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Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course

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Course Overview

Presentation matters a great deal in today’s business world. There was a time when the actual business was the crux of a customer’s interest. However, in the age of competitive executive presence and virtual realities, every brand needs to showcase phenomenal talent in the area of its presentation.

Be it a government, private or public enterprise, written communication has gained precedence like never before. At ‘Zoe’, we take a keen interest in developing the innate writing skills of our participants by providing close guidance and showing them how they can apply master techniques to build expertise in Business Writing.

The Advanced class on this subject will take our delegates a step ahead on their ability to communicate on behalf of their organization in a distinguished manner. Our research and work over the years have helped us create a database of the most appreciated norms in business writing, which will enable our participants to keep up to the high standards of succinct and professional writing.

It has been globally observed that candidates who can express fluency in writing through a wide vocabulary stand a higher chance of a promotion, winning a new project and taking a business to greater heights.

Through the course on Business writing, we not only endeavour to help you achieve a distinction in this skill, but also seek to nurture discipline in your life – one that lets you alter your behaviour to practice the right habits. This way, participants acquire real growth in their skills at a deeper level and not just theoretical knowledge.

This Zoe training course will empower you to become an expert in business writing. Through this course, you will be able to apply the skill of presenting your message in a well-structured format through your writing in any business communication.

By ensuring the application of all the elements in professional business writing, your message will be received exactly as intended. The information and practice gained through this course will also bridge the gap in your writing skills. You will resultantly be better positioned to contribute to your organisation in your communication with your stakeholders and your customer.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course is to empower professionals with—

  • the ability to write emails, memos, white paper, press-releases and digital content for their business in a structured manner, in keeping with their organisational brand values
  • real-time feedback on their written communication
  • the ability to recognise language and formatting errors in their own writing
  • capability to correct their own errors in writing and errors in any other potential publication material before publishing
  • understanding of the requisites of a good business document
  • express ideas fluently through any written medium
  • edit and perfect a draft before sending it out
  • understand the potential of well-written content in the business world

Training Methodology

Zoe Talent Solutions designs training courses to cater to our training audience and their distinctive professional background and experience. Classroom sessions with presentations by a highly experienced facilitator form a major part of our training programmes. We encourage trainee participation through group discussions, role-plays, group activities, assessments and more.

Trainees are also requested to share their experiences, issues, concerns and best practices from their respective organisations, which are facilitated by the trainer to optimise learning for the entire participant group.

In alignment with the Zoe Talent Solutions’ unique training methodology, this course follows the Do–Review–Learn–Apply Model.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations whose professionals undertake this Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Individuals become better at written communication and their skills will reflect positively for your business
  • More calibration and streamlining in writing in keeping with the brand values of your organization
  • Greater credibility for the individual and the organisation
  • Increased respect for your organization in the market
  • The decrease in confusion over instructions and ambiguous written communication
  • Market credibility increases because of stakeholder recommendations
  • Improved individual performance and sense of esteem for the organization
  • Better dispute management
  • Lower attrition as individuals feel invested in, listened to, valued and motivated

Personal Benefits

Professionals attending this Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • A clear understanding of the role of written skills in business communication
  • Increased self-awareness of one’s ability to write good content
  • Access to examples, videos and practice sessions exclusively owned and run by Zoe Talent Solutions
  • Ability to identify one’s area of opportunity to recognise and correct common writing errors
  • Understanding the impact of not maintaining a global standard of excellence in written communication
  • A sense of accomplishment contributing to a steady application of this skill
  • Overall improvement in individual performance
  • The ability to role-model this skill in the organisation for subordinates to learn from and imitate

Who Should Attend?

  • Secretaries of Presidents, Vice-presidents and Senior Management who may need to write communication for business every day
  • Marketing and Sales managers deployed in content creation roles
  • Administration executives responsible for online content creation and editing
  • Executives who write emails and other communication on a daily basis
  • Trainers, teaching staff, educators and administrators responsible for interacting with students and faculty
  • Human Resource Managers, Executives and Leaders responsible for employee engagement, performance and organisational development
  • Government officials responsible for communication and administration in government sectors
  • Hospital staff, support staff in volunteer camps and faculty communicating with external stakeholders
  • Any other professional who would like to improve their written communication at an advanced level

Course Outline

The Advanced Business Writing Skills Training Course will cover the following areas that are essential in understanding the importance of Business Writing Skills and increasing the participants’ ability to practice this skill effectively.

Module 1 – Introduction to Business Writing

  • Fluency of thoughts and ideas
  • Mind Mapping
  • Associating similar and opposite ideas
  • Translate thoughts into words
  • Practice Assignment (Pre-work)

Module 2 – Elements of Business Writing

  • Global Business Writing Formats
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Indentation and Formatting
  • Presentation
  • Conciseness in Writing
  • Practice Assignment & Feedback

Module 3 – Grammar & Punctuation

  • Common Grammatical Errors
  • Archived English
  • Redundant Phrases
  • Punctuation and Tone
  • Clichés and how to avoid them
  • Practice Activities & Feedback

Module 4 – Purposes of Business Correspondence

  • Introduction | Defining the Purpose
  • Requesting
  • Placing Orders / Consignments
  • Letters of Acknowledgement
  • Congratulatory / Expressing Gratitude
  • Conveying Bad News

Module 5 – Effective Business Writing

  • Introduction to the 5 C Principles
  • Clarity and Conciseness
  • Complete and Correct
  • Courtesy | Using a professional tone
  • Self-Assessment

Module 6 – Types of Business Letters

  • Business Letters
  • Memorandums
  • Business Emails
  • Faxes
  • Practice Exercises & Feedback

Module 7 – Writing Templates

  • Business Letter Template
  • Business Report Template
  • Proposals and Executive Summary
  • Minutes of the Meeting
  • Worksheets and Practice

Module 8 – Advanced Business Writing

  • Rewrite a Poorly Written Message
  • Respond to Written Complaint
  • The Golden Art of Writing a CV
  • Drafting the Perfect Job Advertisement
  • Cross-cultural Communication on Email/Chat
  • Summary & Feedback

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