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Strategic Planning Training Course

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Course Overview

Planning is an indispensable element of any business. Every business entity participates in the process of planning. This ranges from a small sole proprietor venture to a large conglomerate corporation. Planning establishes a set of assumptions for the future course of actions. The process enables a company to formulate its intent and recognise its goals. They decide upon a set of actions to be undertaken for the purpose of realising these intents and goals. The array of planning function varies from short term to long term, corporate to operational, tactical to strategic as it is unique to every organisation.

What are strategies in business?

A business needs long-term enduring vision that would act as a guidance for the management while formulating their strategies. Strategic planning is the process wherein the management of the company decides upon the goals and the direction in which strategies would be adopted to fulfil these goals. Strategic planning is not a detached activity that is conducted at the initiation of the business. Rather it is an open-ended activity that is embedded into the fabric of entire management.

Where does the organisation see itself in the long-run? What is the organisation’s vision and does the product and functioning adhere to this vision? Are market trends and customer needs in tandem with the organisation’s vision? How can vision be broken apart into strategic goals? What are the risks and obstacles the management is envisioning and how will they be tackled? Strategic Planning addresses these questions and creates a blueprint of the organisation’s goal during the process.

Which certification is best for strategy?

Zoe has introduced this Strategic Planning Certification Training Course of great scope in the area of Strategic and general management. The course highlights the relevance of leading-edge strategic planning in the present competitive landscape. The training course tailor-made for management professionals discusses latest trends and tactics prevalent in the business environment. It provides to the participants a complete purview of Strategic Planning including identifying goals, creating strategies, devising action plans of achieving these goals, monitoring and evaluating the current situation. Professionals with the aim of being ahead of their games are encouraged to opt for this course.

Course Objectives

The Strategic Planning Certification Training Course aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Discuss important elements of establishing a vision and mission statement
  • Highlight methods of setting goals according to the broad vision of the organisation
  • Enable identification of feasible alternative solutions and actions available for achievement of goals and filtering out the inferior alternatives
  • Discuss ways to deal with strategic change occurring in the organisation
  • Envision different kinds of strategies suitable at different levels- corporate, Organisational, functional
  • Developing benchmarks to enable comparison of performance of the organisation against set goals and diagnose deviations
  • Develop a team of future leaders capable of shaping the organisation towards achievement of the common goal
  • Develop effective and efficient decision-making skills

Training Methodology

This collaborative Strategic Planning Certification Training Course will comprise the following training methods:

  • Interactive sessions and lectures
  • Presentations
  • Management games
  • Role playing/modelling
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Problem solving sessions

Like all our acclaimed courses, this program also follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Strategic Planning Certification Training Course will benefit an organisation in following ways:

  • Efficient strategic planning skills will enable an organisation to perceive future challenges well in advance and hence the organisation can be proactive instead of reactive
  • Proper training regarding the process of strategic planning will allow the organisation to develop a sense of direction by establishing realistic objectives that align with the vision
  • Strategic planning endows the organisation with roadmap to follow which enhances the operational efficiency of the firm
  • Purposeful Strategic Planning is updated with latest trends and allows the organisation to gather timely insights into the markets and competitors. This helps in increasing the profitability of the firm

Personal Benefits

Strategic Planning Certification Training Course will benefit the participants in following ways:

  • Avoid existing knowledge from becoming outdated by instilling information about latest trends, techniques and tactics
  • Develop leadership skills that will allow them to lead and guide the organisation functions as per the common goal and vision
  • Opportunity to develop new competencies and learn new skill will motivate participants
  • Participants will be able to develop better workforce collaboration
  • Participants will cultivate deeper understanding of their role as strategic developers by ensuring actions of others are coordinated with the general direction company aims to follow
  • Participants will be able to cope better with strategic change and transitions and see it as part of growth
  • Enhanced decision-making skills will allow the participants to recognise key elements involved in making successful decisions as well as avoid pitfalls that become hindrance in the process

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief executive officers, Chief Operating officers
  • Departmental heads
  • General managers
  • Strategic managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business policy makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-up founders

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategic intent

  • Hierarchy of strategic intent
  • Determining strategic intent
  • Establishing statement of intent
  • Strategic dominance

Module 2: Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning as a part of Strategic management
  • Strategic vs. tactical planning
  • Steps in strategic planning

Module 3: Pre-requisites in Strategic Planning

  • Scanning macro environment
  • Scanning competitive environment
  • Internal environment analysis
  • Business Development Inquiry

Module 4: Formulation of corporate objectives

  • Strategic vision
  • Vision and mission Statement
  • Strategic goals
  • Process of setting objectives
  • Identification of alternatives, analysis of alternatives

Module 5: Developing strategic plan

  • Duration and components
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Execution route
  • Exit route

Module 6: Strategy formulation

  • Levels of strategies: corporate level, business level, functional level
  • Porter’s classification of business strategies
  • Portfolio techniques for corporate Strategic Planning

Module 7: Organisational design

Module 8: Change management

  • Triggers for change
  • Types of strategic change in organisation
  • Managing strategic changes

Module 9: Strategic Control

  • Strategic planning as a benchmark for control
  • Criteria for strategic control


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