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Improving Board Effectiveness Training

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Course Overview

How can Board Effectiveness be improved? In business, the Board of Directors steers the corporate ship on behalf of their members or shareholders. Consequently, their core function is the setting of organizational strategy, mission, vision and values while simultaneously ensuring compliance with all relevant corporate governance prescripts and legislation.

All shareholders have a vested interest in their respective institutions and have entrusted the Board of Directors with the responsibility to ensure that the company remains viable and profitable. The Board of Directors’ function, therefore, is to ensure the realization of the corporate strategic vision while consistently maintaining oversight responsibility.

Boards of directors include functional directors, who perform operational duties at the company, and external directors, who can make impartial judgments. The top structure of all management teams must include a CEO, a CFO and a COO.

The Board chair oversees the work of the Board and the organization’s senior management team. Other roles on the Board include Vice-chair or vice president, Secretary and Treasurer.  Ad hoc committees are formed by co-opting members of the Board to manage specific tasks. The Board of Directors take a vote on the selection of committee members. Members have the option of accepting or declining nominations or selection to a committee.

The average board size is 9 members. Most boards range from 3 to 31 members. The ideal size is seven. To support the Board, two critical board committees are made up of independent members. The CEO is the senior executive while the board chairperson is the head of the board of directors. Boards must meet every quarter to set strategy, review and monitor the financial reports, review organizational performance, evaluate and oversee the executives, and vote on major decisions.

This Zoe training course will consequently succinctly equip you with the skills to ensure your Board functions effectively consistently by using the knowledge gleaned from this Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • Ensure that their Boards function optimally while translating the organizational vison to operational reality
  • Learn how to assimilate international prerequisites pertaining to board effectiveness into a contextual framework of localized objectives
  • Succinctly encapsulate board effectiveness in a definitive summary of the objectives of key organizational implementation plans
  • Study and practice how to consistently and constructively deliver on all your organization’s relevant primary objectives pertaining to the course content
  • Recognise how to spot and avoid common errors in current organizational strategy pertaining to board effectiveness
  • Acquire an understanding of the principles, procedure and protocol pertaining to Board effectiveness and interaction for your organization including its potential and impact
  • Display knowledge and understanding of the main tenets of Board procedure
  • Identify and critically evaluate the main fields of ineffectiveness currently plaguing the Board in your organization
  • Understand the practical impact of sustaining Board effectiveness in your organization
  • Understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of various actors, organizations, and institutions in Board effectiveness and interaction in an organization

Training Methodology

This interactive Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course will comprise the following training methods:

  • Presentation
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Questionnaires

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Companies who nominate their employees to participate in this Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course can benefit in the following ways:

  • Benefit from training your employees on the definition and importance of Board Effectiveness in organizations in as far as it bears direct implications and applicability to your organization’s core purpose, values, mission and vision
  • Focus and direct your efforts on Board of Directors protocol and procedure
  • Improve synergy in the organization by ensuring a nexus between the Board and operational staff
  • Achieve improved synergy thus elevating employee morale and increasing productivity
  • Critically conduct a gap analysis and performance audit of your organizational capacity in terms of compliance with the expounded principles enunciated supra

Personal Benefits

Individuals who participate in this Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improve your performance through higher efficiency and an improved ability to interact effectively with your operational staff by being aware of the implications and extracted sustainable value emanating from compliance with Board protocols and procedures
  • Comprehend Principles of Board practice
  • Engage in constructive discussions pertaining to the topic thus resulting in improved organizational capacity and overall communication
  • Contextualize and assimilate a practical understanding of the impact of Board effectiveness in your organization
  • Display knowledge and understanding of the main principles pertaining to the implementation of Board Effectiveness Training
  • Understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of various actors, organizations, and institutions interacting with the Board of Directors in an organization
  • Identify and critically evaluate the main weaknesses resulting in Board ineffectiveness within your organization
  • Get an opportunity to work through hands-on role-plays and case studies in detail to gain the skills needed to ensure that the Board in your organization remains consistently effective

Who Should Attend?

This Improving Board Effectiveness Training Course would be best suited for:

  • Professionals – Executives, CEO, Chairperson of the Board, Secretaries of Board Committees and all Board members
  • All individuals whose responsibilities include eliciting and sustaining Board effectiveness in an organization
  • Executives
  • CEO
  • Board members
  • Chairperson of the Board
  • Secretaries of Board Committees

Course Outline


  • How does the Board operate?
  • Board of Directors’ functions
  • Formulating a Vision, Mission and Values
  • Translating the vision into operational reality
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance Prescripts and Legislation


  • Entrenching Mutually Consensual Shared Values (Case Study)
  • Translating the vision
  • Cultivating a Growth Strategy
  • Identifying Growth Opportunities
  • Specific Task Assignment: Are organizational values sustainable? Provide a comprehensive motivation in support thereof
  • Context
  • The intercept between board oversight and operational reality – (Case Study)


  • Clarifying Differences between Board and Management
  • The importance of Board Annual Self-Evaluations
  • Improving Board Oversight
  • Budgetary Implications
  • Effective Boards guide Organizational Behaviour
  • Competent Board Chairs Lead Board Effectiveness


  • Risk Management and Oversight
  • A Director’s Challenges
  • Critical Governance Issues
  • The Corporate Governance Code
  • How to eliminate a shadow Director?
  • Director’s duties and responsibilities
  • Disadvantages of Non-Executive Directors
  • Guiding the Retention of Institutional Memory


  • Entrenching Innovative Value
  • Shared Value System
  • Guiding the entrenchment of Mutually Consensual Values
  • Elevating the organizational vision
  • Alignment with superordinate social objectives
  • The Key Role of Youth
  • Assignment: Critically evaluate the Board of Directors pivotal roles in entrenching organizational effectiveness


  • Sustaining the value chain
  • Extracting maximum value
  • Entrenching Board and Staff interaction
  • Help Walk the Talk
  • Case Study: Resource deployment and operational effectiveness (An Integrated Approach)
  • Analysing infrastructural deficit – Case Study
  • Examining Work Procedure: A Determination of organizational effectiveness


  • The 4 pillars of Board Effectiveness
  • Establishing Performance and Knowledge Standards
  • People Build on Quality, Focus and Education
  • Role Play: Accelerated Organizational Effectiveness
  • Case Study: Mapping Reality
  • Case Study: Board effectiveness in entrenching values
  • Case Study: Why an effective board results in an effective organization?
  • Entrenching Diversity in terms of abilities, personalities and competencies
  • Information Architecture
  • Structures and Processes
  • Group Dynamics


  • How to stay ahead with sustainability video?
  • Strategy
  • Evaluation
  • CEO succession
  • Risk
  • Board education
  • Audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Onboarding/outboarding

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