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Mar 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG101Oil Well Stimulation Techniques, Methods and Vessel Specification21 Mar - 01 AprRiyadh$6950 Register
OG95Refinery Process Yield Optimization22 Mar - 02 AprJohannesburg$6950 Register
OG108International Gas Business Management28 Mar - 08 AprDubai$6750 Register
OG106Masterclass in Subsea and Pipeline Engineering28 Mar - 01 AprDubai$4750 Register
OG107Subsurface Production Engineering and Artificial Lift System29 Mar - 02 AprLondon$5695 Register
OG111Well, Reservoir and Facility Management – Process, Practice and Impact29 Mar - 02 AprCairo$4950 Register

Apr 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG02Marine Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting04 Apr - 06 AprDubai$3950 Register
OG09Safety Maintenance of LPG Tanker and Jetty Operations04 Apr - 08 AprAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
OG03ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), Regulations, Compliance and Seafarers Employment Agreement05 Apr - 09 AprKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
OG06Oil Spill Clean up Methods, Response and Models (Supervisory Level)05 Apr - 09 AprAmsterdam$5695 Register
OG13Petroleum Economics, Project Evaluation, Risk and Decision Analysis Masterclass05 Apr - 16 AprVienna$7850 Register
OG19FPSO Vessel, Ship & Tanker: Design, Engineering and Operators in Oil and Gas11 Apr - 15 AprDubai$4750 Register
OG17Fundamentals of Exploration and Production (E&P) of Oil and Gas12 Apr - 16 AprNew York$5695 Register
OG21Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Value Chain12 Apr - 16 AprIstanbul$5695 Register
OG23LNG Terminal and Terminal Process Operations18 Apr - 29 AprDubai$6750 Register
OG28LNG Industry: Gas Production, Plant Process and Engineering18 Apr - 22 AprRiyadh$4950 Register
OG33Petroleum Engineering: Applied Drilling and Reservoir Management18 Apr - 20 AprDubai$3950 Register
OG24Global LNG Production, Markets, Demand, Prices, Technology and Economics19 Apr - 23 AprJohannesburg$4950 Register
OG31Offshore Oil Rig Training19 Apr - 23 AprSingapore$5695 Register
OG32Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Geoscience Masterclass19 Apr - 23 AprLondon$5695 Register
OG38Energy Insurance Certification25 Apr - 06 MayDubai$6750 Register
OG42Certification in Petrochemical Engineering25 Apr - 29 AprJeddah$4950 Register
OG35Certified Crude Oil Trading Analyst (Sampling, Testing and Evaluation)26 Apr - 30 AprAmsterdam$5695 Register
OG36Masterclass in Petroleum Engineering26 Apr - 30 AprToronto$5695 Register
OG40Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers26 Apr - 30 AprLondon$5695 Register
OG43Advanced Reservoir Evaluation, Management and Engineering26 Apr - 30 AprCairo$4950 Register

May 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG44Practical Petroleum Geochemistry & Geology for Exploration, Drilling and Production02 May - 06 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG47Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety03 May - 14 MaySeoul$7350 Register
OG51Fundamentals of Well Log Interpretation Analysis and Formation Evaluation03 May - 07 MayIstanbul$5695 Register
OG52Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy in Oil and Petroleum Exploration09 May - 13 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG59Oil Well Cementing Calculations, Process, Equipment and Technologies09 May - 13 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG53Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas10 May - 14 MayLondon$5695 Register
OG57Coring and Conventional Core Analysis Best Practices10 May - 14 MayHouston$5695 Register
OG60Crude Oil Refined Products Trading, Market, Sales and Risk Management10 May - 12 MayAmsterdam$4475 Register
OG71Oil and Gas Fiscal Flow Metering System and Standards16 May - 20 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG66Deepwater Drilling Riser and Flowline Engineering Certification16 May - 20 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG69Masterclass in Energy Market Analysis, Deregulation, Price, Intelligence and Liberalisation17 May - 28 MayNairobi$6950 Register
OG73Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Process & Techniques17 May - 21 MayKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
OG85Oil and Gas Field and Platform Supervisory Program17 May - 21 MayBratislava$5695 Register
OG94Petrophysical Properties, Modeling, Journal, Analysis of Well Logs and Interpretation23 May - 27 MayDubai$4750 Register
OG89Oil and Gas Wellheads and Christmas Trees23 May - 27 MayRiyadh$4950 Register
OG91Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals for Nontechnical Personnel24 May - 28 MayLondon$5695 Register
OG92Certified Petroleum Pump System and Refinery Plant Operator24 May - 04 JunNew York$7850 Register
OG99SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) Procedure in Oil and Gas Safety, Hazards and Risk Assessment at Onshore and Offshore24 May - 28 MayAmsterdam$5695 Register
OG104Stuck Pipe Prevention, Fishing in Drilling – Tools and Operation30 May - 03 JunAmman$4950 Register
OG100Oil and Gas SIPROD (Simultaneous Drilling and Production) for Offshore Facilities30 May - 03 JunDubai$4750 Register
OG103Certificate in Directional Drilling31 May - 04 JunKigali$4950 Register

