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Course Overview

A progressive focus is being placed on the successful integration of circularity in business strategy, which can empower companies to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet. The circular economy has been described as an economic system that exchanges the “end-of-life” concept with reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering materials/resources in production, distribution, and consumption processes and procedures.

Integrating circularity in a company’s strategy comprises instituting a long-term vision, setting clear targets and assigning responsibilities for circularity. Transitioning toward a circular economy characterises change that requires new ways of doing business in the long-term.

Integrating circularity in business strategy is tough and difficult to attain for organisations as it involves impactful changes in core business processes and practices. While studies and research has focussed on identifying key barriers, little is known about the organizational attributes that can support businesses in integrating circularity in their strategies.

The objective of this course is to investigate the implications of organizational managers and network interactions for the integration of circularity in business strategy. A survey data from 627 SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) in the Netherlands, displays that managers who interpret circularity as an opportunity can have a positive direct and indirect consequence on the integration of circularity in a company’s strategy. The results furthermore underline the importance of circular network interactions for the assimilation of circularity in business strategy.

This Zoe course explores Strategy in a contemporary way of thinking, focusing on value preservation, where materials from a discarded product maintain their original quality and achieving growth without consuming resources. Change in core business processes, such as the value proposition and forward supply chain activities, is thus necessary in order to integrate circularity in business strategy.

However, research has shown that making such impactful modifications is difficult to achieve for many businesses. The adoption of long-term strategic methods toward circularity was limited.  This is likely caused by the barrier companies experience in the integration of circularity.

These involve cultural barriers, such as hesitant company culture, regulatory barriers, including a lacking global consensus, technical barriers, for example, a requirement for new technologies, and market barriers, such as high upfront investment costs.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Strategy Masterclass successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to induce synergy into their respective organizations by encouraging networking, collaboration, participation and ultimately organizational synergy via the accumulation of strategic capital and acumen
  • Discover how to collate strategic acumen in relation to ascertaining best-case scenarios to implement an optimal strategy for your organization
  • Compile situation-specific business cases for the subsequent implementation of strategic plans
  • Understand your legal obligations in terms of strategic planning, implementation and execution
  • Learn how to enforce provisions encapsulated in strategic plans in the event of non-compliance
  • Recognise how to spot common errors when reviewing strategic plans
  • Take preventative and protective control measures to ensure maximum participation in strategic planning processes for your organization

Training Methodology

This Strategy Masterclass will comprise the following training methods:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Role plays

Zoe Talent Solutions follows the ‘Do-Review-Learn-Apply’ model.

Organisational Benefits

Companies who nominate their employees to participate in this Strategy Masterclass can benefit in the following ways:

  • Review business and strategic context for your business
  • Use of strategic thinking: innovation approaches
  • Business Acumen and Strategy Execution
  • Leadership qualities required to inspire, motivate and engage with Staff
  • Assess the external environment affecting your company’s ability to succeed
  • Create a business strategy and a widespread strategy implementation map
  • Assess your current organizational strategic leverage potential by evaluating the strength of engaging in a holistic strategy execution plan

Personal Benefits

Individuals who participate in this Strategy Masterclass can gain from it in the following ways:

  • Improve your performance through higher efficiency and greater worker productivity by being aware of all strategic planning processes in your organization
  • Engage in conversations about the benefits of employing strategic planning strategy for your corporate entity
  • Focus on human factors and issues to analyse the best possible value extraction scenario
  • Get an opportunity to work through hands-on exercises in detail to gain the skills needed to facilitate a mutually beneficial strategy for your organization
  • Gain the skills to plan, manage, facilitate, and scribe a comprehensive strategy for your organization

Who Should Attend?

This Strategic Masterclass would be best suited for:

  • Decision-makers from management boards, partners, owners, board members, members of supervisory boards
  • Mid-level to senior-level executives and associates responsible for strategic planning, implementation, and business development
  • Executives who test and examine strategy proposals for their plausibility
  • Executives of companies, divisions or business units in-charge of implementing and executing strategies
  • Executives, managers, consultants and specialists who facilitate strategic analyses, lead strategy meetings or draft strategic concepts
  • CEO’s

Course Outline


  • Definition
  • Objectives
  • Benefits
  • Advantages
  • Understanding your responsibility as a manager and leader
  • Establishing clear performance objectives and standards


  • Current strategic management concepts and tools
  • Strategic principles
  • What characterizes good strategies?


  • Determining your current strategic position
  • Understanding strategic challenges correctly
  • Important tools for analysis


  • Understanding the significance of corporate strategy
  • Flexible Leadership styles: Maturity and Competency
  • Leveraging Strategic Capital
  • Resource Deployment
  • Attributes of Successful Leaders
  • Strategic Skills: Traits or Contextual
  • Visioning, Communicating & Framing
  • Team and Organization Perspectives on Implementing and Executing Strategies
  • Leading others through the Strategic Process


  • The architecture of creating value
  • Improving on your current business model
  • Innovative and digital business models


  • Strategic options and alternatives – what work and what doesn’t?
  • Classic competitive strategies
  • Growth based on core competencies
  • Customer-centric strategic approaches
  • Evaluating strategic options


  • Strategy Planning, Design & Execution
  • Strategic analyses, strategic options
  • Corporate philosophy and values
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Operational strategies
  • Strategies for business divisions
  • Regional strategies
  • Cross departmental strategies
  • Sub-strategy integration
  • Precise strategy formulation


  • Translating and interpreting strategic objectives into an execution plan
  • Ensuring clear responsibility and accountability
  • Incentives and controls
  • Learning, feedback and adaptation

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