the findings of the feedback
  • Instil a sense of ownership in the participants being evaluated, to carve an action plan
  • Build a culture that can support the action plan by providing the right tools and opportunities
  • Establish a culture of feedback to improve performance and build results

Training Methodology:

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed the 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Certification Training Course for individuals at all managerial levels (Human Resources & Line Managers).

We make it a very interactive workshop where participants from all cultures and industries participate and share their own office experiences and challenges.

Customised modules can be arranged for organisation specific learning requirements. This program involves group discussions, case studies, and role-plays.

At Zoe Talent Solutions, we follow the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model to incorporate the learnings into daily office workspace.

Organisational Benefits:

Organisational Benefits of employees who participate in this 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Certification Training Course will be as below:

  • Build a strong culture of feedback
  • Gain a competitive advantage by using feedback to elevate employee performance
  • Take a formal and strategic approach towards 360 feedback for desired outcomes
  • Remove biased, unfair feedback that can deter and affect employees’ growth
  • Identify and administer the right tool for maximum benefit
  • Groom and development experts who can administer 360 Degree Feedback for the unique goals of your organisation
  • Empower people to give candid feedback without fearing consequences
  • Build a team that can graciously accept feedback
  • Empower team members to utilize feedback data for performance improvement by assuming ownership
  • Leverage on employee strength and work on blind spots
  • Provide ample opportunities for upheaval by tools, mentorship, and support

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Certification Training Program will benefit in the following ways:

  • Become an expert of 360 Feedback by learning the end to the end implementation process
  • Be a catalyst in building a culture of feedback in the organisation as a strategic intervention
  • Develop expertise in training respondents about each criterion and rating mechanism
  • Assist in selecting the right tools that suit the customised needs (competencies to be identified) of your organisation
  • Assist in selecting the right people to be involved in the process
  • Learn the art of critical conversation when delivering the feedback, explaining each finding, and dealing with counter questions
  • Appreciate employee strength to help reinforce confidence and boost morale
  • Assist employees in carving a plan of action to work on areas of improvement
  • Identify the right tools and support an individual might need to improve performance
  • Be a liaison between employee and management to provide opportunities for employee development
  • Mentor and guide employees through the process of evolution once they get started with goals

Who Should Attend?

HR Managers, Line Managers, Independent Consultants, Entrepreneurs, HR Consultants and Facilitators

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that would be covered during the 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Certification Training Course:

Module 1: Understanding 360 Feedback:

  • Definition, Value and Purpose of 360 Feedback
  • Feedback from an Individual Vs. Multiple parties observing an employee in everyday interactions
  • Formal, Questionnaire Driven Vs. Informal approach
  • Qualitative Vs. Quantitative inputs for deeper insights; Scientific interpretation of data
  • The inconsistency of how an Individual perceives themselves Vs. how others see them
  • Benefits and limitations

Module 2: Formal Approach:

  • Mode: Which Instrument to use basis your goal
  • Anonymity and confidentiality for candid feedback
  • Ranking Vs. open-ended questions
  • Behavioural Vs. Functional; how people do their jobs, collaborate, communicate, and innovate at work
  • Reports: Visual representation of data on competencies assessed, comparative analysis with other people from different industries, organisations, or job categories. Vague vs. compelling and agreeable data backed by facts and solid proof of consensus
  • Spot skill gaps and strengths of individuals- giving a roadmap of course of action ahead
  • Benefits Vs. limitations

Module 3: Informal Approach:

  • HR Manager or Leader gathers feedback from 10-20 people by asking questions
  • Gives a multifaceted picture of one’s performance
  • Candid Vs. restricted inputs
  • Mode: Face to Face, E-Mail Survey
  • Benefits Vs. limitations

Module 4: Who all can give a 360 Feedback:

  • Direct reports, Peers, Customers, Team Members, Vendors, Colleagues, Other Managers, Supervisor

Module 5: Incorporating 360 Feedback:

  • Planning, preparation, monitoring and following up
  • Steps for successful implementation of 360 Feedback
  • Selection of the right tool, people, expert, communicator of feedback and post support

Module 6: Steps for successful implementation:

  • Understand the goal
  • Identify the right people to participate; to be evaluated (participant), who all will provide feedback(respondents)
  • Build the culture for readiness
  • Set clear expectations
  • Highlight the importance of the process
  • Delivery of feedback
  • Carving a path ahead

Module 7: Selection of Tool:

  • Selection of tool basis the profile and competencies to be assessed; personalized
  • Developing a customized tool; Pros and Cons
  • Check for accuracy and consistency
  • Ensure anonymity for the candid response
  • Clarity of rating criteria/scale for measurement

Module 8: Delivering the feedback:

  • Delivering the results promptly to ensure effectiveness
  • Get an expert to deliver result: HR Expert, Leader, External Coach
  • Share the findings
  • Provide context for findings, group average vs. individual scores
  • Highlight and appreciate identified strengths, then share areas of improvement
  • Let participants reflect on findings
  • Create a comprehensive plan

Module 9: Strategic implementation for maximum benefit:

  • Let the participant own the data and devise a plan of action
  • The organisation to support and provide tools and opportunities for learning and development
  • Make feedback a part of the culture

Module 10: Frequently Asked Questions, Examples of various tools and how they help specific roles and goals succeed

  • FAQ’s
  • Role plays: How to give feedback, reading body language cues of participants etc.
  • Case studies

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