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Senior Management Development Training Course

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14 Oct - 25 Oct, 2024Live Online10 Days$4095Register
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02 Dec - 13 Dec, 2024Live Online10 Days$4095Register
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02 Sep - 06 Sep, 2024Paris5 Days$5125Register
23 Sep - 27 Sep, 2024Dubai5 Days$4250Register
30 Sep - 11 Oct, 2024Abu Dhabi10 Days$8225Register
14 Oct - 18 Oct, 2024Dubai5 Days$4250Register
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Course Overview

What skills are most important for senior managers? Organisation and senior management team have to make strategic adjustments every now and then in this constantly evolving complex global working environment.

The key to address the continuous changes in the global marketplace by the senior management team would be possible only when they are updated and informed about global trends. This necessitates that they re-evaluate their roles with a new perspective as per the developing trends.

As confidence rises in the senior team, so does their ability to stamp the presence of their company in the marketplace. They would be able to identify innovative solutions, understand and adapt to the new business cultures and think out-of-box. This, in turn, results in increased competitiveness, sustainability, newer opportunities and added profits in the business.

How do you empower and manage a senior manager? The right training will help the members of the senior management team to enhance their skills, manage change, and stay ahead of the competition?

This course on Senior management development offered by ZOE talent Solutions will propel the already experienced senior team to take on newer strategic responsibilities and important positions worldwide. They will also be able to equip self with the ability to mobilise and inspire their work teams to embark the path of excellence.

Course Objectives

Post-completion of this course, you will meet the following objectives:

  • Adopt a new strategic direction as per the global trends
  • Address change management
  • Drive business productivity
  • Understand how to counter challenges and mitigate risks in the global market
  • Adopt the right attitude and behaviour for business
  • Appreciate newer cultures you might encounter on your journey
  • Develop an inspiring team
  • Be better equipped with the ability to develop and retain your global teams

Training Methodology

We at ZOE Talent Solutions, offer a deeply engaging, insightful, and fast track course guided by world-class experts to help you address the challenges faced by your organisation. A highly interactive and energetic presentation will be complemented by the inclusion of simulations, management games, paper-pencil exercises, experiential learning, activities, role plays, videos, and robust practice sessions.

ZOE Talent Solutions follows the approach of Do-Review-Learn-Apply.

Organizational Benefit

By deciding to undertake this course, the organisation will get the following benefits:

  • Get equipped with a senior management team ready to identify new business opportunities in yet to be explored markets at a global level
  • Discovery of new perspectives and breakthroughs by the senior team
  • Increased competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Promotion of a culture of performance, continuous learning, and transparency
  • Reduction of risks and uncertainty while working to achieve business objectives
  • Succession Planning
  • Develop a learning-oriented organisation

Personal Benefits

Participants will accrue the following Personal Benefits from this course:

  • Get an edge over others by refining your ability to analyse the environment
  • Garner the ability to lead the strategic change in the organisation
  • Confidently focus on the changes required for business – whether internal or external
  • Be better equipped with the ability to stay ahead of the competition
  • Understand how to conduct self when confronted with different cultures

Who Should Attend?

Zoe Talent Solutions recommends this course for

  • Directors, C- Level Executives
  • Senior Management Team
  • Heads of the Departments
  • Strategic Planners, Business Analysts

Course Outline

This training program will enfold the following modules for a better understanding and application:


  • The High-performance leader in the marketplace
  • Understanding your leadership patterns
  • Understand your leadership style
  • The Transformational leader
  • Incorporating Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Identify a leadership path for self to keep you going


  • Assessing and gauging an Industry’s and a Firm’s Competitive Environment
  • From crisis management to strategic side of business
  • Identifying Critical Success Factors for business
  • Getting a know-how of the latest tools and technologies used for gaining competitive edge
  • Understanding the Balanced Scorecard perspective


  • Power vs. Authority
    • How it works in organisations?
  • Develop an awareness of your own negotiation style
  • Understand the mechanics of competitive negotiation strategies
  • Understand the different negotiation strategies with special reference to
    • Competitive Negotiation Strategies
    • Collaborative Negotiation Strategies
  • Preparing in advance for negotiations
  • Collaboration in case of disputes and conflicts


  • Understand Strategic Networking
  • Decipher how networking helps a leader
  • How to create and use networks?
  • The rules of leadership networking
  • Identify a To-Do list


  • Understanding
    • The perspective of Communication
    • The importance of Communication
    • The different methods of Communication
  • Working on your Listening Skills
  • Managing difficult conversations and meetings
  • Honing the art of Storytelling
  • Art of giving feedback
  • Walk the talk – a Leadership perspective


  • Definition and scope of Impression management
  • Strategies for impression management
  • Process of impression management
  • Understand how to manage the impression for more business of
    • Your company
    • Yourself


  • Envisage your team-leadership style
  • Understanding the team and putting their strengths to work
  • Hiring the right fit for business and team
  • Feedback and dialogue
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management
  • How to keep the team motivated?


  • What is culture?
  • Business relevance
  • Cultural diversity and competitive advantage at
    • Local-level
    • International Level
  • Understanding Multicultural collaboration
  • How to develop cultural competence?

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