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Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course

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Course Overview

Ever wondered who will last longer in the game, stay loyal and want to grow with the organisation? An employee who feels valued, nurtured and successful.

HR and leadership must ensure that employees can realize potential, get better and move up the ladder. To attain this purpose HR team must have a strategy, a plan to identify, analyse employee potential and help them develop the skills to take on the responsibilities a certain role requires in the organisation.

What is Succession Planning? Succession planning is a process of identifying and developing employee skills and competencies to fill a responsible role in the organization that one can foresee in future. Succession planning strengthens leadership and ensures business continuity and growth. Succession planning does not just provide safety to the organisation, but it also promotes career development for existing employees.

This Zoe Career development and succession planning program helps employees build a sustainable and adaptable approach to management. It is a bridge between an employee’s career choice and motivation to organisations’ need.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Differentiate between Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Recognize the role of employee and employer in career development, skill and will alignment
  • Bridge the development gap in an organisation by implementing effective succession planning proactively
  • Implementing innovative career development initiatives
  • Integrate individual career choices with career development plans of the organisation
  • Enabling employees to branch out into different roles basis their liking and interest by providing ample career opportunities
  • Help employees realize the potential and groom them for cross-functional opportunities within the organisation
  • Identifying and analysing the existing competencies of employees and building future competencies
  • Developing an effective succession planning manual for streamlined efforts that drive results
  • Implementing a career development plan to help employees grow and retain the best talent in the market
  • Design improvement process for performance management with feedback and pieces of training
  • Engage and inspire employees to perform better and give their best at work
  • Recognise and obliterate barriers to development
  • Design cost-effective career development and succession plan

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions has designed this Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course for individuals in employee enablement and leadership development roles in any organisation. This workshop has very interactive sessions as participants from all cultures participate and share their own office experiences and challenges. Customized modules can be designed and delivered as per organization-specific learning requirements. We will use group discussions, case studies, and role-plays.

Zoe Talent Solutions follows Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisational Benefits of employees who participate in Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course will be as below:

  • Develop an effective process of career development, performance management and succession plan to secure the future of the organisation
  • Create a culture of growth and development for the employees to return to work every day
  • Build an employee-oriented process to attract and retain top talent and set a benchmark
  • Generate consistency and continuity for the business by implementing effective succession planning and preparing employees for the future
  • Engage with leaders to help employees gear up for the future through shadowing opportunities and mentoring initiatives
  • Accomplish organisational goals by providing support to the employees
  • Motivating employees enhances confidence which results in the rapid growth of the organisation
  • Enables consistent quality and customer satisfaction leading to retention
  • Saves a lot of costs needed to recruit or hire external consultants to fill in new roles in the organisation
  • Showing concern for employees and their growth display trust and loyalty which reduces workforce turnover
  • The organisation can assimilate into conventional learning and development programmes
  • The organisation will have a logical approach to prepare an employee to fill a position or role in the organisation
  • Developing policy to support the management in providing ample career opportunities and growth to the employees

Personal Benefits

Participants who enrol in this Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Participants can develop career development programs for employees to fast track their growth
  • Learn to Identify, assess, analyse, and design development plans for potential employees
  • Participants would be able to recognise talent and align them with business needs
  • Learn to design cost-effective succession and career development plans
  • Participants can connect with employees and line managers to bridge the communication gap
  • Learn to practise performance management tools and techniques used in modern times
  • Identify employee competencies and help them grow with the organisation
  • Learn to design and implement career development plans and retain the top talent in the organisation
  • Participants learn to develop an effective succession plan policy pre-emptively
  • Learn to create an all-inclusive plan of HR capabilities and ideals
  • Participants can distinguish and strengthen the key characteristics of the next generation of leaders.
  • Learn to consolidate data and reports to monitor employee development

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and Managers, HR Managers, OD Consultants, Performance management professionals, Independent consultants in the business

Course Outline

Below is the course outline and the modules that will be covered during the Career Development and Succession Planning Training Course:

Module 1: Introduction of Career Development and Succession Planning

  • What is Career Development and Succession Planning?
  • Difference between Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Benefits of Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Importance of Career Development and Succession Planning

Module 2: Basics of Career Development and Succession Planning

  • Career and importance of development
  • Aligning career development with HR
  • Elements of the cohesive career development system
  • Objectives of succession planning and career development

Module 3: Succession Planning and Management

  • Identify the critical roles and positions in an organisation
  • Assess and analyse capabilities for positions identified
  • Align competencies and relevant knowledge of employees to achieve organisational goals
  • Evaluate employee potential and interest, prepare them, and develop skills for growth
  • Strategically develop and implement employee development plans
  • Encourage mentoring and coaching through existing leaders

Module 4: Steps of Career Development

  • Understanding oneself (Personality, Interest, Skills and Knowledge)
  • Discover and explore career paths
  • Decision making
  • Acting on the information collected, bridging gaps and yielding results

Module 5: Employee Oriented Approach

  • Employee expectation from the organisation
  • Aligning business needs and goals with employee goals
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent (War for Talent by Steven Hankins of McKinsey & Company)
  • Employee disengagement and deteriorating quality of work results
  • Employee based strategies

Module 6: Organisation and Changes

  • Promoting Development plans
  • Changing dynamics with career development
  • Roles and responsibilities of change management
  • Human Resource and change management
  • Line managers and top management
  • Employee reaction and acceptance to change
  • Enabling resilience through mindfulness and support

Module 7: Identifying Potential

  • Anticipating employee’s success
  • Assessments to check the learning abilities
  • Arranging Learning Check Points for employees (LCP’s)
  • Identifying potential and professionalism

Module 8: Achieving Competencies 

  • Connecting and schmoozing – Interpersonal skills and camaraderie for success
  • Encouraging and motivating
  • Introducing and communicating
  • Critical thinking
  • Abiding by policies and procedures
  • Organizing and managing
  • Attaining goals and objectives
  • Utilizing expertise and technology
  • Articulating ideas and strategies

Module 9: Tools and Methodologies

  • Career guides
  • Career management systems
  • Assessing interest and goals
  • Promotions, Transfers, Internal Job Postings (IJP)
  • Providing career alternatives
  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Cross-training the employees
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Buddy-up or showing
  • Putting employees on special projects

Module 10: Expanding Inhouse Successors

  • Designing cases for succession planning and management
  • Introducing the process for succession planning and management
  • Assessing business needs and performance
  • Anticipating future business and employee potential

Module 11: FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies and Discussions

  • Case-based discussions and Round tables on benefits of succession planning
  • Role plays on Career counselling for employees before introducing such initiatives
  • Designing projects for Succession planning and gaining approval from management (Group activity)

Participant Reviews
Fahad M. Al-Shahrani
(Translated by Google) Excellent trainer and Excellent material and organized. Excellent organization, great trainers and professional training materials (Original) Excellent trainer and Excellent material and organized. ????? ????? ??????? ?????? ????? ??????? ????????
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