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Security Management and Asset Protection Training Course

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Course Overview

Why is security management and asset protection important?

Threats are not to be taken with levity; as such, a certain degree of seriousness must be attached to security. This will prevent the intrusion of dangerous elements – human and non-human alike from causing harm to persons and their property, whether animate or inanimate. As there are levels of threat, there should be a proportional, adequate or commensurate level of security in place for any of the threats. Adequacy of security measures is very important as the lack or inadequacy of such security protection may result in theft of assets or other means of loss.

How is this course on security management and asset protection impactful at a workplace?

It is a relief to know that the threats can be directly controlled by proper management of security, while others require further security measures by collaborative efforts between security professionals and/or agencies. The importance of security management and asset protection course cannot be overemphasised as it ensures the identification of a company’s assets, evaluation of potential risks to them, and usage of the necessary safety measures to protect them from the identified risks or threats. In addition, it suffices to mention that threats are no longer only physical. They come in digital form too.

Hence, this  course by Zoe Talent Solutions will empower participants to cybersecurity measures that can counter attacks and threats to the company’s digital assets and documents. This will enable participants to be knowledgeable to protect the valuable assets of their respective companies. The course will also expose participants to the concepts of malware, viruses, antivirus, firewalls, etc. They are germane to the management of an organisation’s security and protection of its assets in the digital space.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course by Zoe Talent Solutions are to assist professionals:

  • In identifying and protecting valuable company assets, whether physical or digital
  • To assess security risks and make use of the best practices to mitigate such risks
  • To be knowledgeable about counter-measures against fraudulent activities
  • To become efficient in the management, motivation, and leadership of security personnel
  • To understand risk management, security of physical premises, response to emergency and contingency planning
  • To be capable of launching counter-attacks on hackers and cyberspace attackers
  • To collaborate with other security agencies to combat physical attacks against the company’s assets
  • To develop innovative security measures to facilitate and manage the assets of multiple companies
  • To provide the necessary information on the use of firewalls and antivirus to prevent the loss or damage of an organisation’s digital assets and intellectual property
  • To increase the reputation of the security department of the company

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions makes available training courses across a wide spectrum of subjects. Experts and professionals deliver the training from their relevant fields. Part of the training will be delivered as classroom sessions and through practical exercises. In addition, trainees are assigned projects and tasks in groups. This will help encourage interactions between the participants andthe trainer. Indeed, this training format was developed by Zoe Talent Solutions. We make use of the method for all our courses. It is called the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

With professionals undergoing this course by Zoe Talent Solutions, organisations will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Improved physical and digital security of the company
  • Prevention of theft of assets
  • Assurance of safety of staff and property
  • Increase in the assets of the company due to the presence of optimum security
  • Upgrade in the cybersecurity of the company
  • Prevention of cyber-attacks and cyber thefts
  • Safety of data, Intellectual property, and retrieval of the organisation’s lost files
  • Improved tactics to prevent burglary of the company’s assets
  • Increased knowledge of the methods of collaboration between security officials

Personal Benefits

Professionals opting for this course will benefit in the ways mentioned below:

  • Improved knowledge of measures to tighten the security of any company
  • Methods to control access to the organisation
  • Importance of security in ensuring productivity in an organisation
  • A better understanding of the legislation which governs security and its interpretation
  • An insight into the appropriate use of force during a security breach
  • Knowledge on how to properly plan the security of an organisation
  • Improved knowledge of cybersecurity and all it entails
  • Allocating responsibilities to various security personnel based on organisational needs

Who Should Attend?

  • Security Personnel
  • Executive board members of companies
  • Human Resources Managers responsible for the security of companies, organisations, or governmental agencies
  • Security supervisors and managers
  • Fire personnel
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) workers
  • Building or facility managers

Course Outline

The course covers the following topics regarding security management and asset protection.

Module 1: An Introduction to International Security Management and Asset Protection

  • Concept
  • Scope
  • Purposes
  • Principles
  • Responsibilities in security management
  • Challenges

Module 2: Historical Background of Security and Asset Protection

  • Evolution of security management and asset protection
  • Traditional methods of security management
  • Traditional methods of asset protection
  • Conventional security issues

Module 3: Types of Security Management and Assets Protection

  • Cybersecurity management
  • Information security management
  • Network security management
  • Operational security management
  • Risk management
  • Cloud-based security management
  • Security management equipment

Module 4: Security Analysis

  • Assessing and measuring threats to company assets
  • Calculating and understanding asset loss
  • Analysis of vulnerability, threats, and risks
  • Timing and methods of security analysis
  • Security analysis reporting
  • Effective recommendations and solutions to security threats and breaches

Module 5: Principles of Physical Asset Protection

  • Principles of perimeter security design
  • Principles of buildings security design and access control
  • Strategies of communication and centers for security control
  • Investigations: management and techniques for interviewing
  • Importance of evacuation planning

Module 6: Crisis Management

  • Concept of crisis management
  • Principles of crisis management
  • Role of security operatives in crisis management
  • Security of personnel and protection of individuals at risk

Module 7: Management of Manpower

  • Principles relating to the workforce management
  • Management of security personnel
  • Leadership skills for security management
  • Importance of collaboration of security personnel
  • Concept of rotation among security officers

Module 8: Cybersecurity

  • Meaning
  • Importance
  • Principles
  • Cyber-attacks and Security
  • How to combat cyber attacks
  • Protection of digital assets from cyberattacks.
  • Protection of intellectual property and data through cyber security
  • Antivirus and firewalls

Module 9: Legal Framework for Security Management and Asset Protection

  • Laws guiding security management and asset protection
  • Regulatory agencies responsible for security management and asset protection

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