Jun 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG110Waterflooding in Oil and Gas02 Jun - 04 JunLondon$4475 Register
OG04Oil and Gas Marine Tank Terminal & Jetty Operations06 Jun - 10 JunDubai$4750 Register
OG109Dynamics of Olefins and Polyolefins Business for Petrochemical Industries07 Jun - 11 JunSeoul$5350 Register
OG08Oil and Gas Industry Risk Assessment, Accident and Incident Investigation Program07 Jun - 11 JunIstanbul$5695 Register
OG11Mini MBA: Oil and Gas Management07 Jun - 25 JunToronto$16750 Register
OG15Global Upstream Oil and Gas Operations Certification13 Jun - 17 JunDubai$4750 Register
OG22LNG Plant Operator Certification13 Jun - 17 JunDubai$4750 Register
OG16Global Downstream Oil and Gas Operations Certification14 Jun - 25 JunLondon$7850 Register
OG25Mini MBA: LNG Plant and Terminal Operations14 Jun - 02 JulJohannesburg$15995 Register
OG56Mini MBA: Oil Refinery Operations14 Jun - 18 JunManila$5350 Register
OG80Mini MBA: Energy Management14 Jun - 02 JulAmsterdam$16750 Register
OG29Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Certification Program20 Jun - 01 JulDubai$6750 Register
OG81Mini MBA: Fundamentals and Dynamics of Petrochemicals Industry20 Jun - 24 JunAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
OG82Mini MBA: Fundamentals and Dynamics of the LNG Industry21 Jun - 09 JulGeneva$16750 Register
OG86Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operation, Management and Safety in accordance with International Standards21 Jun - 25 JunHouston$5695 Register
OG97Plant Shutdown Turnaround and Outages (STO) Management and Best Practices27 Jun - 01 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG07Permit to Work System Procedure in Oil and Gas Industry27 Jun - 29 JunDubai$3950 Register
OG87Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment Plant, Process, Stages, Methods and Technology27 Jun - 01 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG108International Gas Business Management27 Jun - 08 JulMuscat$6950 Register
OG101Oil Well Stimulation Techniques, Methods and Vessel Specification28 Jun - 02 JulCairo$4950 Register
OG95Refinery Process Yield Optimization28 Jun - 09 JulBudapest$7850 Register

Jul 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG12Energy Economics and Policy Masterclass04 Jul - 15 JulDubai$6750 Register
OG14Masterclass in International Oil and Gas Business Management04 Jul - 08 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG01Marine Loading Arm, Terminal Operating and Management System05 Jul - 09 JulKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
OG19FPSO Vessel, Ship & Tanker: Design, Engineering and Operators in Oil and Gas11 Jul - 15 JulAbu Dhabi$4950 Register
OG24Global LNG Production, Markets, Demand, Prices, Technology and Economics11 Jul - 15 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG05Oil Spill Response, Management and Safety (On Scene Commander Level)12 Jul - 16 JulLondon$5695 Register
OG09Safety Maintenance of LPG Tanker and Jetty Operations12 Jul - 16 JulAmsterdam$5695 Register
OG10Vetting Inspection for Oil Tankers, Ships, Vessels & Offshore Marine Units12 Jul - 16 JulNew York$5695 Register
OG30Oil and Gas Industry Overview18 Jul - 22 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG36Masterclass in Petroleum Engineering18 Jul - 22 JulJeddah$4950 Register
OG34Petroleum Exploration and Energy Production Process and Technology18 Jul - 29 JulDubai$6750 Register
OG13Petroleum Economics, Project Evaluation, Risk and Decision Analysis Masterclass19 Jul - 23 JulLondon$5695 Register
OG37Petroleum Engineering Principles, Calculations and Workflows19 Jul - 21 JulSingapore$4475 Register
OG18Petroleum Refining Engineering: Process, Production Planning, Scheduling, Yield Optimisation and Economics19 Jul - 23 JulWindhoek$4950 Register
OG20Oil and Gas Value Chain – Upstream, Midstream and Downstream19 Jul - 23 JulKuala Lumpur$5350 Register
OG23LNG Terminal and Terminal Process Operations19 Jul - 30 JulIstanbul$7850 Register
OG26LNG Plant Safety19 Jul - 23 JulLondon$5695 Register
OG39LPG Terminal Design and Plant Operations Safety25 Jul - 29 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG45Crude Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization & Cargo Operations25 Jul - 29 JulDubai$4750 Register
OG47Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety25 Jul - 05 AugDubai$6750 Register
OG27LNG Fleet and Transportation Management – Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier, Vessel, Tanker, Ship & Bunkering Facilities26 Jul - 30 JulToronto$5695 Register
OG32Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Geoscience Masterclass26 Jul - 30 JulAmsterdam$5695 Register
OG35Certified Crude Oil Trading Analyst (Sampling, Testing and Evaluation)26 Jul - 30 JulJohannesburg$4950 Register
OG38Energy Insurance Certification26 Jul - 30 JulLisbon$5695 Register
OG41Digital Transformation in Downstream Oil and Gas26 Jul - 30 JulLondon$5695 Register
OG42Certification in Petrochemical Engineering26 Jul - 06 AugHouston$7850 Register
OG46Oil and Gas Field Operations, Supply and Safety26 Jul - 30 JulAmsterdam$5695 Register

Aug 2021

CodeCourse TitleDatesVenueFee (US$)
OG49Oil and Gas Drilling Technology, Tools, Methods and Process01 Aug - 05 AugDubai$4750 Register
OG55Clean Fuel Project, Standard and Technology01 Aug - 03 AugRiyadh$4100 Register
OG48Advanced Casing and Tubing Design Calculations02 Aug - 06 AugCairo$4950 Register
OG50Advanced Well Integrity Management System02 Aug - 06 AugBangkok$5350 Register
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