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Security Risk Assessment and Management Training Course

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Course Overview

Why is security risk assessment important?

One of the first steps in ensuring overall security and preventing attacks is security risk assessment and management. Assessing risks allows individuals and organisations to identify the threat they are exposed to and also be able to evaluate the level of the associated risk. A proper security risk assessment allows the individual or organisation to prepare an effective plan or strategy for mitigating or managing the security risk.

How is this training going to help me?

There is less supply of this skill in the labour market, which brings about a lag in effective security management. This course introduces learners to a different level of security management. It gives real-life insight into how challenges, dangers and threats can be assessed to determine the next and most appropriate course of action. Participants of this course get to apply the knowledge gotten from this course in their day-to-day businesses.

This Zoe training course empowers you with fully packed and all-encompassing security risk assessment and management modules. The course considers common case studies and exposes learners to scenario facilitation. As a result, they get to have hands-on experience managing some of the common security challenges they face in their organisation or institution.

Course Objectives

These are some of the objectives expected to be achieved at the end of this course:

  • Get introduced to the concept of effective security management of institutions and organisations.
  • Gain knowledge about security risk assessment and different risk mitigation/management strategies
  • Have a good understanding of how a risk management cycle operates
  • Allow participants to calculate the level of risks and make tangible decisions based on the risk analysis
  • Design a risk management method and implement a mitigation plan in a different scenario
  • Understanding some of the risk factors involved in different situations
  • Integration of effective security management in the structure of the organisation
  • Improved logical reasoning and analytical skills for better assessment

Training Methodology

This course training is delivered in the most effective way possible to all learners. The course is designed to fit the situation of all the participants of the training. Participants can see a direct link between the information provided in this course and situations in their workplace. The smooth delivery of this course is entrusted to capable leading experts and professionals in security risk assessment and management.

Zoe Talent Solutions provides an incredible experience for learners and participants. A unique teaching methodology is used to ensure the smooth transition of knowledge to practice among learners. The course delivery uses the Do-Review-Learn-Apply methodology; with this method, knowledge is not lost in the course and relevant skills are developed from the training course.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations that allow their employees to participate in the course by Zoe Talent Solutions will gain the following:

  • Improved security outcome of the organisation
  • Design of different risk assessment procedures and application of assessment into decision making
  • Strategise and implement designed procedures for potential security challenges
  • Effective management of threats or security challenges posed at the organisation
  • Have an appropriate risk mitigation plan and management method
  • Better integration of different security personnel and proper understanding of everyone’s role in ensuring safety
  • Proper documentation of events as they occur for easy assessment and implementation of strategies
  • Identify key opportunities for scaling up security through effective assessment

Personal Benefits

  • Receive a certificate after the course attesting to the competencies acquired
  • Empower individuals to undertake a thorough security risk analysis to create a complete, proactive approach
  • Provision of tangible solutions through the use of established and trusted approaches
  • A significant step forward in career as a security expert in terms of obtaining a higher qualification
  • Risk Assessment Matrix, which serves as a record of the analytical process
  • Professional networking with other security industry experts via contact sessions, events, and conferences at a discounted fee following course completion

Who Should Attend?

  • Security personnel responsible for the protection of the organisation or institution from risk or security challenges
  • Compliance officers who help in ensuring the organisation stay on legal track using the risk assessment result
  • Mid-senior managers are part of the decision-makers and can recommend changes
  • Decision-makers and management who are responsible for the day-to-day management of assets and deployment of resources
  • Any other professionals interested in taking up the course for increased learning

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Safety and Security

  • Definitions
  • Overall comprehensive security
  • System designs
  • Organisational values and mission
  • Individual value
  • Factors affecting security levels
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Documentation
  • Reporting
  • External aids
  • Security awareness

Module 2: Introduction to Risk

  • Definition of risk, threat and vulnerability
  • Relationship between risk, threat and vulnerability
  • Identification of risk and vulnerability
  • Risk types
  • Risk factors
  • Importance of risk management

Module 3: Risk Management Process

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk identification
  • Identification techniques
  • Risk description
  • Risk analysis
  • Probability
  • Impact of risk
  • Risk management
  • Risk planning
  • Response to risk and threats
  • Risk allocation
  • Management of resources
  • Risk monitoring and control

Module 4: Risk Documentation and Reporting

  • Risk integration
  • Risk prioritisation
  • Action/response to risk
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Chain of command
  • Internal reporting
  • External reporting
  • Timing

Module 5: Image and Acceptance

  • Security approach
  • Image approach
  • Acceptance approach
  • Public perception
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Individual right

Module 6: Security of Assets

  • Security of building
  • Identifying threats to buildings
  • Enhancing the physical structure and security of the building
  • Security measures
  • Security of vehicles
  • Carjacking and ambush
  • Risk of event
  • Procedure and response to events

Module 7: Communications

  • Effective communication
  • Internal and external communication
  • Written and oral
  • Communication regulation
  • Communication protocol
  • Communication equipment
  • Use of equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment

Module 8: Risk of Crime

  • Personal risk
  • Personal risk assessment
  • Individual vulnerabilities
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Sexual violence
  • Support mechanism
  • Gunfire, grenades
  • Characteristics of threat
  • Response to threat
  • Explosive devices
  • Risk of explosion
  • Level of risk
  • Avoidance of risk
  • Response to risk

Module 9: Kidnapping and Abduction

  • Targeting
  • Target groups
  • Vulnerability
  • Risk of kidnapping/abduction
  • Avoidance of risk
  • Survival chances
  • Response to risk
  • Organisational policies

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